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Beautiful and neat living room interior with elegant shades

It is generally accepted that the kitchen is the heart of the apartment, and the living room is its soul. So what should this soul be? First of all, it is a combination of two important functions: a cozy evening rest with your family in front of a fireplace or TV and a comfortable reception of friends.

Based on this, the design of the living room in 2023 should be rational and well thought out.


How to choose the right style of living room interior 2023

The interior of the living room 2023 can be decorated in different styles: modern , art deco , loft , hi-tech and many others. It all depends on the characteristics, taste preferences and lifestyle of each family.

The style of the interior, depending on the layout of the apartment, helps to solve many important issues:

  • In what color scheme to decorate the living room
  • How to choose and arrange furniture
  • How to improve the functionality of the room.

As a result, the living room should seem spacious, light and functional, that is, divided into two zones.

Yellow color saturates the interior with warmth and light
Play with shades is welcomed in the 2023 living room interior

Interior design options for a large living room

If there are large and free square meters of room, as well as when combined in the layout of the kitchen and living room, the guest area can be designed as a long dining table with a large chandelier located above the center of the table.

Cozy room ambience in beige color
Beautiful living room with dining area
Interior chandeliers and lighting fixtures play a key role in living room design

There is also a bar counter located on a small podium with bright spotlights on the ceiling. Coming down from such a podium, you can get into an area with more moderate lighting, a compact coffee table next to comfortable upholstered furniture and a TV.

Upholstered furniture is made of thin leather and velvet velor. Mirrors, bronze statues and carpets are important accents in the decor.

An example of a photo of a living room with a staircase in a private house


Mirrors and gloss in a modern art deco style 2023




Living room design 2023 in classic style

The classic style is an aristocratic strict symmetry throughout the interior. Such a design in the interior is suitable exclusively for living rooms with a large area with often alternating windows that fill the room with sunlight.

The design of the living room 2023 in this style is intended to emphasize and convey all the intelligence and subtlety of the taste of this style. No wonder classic handmade mahogany furniture, being a rare art, is still popular and in demand.

An example of decorating an apartment in a classic style

The color scheme for wall decoration is chosen in favor of light noble colors and their shades. Wallpaper should be fabric backed. Light colors are also used when painting walls.

The ceiling is often white with a characteristic stucco molding, the walls are decorated with antique frescoes and old paintings.

The subtleties of using stucco in the interior

In the classical style, there are often columns decorated with rectilinear molding. The flooring is made of artistic parquet in a light brown tone that blends harmoniously with the furniture.

Furniture, most often made of valuable wood species, with the presence of decorative carvings on doors, armrests and legs. Upholstery - fabric with floral patterns.

Nobility, sophistication and perfection of classics

Massive crystal chandeliers and wall-mounted bronze candlesticks are used as lighting in this interior.

The absence of an elegant fireplace with porcelain figurines and large mirrors with bookshelves can be considered an integral element in such a living room. The classic interior of the living room is suitable for people with high social status.


Luxury in interior design is more relevant today than ever

It does not matter in what style the living room will be decorated in your home, it is important that the living room design 2023 delights you every day and gives you maximum comfort. Do not be afraid of change - create and create!