Diy alpine slide: scheme, care, step by step photo

Alpine slide with stones (photo)

Surprisingly, stones in combination with water and greenery create an atmosphere of tranquility and attract both romantics and serious people. With the right approach, you can build a whole paradise on your own site, where a do-it-yourself alpine slide will become a favorite vacation spot and the main advantage of the owners.

Fencing for flower beds with your own hands | TOP-15 Ideas (+36 photos)

The fence for the flower bed should organically fit into the overall landscape

A well-groomed summer cottage area involves not only competent zoning, arrangement of paths, but also the implementation of flower beds of various shapes with beautiful fences. For this purpose, wood, stone, concrete, plastic, as well as building and improvised materials are used.

Private house courtyard design | Beautiful ideas (+ 60 photos)

Beautiful and well-kept backyard of a private house

The creation of a harmonious image of a courtyard located around a private house belongs to the varieties of landscape design. And if a decision is made to independently translate this creative activity into reality, you should analyze some of its aspects and principles, as well as get acquainted with the useful recommendations of specialists who will tell you how to design the courtyard of a private house so that it not only satisfies your taste, but also reflects the general the style of the site.

DIY crafts for the garden (35 photos) | Best Ideas.

You can highlight the beauty of the garden with hanging garlands of glowing balls and lanterns

Beautiful and original handicrafts for the garden, made with their own hands and installed in the local area, decorate its landscape, make it special and unique. Therefore, if you want your summer cottage to look stylish and fashionable, you should pay special attention to this type of activity.