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Openwork lambrequins in the interior

Curtains with a lambrequin do not lose their relevance, we will consider a photo of this decor element with a detailed description of the features in this article.

The main property of this design element, which attracts most homeowners, is openwork, lightness of appearance. Lambrequins will be a great addition when decorating a room in the Baroque style, they look great in rooms with a luxurious design.

Openwork lambrequins originally emphasize the design of the curtains

This type of textiles allows you to very harmoniously mask all possible flaws that window openings have. For example, if the window has any flaws in terms of plastering or the texture of the window partitions themselves is slightly disturbed, then this type of decor will very well mask the flaws.

Advice! Of course, in order for them to look as harmonious as possible, it is important to combine them correctly with the main style in the design of the room. If we are talking about the modern design of the room, then the lambrequins will have a slightly different shape than in a room with a royal setting.

Some skeptics are sure that openwork lambrequins are only suitable for chic palaces or huge country houses, well, as a last resort, a spacious apartment with high ceilings. I would like to immediately dispel this myth, today experienced designers have developed quite a few design solutions that allow you to harmoniously combine lambrequins with an interior made in any style.

Openwork lambrequins in a classic interior

Openwork lambrequins traditionally imitate forging and are great for classic interiors

Openwork lambrequin in a modern interior

Openwork lambrequins are suitable not only for classic, but also for modern interiors

Which decor option to choose?

If you come up with an idea to combine an openwork lambrequin with a curtain that is in the hall, then here, first of all, you should deal with the question of what kind of lambrequin will be used. It is important to remember that there are only two types of such decor, namely:

  • hard lambrequins;
  • decorative strips that are used for the cornice.
  • If we talk about the first option, then in this case a hard lambrequin for curtains consists of at least three or even more elements, each of which has its own separate pattern, as well as size. Together, they make up a single whole composition. True, here it is important to remember that due to the fact that the elements collected together make up a single pattern, it will not work to cut them. Well, if suddenly, nevertheless, the length of the cornice does not allow fixing such a lambrequin as a whole, then you can use only the extreme element and the central. One of the main advantages of this decor option is that they are quite easy to care for.

    Hard openwork lambrequin

    Rigid openwork lambrequin is easy to wash and clean

    The second type is the so-called cornice planks with decorative elements. They have a repeating pattern and are sold by the meter, not in sections. Of course, their advantage is that they are very easy to attach. True, there are some disadvantages, they do not have such beautiful drawings as in prefabricated structures.

    Openwork cornice for curtains

    On sale you can find an openwork curtain rod for curtains in the form of a carved strip

    Based on this, it is easy to conclude that each specific type of lambrequin has both its pros and cons. And if they are ideal for one type of room, then for another it is better to use a different option.

    Openwork felt lambrequins

    Fabric openwork lambrequins are most often cut from dense fabric, for example, from felt

    What to look for when choosing lambrequins?

    The types of lambrequins are described above, photos of curtains with such an accessory can be easily found on the website pages. The owners of apartments and private houses often have a question about how to choose the right decor element for a particular room. For example, which option is better to choose for the kitchen, and which one is suitable only for the living room or bedroom.

    I would like to note that openwork lambrequins, photos of which are easy to find on the site, are great for any room. True, if we are talking about the kitchen, then it should be remembered that constant humidity, as well as high air temperatures can adversely affect the appearance of the carved element. The only way that such an accessory can be used in the kitchen is to install a heavy-duty hood.

    Openwork lambrequin in the kitchen

    An openwork lambrequin in the kitchen is better to choose one that will be easier to carry humid air

    Regarding whether it is possible to use curly decor in the bedroom, here the affirmative answer depends on the style in which the interior of the room is made. For example, if we are talking about the classics or, for example, about the baroque style, then, of course, the curly lambrequin will perfectly fit into the design of the room. A combination of styles is possible, in which case this decor option is also acceptable. But if we are talking about a purely modern interior, in which the use of luxurious details is not provided, then it is better to refuse to use this accessory.

    Openwork lambrequins in a modern bedroom

    Openwork lambrequins are suitable even for modern bedrooms

    Openwork lambrequin in the bedroom in the Baroque style

    Openwork lambrequin will perfectly fit into the interior in the Baroque style

    What are the features of the decor?

    Some experts claim that you can buy beautiful curtains for the hall without a lambrequin, and they will look beautiful and sophisticated. In general, it is difficult to argue with this opinion, but nevertheless, textiles look much better with this accessory.

    The combination of lambrequins with curtain textiles

    Lambrequins should match in color with curtains textiles

    Speaking specifically about the openwork decor, then it is suitable for any type of cornice without exception. It is important to note the advantages of this accessory, namely:

    • very good practicality;
    • a wide selection of different shapes and shades;
    • very easy to mount.
    • note! Another doubt that arises among those who are going to purchase lambrequins is associated with the existing opinion that they make the curtain itself heavier. In this case, the fears are completely in vain. This decorative element does not in any way make the fabric heavier, but rather, on the contrary, gives them lightness and a very interesting shape.

      Lambrequins on several windows

      Lambrequins can be used to decorate several windows at once

      Another advantage of this decorative element is associated with the fact that it can very successfully change the size of the window visually. If you place the lambrequin over the opening and at the same time it will occupy the entire wall, then it will thus be possible to lengthen the window. True, in this case it is important to choose a long cornice. The curtains in this case frame the window, but do not cover.

      If the window is very narrow, then an openwork lambrequin is perfect for it, which is harmoniously combined with curtain fabric.

      In general, there are many interesting options for how to use curtains with a lambrequin for a hall, ideas differ depending on the size of the window, the main design of the room, the height of the window opening and much more. All these factors should be taken into account when choosing a particular decorative element.

      Window decoration in the form of a lambrequin

      Lambrequins will help form the shape of the window

      What are the selection rules?

      There are three basic rules for choosing this accessory for your home. First of all, they always pay attention to the color of the product. It is very important to choose the right shade that will harmoniously combine with the main color scheme of the room. Experts advise that this decor element dominates the room. By the way, if we talk about whether the lambrequin should be combined with the cornice in color, then here it is also not necessary to select exactly the same, it is enough that they have the same tone.

      Openwork lambrequin to match the color of the curtains

      An openwork lambrequin can be in the color of the curtains

      Another option is to play on the contrast between the color of the lambrequin and the tone of the curtain, but here it is important to take into account the style of the interior. If we are talking about classic design, then the combination of brown with gold or beige and dark colors looks very harmonious. The only thing to think about is that the room has at least one accessory that has the same color as the lambrequin.

      Contrast openwork lambrequin

      Contrast openwork lambrequin perfectly complements the details

      It is important to choose the correct lambrequin shape. In this case, one important rule is that the smaller the room size, the simpler the pattern on the lambrequin should be. If you work hard, then today you can find lambrequins that will harmoniously combine even with a room made in the style of minimalism.

      Do not forget about the size of the product. The width of the part always depends on how large the window is. The rule in this case is very simple - the smaller the window width, the simpler the lambrequin should be and the smaller the window area it should occupy.

      Of course, an openwork lambrequin is one of the most popular and reliable options to make your room more stylish and sophisticated.

      But, when purchasing this decor element, it is very important to consider for which particular room it is being bought. If curtains with a lambrequin are purchased for the kitchen, it is better to view the photo in advance in the interior of the kitchen.  They clearly show that a similar decorative element is used only in the room where a very good ventilation system is installed.

      Openwork lambrequin in the shape of the window

      An openwork lambrequin can be matched to the shape of the window

      In order to avoid mistakes, you need to initially consult with an experienced expert in this matter and only after that start decorating your own premises. Otherwise, the result may turn out to be negative, and the owner of the premises will receive a completely different design that he expected.

      Lambrequin in the attic

      Lambrequin must be selected depending on the type of room. You can make it according to an individual project.

      Why do many choose this decor option?

      Quite often, the owners of their own apartments or other residential premises want to purchase curtains with lambrequins for the living room from modern models. Recent years have delighted all lovers of this decor element with very interesting novelties. The explanation is simple enough. Firstly, the reason lies in the fact that this accessory makes the room more sophisticated and chic. Secondly, it perfectly emphasizes the color scheme of the room. If you combine it with other elements in the room that are made in the same shade.

      Lambrequin for room textiles

      Lambrequin is often selected for textiles and room design

      At the same time, they are very practical, because they are suitable for any type of cornice. Especially when it comes to openwork lambrequins. It is also important that they can be fixed in any room, regardless of its purpose. This is possible even in the kitchen, however, first you need to install a good ventilation system there.

      Today, anyone can choose a decor according to their financial capabilities, and it will look very chic and correctly emphasize the design features of the room.

      Openwork lambrequin in the room for a newborn

      An openwork lambrequin can even decorate a room for a newborn

      All these advantages make this decor very popular. In this case, you can do it yourself. The main thing is to study the basic tips of experienced craftsmen, who talk in detail about how to fix this or that lambrequin and how to choose the right size and shape.

      How to properly fix lambrequins?

      You can attach this item without the help of a specialist. To do this, you should follow the basic advice given by experienced craftsmen, namely:

      • degrease the surface of the cornice;
      • the tape is glued along the eaves with the sticky side to it;
      • the tape is glued to the lambrequin with the hard side.
      • Openwork lambrequin with Velcro

        An openwork lambrequin usually comes complete with adhesive tape on one side and Velcro on the other

        Fastening an openwork lambrequin

        As you can see, the whole process takes a few minutes. Only all these three stages should be done carefully and strictly to comply with all requirements.

        Advice! To degrease the surface, it is better to use a solution that is not aggressive to the surface of the cornice itself. It can be thinner or gasoline. The tape must be glued exactly as indicated above.

        If you correctly attach the lambrequin, and also pick it up according to the established rules, then the room will turn out to be very stylish and refined. The owner of the premises will be able to boast of their excellent sense of taste. Such decor is quite cheap, which will also delight many owners of their own home or any other premises. If in the process of fixing the decor there are any difficulties, then you can always use the video instruction, in which everything is described in detail.

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