Stretch ceilings in the nursery: photo, for boys, for girls

What should be a children's room? Of course, such that the child feels comfortable in it, so that he is comfortable and safe. When decorating a room for a baby, special attention should be paid to the decor of the ceiling surface: if the walls are easy to repaint or re-glue wallpaper on them, then repairing the ceiling is a rather laborious process.

Stretch ceiling properties

In the children's room, the ceiling is painted with water-based paint, a plasterboard structure is made, but the most popular option is stretch ceilings. They are installed in the children's room, t. To. the material has a number of positive qualities:

  • do not emit or absorb odor;
  • resistant to mold, fungi (have antiseptic treatment);
  • do not accumulate static electricity (Teflon additive);
  • do not attract dust (antistatic treatment).
  • These qualities are especially important if the child is allergic.

    What are the other attractive qualities of stretch ceilings:

    1. Quick and easy installation - in just 1 day, and without a mountain of construction waste and destructive consequences.
    2. Functional under the manufacturer's warranty for 10 years, in fact up to 40.
    3. They hide communications, surface irregularities, while they practically do not take away the height in the room - to stretch a single-level canvas, 2-4 cm are needed.
    4. Convenient to zone the space.
    5. Easy care.
    6. Finally, the richest colors and other decorative options allow you to choose an interesting ceiling design for any child.

      Important! Speaking about the disadvantages of stretch ceilings, it should be noted that they are easily pierced with sharp objects; during repairs, the entire structure will have to be changed.

      When placing lighting devices, it is necessary to provide for heat removal, t. To. at high temperatures ceilings melt. Finally, the cost is higher than simple staining. That's all the disadvantages.

      Types of stretch ceilings

      Stretch ceilings are made from 2 types of canvases:

      • polymer-impregnated polyester fabric;
      • polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film.
      • For these materials presented in the photo, the operational and species characteristics differ, for convenience, these differences are presented in the table:

          PVC film Textile View Roll width up to 5 m, usually 2-3.5 m. With a large area of ​​the ceiling surface, the edges of the panels are invisibly welded. Width 5 m. The web can be reinforced for increased strength. Qualities 1.        To ensure breathability, ventilation must be done.2.        Does not pass and even retains moisture (up to 100 l).

        3.        Doesn't muffle sounds, and the glossy film even enhances.

        4.        Has no anti-static properties.

        5.        Fire safety - melts at high temperatures.

        1.        Good breathability.2.        Leaves water.

        3.        Acoustic impermeability - muffles sounds from above.

        4.        Antistatic.

        5.         Withstands high and low temperatures.

        Mounting Performed in 3-4 hours by professionals. The cut film is heated up to 70 ° C and filled into a baguette. Simplified scheme: the web is cut on site from the roll to size. Cold mounting. Specialists install in 2-3 hours. Care Easy to clean with non-abrasive products. Should not be washed, should be cleaned gently.

        Deciding which ceilings are better - film or woven - must be applied to a particular case.

        Important! When buying, you must familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's quality certificate.


        The design of the stretch ceiling is simple: a canvas / film is stretched onto the profile located along the perimeter of the room. Installation options have been developed:

        • one level;
        • layered composition.
        • A single-level stretch ceiling can be easily mounted: just fix the profile and stretch the canvas. It is easy to maintain, but it will not work to build in the lighting system and diversify the lighting in the room.

          But you can zone the ceiling space using different colors of the film. It is welded with an inconspicuous seam, forming a one-piece multicolor surface.

          The two-level stretch ceiling in the nursery looks much more interesting. It is a combination of drywall and stretch panel.

          The principle remains the same: drywall is mounted on the profile, creating a frame of the structure, then baguettes are placed and the film / canvas is stretched.

          This method has many advantages:

          1. Hides the unevenness of the ceiling surface.
          2. Removes wires from eyes.
          3. Allows you to embed a variety of lighting.
          4. Interestingly zones the space with different heights.
          5. Thanks to plastic plasterboard, the ceiling structure can be of the following forms:

            • arched;
            • wavy;
            • conical.
            • You can make not 2, but 3-4 levels.

              Important! When decorating a children's room, the main thing is not to overdo it, creating complex multi-tiered structures. Still, a children's room means space and freedom, and complex ceiling compositions clutter up the space.


              You can add variety to the nursery using the rich decorative qualities of stretch ceilings.


              The palette contains more than 150 shades. At the same time, manufacturers offer film ceilings of different textures:

              • glossy - increase space, but give a shine, which can tire the eyes;
              • matte - calm shades;
              • mother-of-pearl;
              • satin create blur;
              • translucent;
              • metallic.
              • The film texture should harmoniously overlap with the rest of the decor in the room.

                Canvases with photo printing look good and are very popular. Due to the smoothness of the canvas, the drawings are clear and bright.


                There are matte or satin, the surface texture imitates fabric or plaster. Manufacturers offer about 25 colors. It is also possible toning, art painting, large-format photo printing, with the softness of the image resembling a real drawing.

                It is worth attracting the child to the choice of the ceiling color and photo printing, this will help him feel responsible for his room.

                Design options

                When choosing the design of the ceiling surface, take into account the age of the child and his gender. Is it worth considering the interests of the baby? It's up to parents to decide, it's no secret that children's hobbies are short-lived, and the stretch ceiling will last a long time without requiring re-registration.

                For babies

                If the parents are determined to make a real fairy tale in the room, then for the ceiling surface they choose:

                • bright and colorful pictures with cartoon characters;
                • the sea with its inhabitants;
                • airplanes;
                • animals;
                • fabulous cities;
                • rainbow, sun;
                • a combination of multi-colored circles, squares, stripes;
                • plot scenes.
                • For boys

                  What stretch ceilings look like in a nursery for a boy? Preference is given to images of cars, planes, various structures, ships, dinosaurs. Boys like drawings related to football, hockey and other sports games, as well as space.

                  But parents will not lose if they decorate the ceiling with a plain canvas without a print, choosing calm shades. Such a surface will not distract the child, and will not require changes for a long time.


                  Girls are more demanding on the design of their room. For a girl, the following options are suitable:

                  • flowers;
                  • vegetable compositions;
                  • intricate ornaments duplicating the decor of furniture or walls;
                  • butterflies;
                  • fairies.
                  • Universal

                    There are universal design solutions that suit any child age, boys and girls.

                    Clouds create a positive mood, visually increase the height of the room, fill it with a natural atmosphere. In combination with LED lighting, such a ceiling looks very beautiful. For kids, personalized clouds with smiles are made, for older children, a daytime summer sky, a sunset sky with illuminated clouds, a sky with a rainbow are suitable.

                    The sky is generally a winning topic for stretch ceilings.

                    Another versatile option is the starry sky. It is made in different ways:

                    1. The canvas is printed with stars, moon, sun. To make the image in harmony with the interior, it is painted in different styles depending on the decor of the room. The drawing made by the child himself and transferred by photo printing to the canvas looks interesting. Illumination is added around the perimeter.
                    2. Under the stretch ceiling, fiber-optic threads are installed on the frame, which create the illusion of the night sky on a dark blue panel. To organize such a ceiling, 12-18 cm in height is required. The remote control helps to control the light generator that generates radiation.
                    3. Fiber is passed through and under the fabric, creating the effect of glowing stars at different heights.
                    4. Calm plain canvases are also suitable for everyone.

                      Color palette

                      Of course, every child has their own color preferences. But when choosing, you should heed the recommendations of psychologists, who advise you to abandon bright shades that have an exciting effect on the psyche, tire your eyesight.

                      The optimal choice is neutral tones, such as:

                      • white and shades (milky, ivory, pearl);
                      • shades of light yellow (beige, cream, sand);
                      • light tones of green, blue, lilac, pink.
                      • Care

                        Antistatic treated ceilings practically do not attract dust particles, and therefore cleaning is required infrequent and uncomplicated. It is enough to regularly wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth. The main thing is to remember that there is a void behind the stretching canvas, so no force is required.


                        A stretch ceiling, correctly selected and harmoniously combined with the interior, will be the finishing touch of the design of a children's room. The beauty and functionality of this affordable modern material allows you to create a whole world in the nursery - magical or realistic.

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