Ideas and options for interior decoration inside a wooden house with a photo

Interior of a wooden house

Wooden houses have become quite popular recently. No modern finishing materials can compete with the interior of a wooden house inside. Photos of the best options for such buildings are selected in our article.  All the charm of a wooden house in a special atmosphere and comfort. However, it is undoubtedly important to properly equip such a home in order to fully enjoy the comfort and convenience.

Wooden house interior design and examples

When the question arises of what material to build a house from, the question also arises of how to choose the interior design of a wooden house inside.

the tree provides a wonderful microclimate in the house

And from the photo, many masters are lost and cannot unequivocally answer it. Wooden houses have many advantages, namely:

  • the tree provides a wonderful microclimate in the house, due to this, it is easy to breathe in the room and the pastime in it becomes pleasant and comfortable. From a health point of view, this is the best material for well-being;
  • wooden houses look unusual and beautiful. If you wish, you can build an exclusive and unique masterpiece;
  • Simple interior design in a wooden house

    • wooden houses are easy to build and, as a rule, are much cheaper than brick and concrete buildings;
    • in addition, it should be noted that such houses are quite solid. And some modern materials further enhance this quality;
    • the tree perfectly stores heat, and even if the temperature outside is freezing, it will be cozy and not cold in such a room.
    • Stylish interior design of a wooden house

      The interior of a wooden house from a bar inside in the photo looks stylish and cozy. And also has one more indisputable advantage: the timber is convenient to use for novice craftsmen. With a strong desire, novice builders can build such a dwelling on their own. In this case, ideally, to select an uncomplicated project in order to bypass all the "sharp corners" and various labor-consuming moments.

      Scandinavian style wooden house
      Scandinavian style wooden house

      Numerous photos of the interior of a wooden house made of a log inside clearly demonstrate all the delights of such a solution. Houses made of this material are luxurious, durable and beautiful. They are great for a calm and comfortable life. Each family member living in such a house will become closer to nature and will feel harmony in the soul. But this is what the residents of high-rise buildings and concrete buildings sometimes lack.

      interior of a wooden house from a log

      Choosing a specific style for a house made of wood, you need to give preference to the design to which the soul lies the most. And there are a lot of options for the interior of a wooden house.

      Making a bedroom in a wooden house

      You can make a variety of dreams come true if you put a piece of your soul and fantasy into this business. The most common styles are:

      • colonial;
      • Scandinavian;
      • in the style of a Russian hut;
      • hunting lodge;
      • classic style and others.
      • Interior of a wooden house
        Interior of a wooden house

        Each of them is original and beautiful in its own way. You can give preference to modern solutions and directions, or you can turn to the good old classics and recreate something old and noble.

        Interior decoration in modern style

        Lovers of simplicity and space will suit modern. And connoisseurs of antique furniture will be delighted with a house in the style of a hut.

        It should be remembered that wood is in perfect harmony with stone. Therefore, exquisite stone accessories will add a certain chic and charm to the rooms.

        Small wooden house interior
        Small wooden house interior

        Also, do not forget about the elements that are perfect for wooden houses and make them even more exclusive and attractive. Hunting-themed paintings, a fireplace, powerful candelabra, columns, antique furniture, candlesticks and exquisite lamps will give the room a luxurious, rich look. Such a house will become the real pride of the owners and the envy of guests.

        Wooden house design option

        The interior of a wooden house inside with your own hands in the photo and in practice always looks original and sincere. No wonder. After all, a piece of the soul is invested in such a dwelling. Now more and more owners are building houses on their own. Of course, this is not an easy process. However, if you have a great desire, perseverance and certain knowledge, this is quite possible. The main thing in this case is not to use the cheapest materials and not to lose sight of important nuances.

        Living room design in a wooden house

        Small house interior: tips and tricks

        A small wooden house is great for giving. It's easy to build it yourself. In terms of finance, this is a very economical option. And in general, such a house has enough advantages.

        Small house interior

        For a country house, a rustic style is perfect

        For a country house, a rustic style is perfect; it is often used in the interior of a small wooden house inside. The photo looks like this design is simple, cute and very cozy. Recently, such houses have become very popular, because they do not require large financial costs, but at the same time, they are practical and convenient.

        Interior in a wooden house in a classic style

        For year-round living, such a house must be insulated.  Inside, they use a compact layout, and comfort and coziness are created due to the stylish design.

        Furniture in the interior of a wooden house

        The interiors of wooden houses inside will help you find individual photos or photo galleries, each owner chooses the ideal solution himself. The layout should be chosen taking into account the number of family members. If we are talking about a country house, which is built exclusively for the summer period, there may be few rooms. The main preference in the home should be amenities (bathroom and toilet), a cooking area, a bedroom and a mini-living room. If the area of ​​the house is very small, the kitchen, dining room and living room, as a rule, are combined into one room. In addition, for tiny houses, every free meter of the room is used. If the house has a staircase, drawers are made in it for storing things, the refrigerator is hidden in a free niche, and transformer furniture is used, which can be easily assembled and disassembled.

        interior of a wooden house
        interior of a wooden house

        Modern wooden house design: the best designs

        The modern interior of a wooden house inside (see photo below) implies high-quality and natural materials. For the floor, parquet or laminate is ideal. Wide deck board looks luxurious. Some craftsmen prefer it, but its cost is slightly higher than that of laminate.

        Modern design

        For the floor, parquet or laminate is ideal

        Light oak, larch, walnut are used for the walls. You can sheathe the walls with clapboard or MDF with a traced structure of natural wood.

        Do not forget that designers do not recommend using wenge or mahogany for modern wooden buildings. These options are more suitable for apartments, but not for houses.

        Unusual interior decoration of a wooden house

        In modern interiors, it is customary to put a fireplace in the living room or home theater. Around such a main point, as a rule, other attributes of the room are located - furniture, accessories and other elements.

        Small house interior
        Small house interior

        By the way, the furniture itself is often also made of wood. In order for it to look natural and bewitching, it is carefully sanded, the necessary composition is also used to protect it from mold and insects, and at the end, for a special chic, a glossy or colorless varnish is applied.

        The interior of a wooden house inside semi-antique in the photo often looks as if the furniture in the room is really antique. However, experienced craftsmen know how to age furnishings and objects qualitatively. Oddly enough, but this design option is also modern and very popular all over the world.

        Interior of a wooden house inside semi-antique

        It is important to achieve practicality and comfort in the kitchen. The set can be made of wood, the walls can be pasted over with moisture-resistant wallpaper, but some decorative stone is best suited for the floor - for example, porcelain stoneware. Parquet or plank for the floor in the kitchen is a somewhat impractical solution, but the choice is always at the discretion of the owner of the house.

        kitchen decoration in a wooden house

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