DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z

DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z
Restoration of kitchen furniture: detailed review + examples with examples

If the kitchen set has lost its former appearance, functionality or outdated morally, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the acquisition of a new. You can contact the furniture restoration service: . This is a great opportunity to save and get an excellent result. You can make a beautiful new kitchen from the old one with your own hands. To update furniture and use it for many more years, you can work in the areas described below.

How to make old facades modern

In order for the kitchen to acquire an updated look, you can apply one of two common methods. This is staining facades and pasting their self -adhesive film and decoupage. Both in the first and in the second case, these are fairly simple work that can be performed without outside help. Staining facades

This is one of the most economical, simple and effective ways to turn an old kitchen set into a new fashionable. To update furniture, you will need: Cretaceous paint. Matte moisture -resistant varnish. Elevator paper, granularity from 100 to 180 μm. Deafer. White Spirit is suitable. In some cases - primer.

Before the start of staining, you need to remove everything that the paint should not get on. These are pens, decor, shelves, glass, etc.D. If you fail to remove any elements, you can carefully glue them with painting tape. It is important to ensure that it tightly fits the surface on the border of stained and non -painted areas. It is not necessary to dismantle the facades, but in disassembled, the cabinets are easier to update.

DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z

Clean the surfaces of fat, dust, other contaminants and treat the degreaser. If the facades have a smooth matte surface, you can walk along them with sandpaper. This will not only provide a more pleasant texture as a result, but also improve adhesion with paint. To obtain an impeccable result, before staining, you can treat the surface with a primer. After drying it, chalk paint is applied in 2 or 3 layers. If the dark color needs to be replaced with light, 4 or 5 layers may be needed.

Cretaceous paint is the best suited for this event. After drying, it allows you to get a result similar to factory staining. Such a coating is easily applied. To dry one layer of chalk paint is enough only 30 minutes.

So that such a varnish coating is durable, after drying each layer, you can treat it with sandpaper paper. So, adhesion improves and texture improves. This type of renewal of facades is suitable even for furniture with a film coating. Gluttoning facades with a self -adhesive film

As in the case of painting, here it is also necessary to first remove the handles and others interfering with pasting, elements. Clean all surfaces of dirt, treat with a degreaser. Having separated part of the substrate, carefully attach the film to the surface, leaving 3-5 cm for bending on the edge. With the help of a rocket, smooth the film and drive out bubbles. Leaving at the end the extra 3-5 cm. Cut the canvas.

DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z

If the film lay well, you can proceed to processing edges. One of the edges must be carefully wrapped on the adjacent edge and crush. The same thing is to do in the order and cut out the excess.

Vinyl film can be glued through all the surfaces of the cabinets and even household appliances that is not undergoing severe heating. You should not use such a finish for places where increased humidity is supposed, for example, a cabinet for drying dishes.

DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z
Tips: Cutting paper can be done in advance if there is no doubt about the calculations. When forming bubbles, it is enough to pierce them with a thin needle and crush the film to the surface. If the kitchen is in a rather pleasant aesthetic state, with the help of bright, contrasting or film with a pattern, only individual parts, for example, boxes, upper or lower part can be distinguished. Cabinets with glass doors or without them look beautiful, in which the shelves remain their native color, and the walls are sealed with a film with a print of the style of the style of the interior.

Usually the facades pasted with a film do not require repair for 2-3 years. This method is not suitable for furniture, where relief elements and Philina are present. It is better to use it in kitchens with continuous facades. Decoupage

With the help of manual painting, you can not only update the old kitchen furniture, but also create, indeed, unique interior. For drawings on large canvases, appropriate skills and talent are needed. With small areas, where it is necessary to disguise some defects, such as cracks, unprofessional. For technology, decoupage will be needed: Decoupage cards or three -layer prints with print. The correct choice of drawing is 50% success. Deafer. PVA-blanket. Brush. Glossy, matte or with the effect of craquelure acrylic varnish. Scissors. Pencil.

DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z

Degrease the selected surface. After separating the layer with print, cut the desired ornament. Lay out the place where the image should be. Apply glue on the back of the cut ornament and press it to the surface. Smoothing to make a brush from the center to the edges. Wet the excess glue. After drying out, close the ornament with acrylic varnish in 2-3 layers. Updating accessories

This is another weak place in old kitchens. So, even well -preserved doors, which, when opening, emit terrible creaks, cause a desire to replace them as soon as possible with new. Canopies, arguments guides in boxes, etc. can wear out.D. Pens can also give out the age of the kitchen set. You need to carefully replace such elements.

DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a mortise canopy of the desired shape, otherwise, you have to cut a niche for a new option. Their unprofessional installation can be fraught with the fact that the doors will be defended several millimeters from the cabinet or, in general, do not completely open due to displacement. When choosing pens, it is important to pay attention to the loads that they will be subjected to. So, for deep boxes, which are usually loaded with heavy objects, it is better to choose options with not one, but with several mounting points. Functional update

Even a well -preserved kitchen can be inconvenient to use if it does not meet modern standards. So, it can have too small boxes that are not adapted for storing overall kitchen technology, the system of their nomination can be tight, there are no limiters. Too wide doors occur, which when opening take up a lot of space.

To modernize the old kitchen, just understand what creates discomfort in using it and fix these points. So, from two small boxes you can make one deep. Having complemented them with modern guides and limiters, you will get a convenient retractable container for storing multicacocks, juicers, combines, etc.D. A wide door can also be cut in half and fixed with canopies on both sides. However, in order for the result to be standing, it is necessary to have at least elementary equipment: grinder, drills and screwdrivers.

DIY restoration of kitchen furniture - a complete review from A to Z

So that the kitchen begins to look modern again, and corresponds to the style of the room, you can seek inexpensive professional help or perform simple techniques for its correction with your own hands!