Beautiful fireplaces for home | The best models (+35 photos)

A natural stone fireplace looks great in any interior

As cold weather sets in, home heating starts to become a real problem for many reasons. It is necessary not only to warm ourselves up, but also to warm the surrounding space to a comfortable temperature.

Beautiful fence for private homes: the best projects (45 photos)

Green spaces adorn the backyard

Fencing around the house and the site is not only for the sake of safety or the desire to retire. A beautiful fence is a visiting card of the owners of the house, it is he who makes the first impression on passers-by or guests, and it is by him that they judge the home ownership in general and the owners themselves.

Houses with a flat roof: modern projects with photos, different styles

house with flat roof project photo 1

Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a country house with a flat roof, modern and very compact, on one or two floors, they look equally fresh and elegant. They delight with an abundance of large windows, a restrained geometric shape, as for the roof - a properly equipped and flat surface is today used with pleasure by the owners of the home, as a great recreation area for the whole family.