Brick in the interior of the room: beautiful and fashionable ideas [+ 45 photos]

The colorful interior of the living room merges with the landscape outside the window

Brick is used everywhere today, and not only in construction, as it was before, but also in interior design. Today, designers have mastered this magnificent material in a new way and decorate interiors with it, using both natural brick and decorative, artificially created stone.

As a rule, such options are liked by everyone because the brick evokes favorable associations in a person, such as a burning fireplace, family comfort and stability. It is enough to look at the photos of living rooms with the use of masonry, and I want to use these options in my own home, since the brick has its own special charm that cannot be compared with anything.


Brick interior decoration methods

The use of brickwork in the interior can be very different. If you are the proud owner of real brick walls, then in this case the masonry must be cleaned and treated with special compounds.

Brickwork is used as a special element of interior design. For example, you can lay out a small partition with a brick, decorate an arch, lay out the area around the fireplace, and the fireplace itself, if you use refractory bricks.

Snow-white brick in the interior looks noble and aesthetically pleasing

Important! Fragmented masonry can occupy only part of the wall and serve as a small accent in interior decoration.

Of course, there are different options for laying bricks in the interior, some of which we will discuss in our article below.

In what interior styles is brickwork preferred?

Living room project in black


This popular element is found in different styles of interior, if desired, the brick can be competently fit into almost any room. The type of masonry, color, shape and texture can be different, and it depends on how the brick wall will look in its finished form.


Modern studio apartment with bright accents in the interior

Now, we will consider only those options in which brick is almost always found in interior decoration.


Loft style brick

The main features of a real loft are the combination of natural and rough materials, such as textured plaster, concrete and, of course, brick. Brick wall (and more) in this luxe industrial style is a must.

On a note! Today style & # 171; Loft & # 187; is one of the most fashionable and sought after styles in interior design.

An unexpected solution for decorating a loft-style apartment in white
Modern and comfortable furniture set against rough walls makes this design unique




Design project of a stylish and beautiful interior

Such a brick was once made by hand and it had a rich palette of colors, due to the fact that different materials were used for its manufacture.

Concrete ceiling and brick wall decoration in a modern loft apartment
  1. A wall with brickwork looks great, which is a background for kitchen appliances. In addition, it is good to decorate the dining area with bricks; against the background of such masonry, the furniture will look richer and more interesting.
  2. Brick is used in the kitchen for zoning if it is connected to the dining or living room. When choosing a color scheme, you should take into account all the other design of the room, it may need to be painted, however, natural red brick, like gray, black, goes well with many interior styles.
Harmonious combination of colors in different interior elements
As a rule, a loft kitchen is combined with a living room or dining room.
Faux aged brick in the interior design of modern kitchen
Clear and straight lines will help to emphasize the beauty and originality of all interior details.
Neutral gray color favorably emphasizes the texture of brickwork

Brick in the interior of the living room

The easiest way to decorate is to line the entire wall with exposed brickwork. But do not forget that it is necessary to cover the entire surface of the wall with a protective agent, which, firstly, will prevent the brick from contamination, and also protect it from dust, and secondly, the brick will not collapse, which means it will last much longer.

In a large living room, the top of style and grace will be real brick columns - they can play both a decorative role and serve as the basis for partitions.

Speaking of a living room in a private house, one cannot fail to mention the fireplace, which is almost always present in a country house or in a country house. A brick fireplace will fit into any style, including classic and English.

Elements of different design directions merged together
interesting interior
beautiful living room


The abundance of metal in the interior is a characteristic feature of the loft


Original window design that does not require additional decor
A cozy armchair by a burning fireplace will become a favorite place in the house.
Beautiful light interior design of a living room of a private house with a fireplace

Important! Using brick as a material for building a fireplace means making it durable, durable, fire-resistant and easy to use. In addition, any shape can be laid out using bricks.

Brick wall decoration in the bedroom

Coming to our bedroom after a long day, we want to relax properly, so this room should be as comfortable as possible and meet the tastes of the owners.

It should be borne in mind that it should envelop with soft comfort and warmth, therefore, most often it is kept in pastel colors. However, young people don't always stick to the rules and today the loft-style bedroom with brick walls is at its peak.

A soft, deep-pile rug and an animal skin blanket make the bedroom cozy and warm
Brick in the interior of the bedroom in a harmonious combination with wood
The mattress bed fits perfectly into the minimalist design of the loft bedroom
Beautiful decor allows you to create accents, add colors and create the right mood
Large and open windows provide maximum natural light and a sense of lightness in the room

For those who still adhere to the classical foundations, a small painted brick wall is still acceptable, it will make the room more original and add the necessary charm, especially since the brick painted with light colors goes well with modern furniture, it is great on it decor looks.

Practical bedroom decor in discreet gray
Dark brick in the interior looks luxurious if used in the most lighted room

Important! Before choosing a color for painting a brick, think carefully, since the paint is absorbed into the pores of the bricks and then it will be difficult to change the color, to put it mildly.

Painting a brick wall is an easy way to transform a room

Fluffy, soft carpets and pillows look great next to bricks. This combination creates a special comfort and coziness in the room.

brickwork in the bedroom
bedroom brick wall in modern bedroom


Brick wall in the hallway


Brick is absolutely appropriate in the interior when arranging a hallway, but if you need practicality, which is natural for this room, choose dark shades, they will conceal dust and various pollution much better. For these purposes, you can paint it yourself with dark paint.

The rich and deep color of the walls in the hallway looks stylish, but such a brick will “eat up” the entire space, the corridor will seem to be the entrance to a cave, so don't forget about.

A dark wall is practical and elegant, but for a small hallway in a city apartment, give preference to milky, beige, light gray and other tones from a light palette.

In a small hallway, you can't do without a large mirror
The designer mirror matches the brickwork in the hallway and emphasizes attention.
Stylish hallway interior designed in light colors

Traditional “classic” brick of orange or red shade will look great in the hallway, this finish will make it not only elegant, but also fashionable.

Forged sconces can be used as decor and accessories, which will be very appropriate against the background of such masonry. It should be noted that red brick is suitable for different interior styles.

Fitting brickwork into a modern interior is not difficult if you choose the right color scheme
Light cabinet looks great against a brick wall background
Decorative brick is an excellent material for creating modern interiors that keep up with the times.

Bathroom brick ideas

  • Oddly enough, they very rarely talk about decorating a bathroom with brick, preferring modern tiles - and this is where it belongs! The brick is absolutely resistant to large temperature changes, otherwise they would not be made of it.

Nowhere else will the favorite loft style look so unusual and chic as in. In any case, a brick wall in the bathroom, against which various shelves, towels and bathrobes are placed, will look chic, modern and stylish.

Luxurious loft-style bathtub
Even the most careless brickwork will give the room a bright and positive look.
  • It should be noted that the fashion for brick in the bathroom interior lasts for quite a long time, which speaks of the practicality of this idea. It has finally taken root in the minds of designers, they create more and more original solutions.

However, the idea of ​​brickwork in this room is very new and fresh, so if you really want to make your home stylish, put it into practice.

To prevent a brick wall from looking too boring, it should be diluted with some bright accents, for example, hanging flower pots.

The use of bricks in the interior has firmly taken its place and is used in many styles. They can always gracefully emphasize the cozy laconicism of the famous Scandinavian style, highlight the simplicity of country, make it more comfortable, and add a twist to French Provence.