Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video
Modern design of the bathroom for marble

Daily procedures in a bathroom finished under marble will become more pleasant, a feeling of comfort and balance will appear. But for this you need to choose a good combination of materials. The composition with marble will emphasize the wealth of the interior. Glossy noble stone and contrasting matte plumbing create a winning combination.

Features of the design of the bathroom for marble

Marble - very durable, but easy to process the rock. Its history begins in the time of ancient Greece, where marble has been used everywhere - from architectural complexes to lining of floors and walls. Perhaps that is why it still causes associations with wealth and elegance. Marble adds to the design of sophistication and nobility in any style, classic or modern. Its universality can be envied. And a significant variety of shades and textures is combined with different materials.

On a note!  So that the picture and color do not differ, it is better to purchase material from one batch. Because natural marble does not repeat the pattern, it is always different, and tile blocks from different batch may differ in tone.

When buying one package of tiles, you have to work hard to compare the picture. The color scheme of the room

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

The colors and textures of the tiles have become so diverse that you can get lost in the choice. If soberly evaluate the result, you can achieve an excellent result. There are recommendations for choosing based on the area of ​​the room: Black marble tiles are good for large baths. But it is worth considering that there are traces of the slightest contact with water, grooming and beauty disappears, daily cleaning will become a necessity. Glossy stone - for small rooms or bathrooms, baths combined with the toilet. Visually increases the room due to the reflection of light. The leader in the color of marble remains white. It looks noble and elegant, it refreshes the bathroom well. The gray color remains restrained and original option. Applicable in classical interiors, measured and calm in cold colors. To feel comfort and comfort in the design of the bathroom under marble, the surface of wood is painted in the same color. The measured tone of texture dilutes the frostiness of the stone.

Natural and artificial marble is represented by many colors, there are light and dark shades. He is ready to quench the imagination of any designer. You can find not only monochrome colors, there are also blue, beige, brown, red, green.

More colors differ in texture: Glossy. Increases space. Matte. Does not reflect the light, but has a pleasant roughness. Non -slip.

On a note!  The latter is used for floor decoration and is convenient in that it allows you not to fall after the shower. Tiles for the design of the bathroom

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

Selecting coating variations, take into account the nuances and rest on the recommendations: Dear option - natural marble. He is luxurious, durable, ideal for wet rooms. But to Russia, it is mainly imported, which means it is not mined. It can only be cut into slabs and put it into implementation. Porcelain tile. Good replacement for natural material, large -format sheets. Paul and wall will look one as a result of a minimum number of joints. Marble tiles are a good option for saving the budget. But the dimensions of tiles from natural products differ by more than 10 times.

Large tile is sold in size 20 × 80 or 40 × 40 cm. Advantages and disadvantages of artificial marble

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

There are a lot of people who want to design the interior in marble, but, knowing the price, not everyone will decide to buy a natural stone. Many buy analogues in the form of artificial materials.

Advantages: increased level of resistance to mechanical stress and chemistry; simple care; elegant look; A sufficiently long period of operation; artificial stone is practical; Changing the temperature regime does not affect marble.

Flaws: Casting does not recreate all the realism of marble. When touching it, it will still be like plastic. Unlike natural stone, which is ready to serve for centuries, in artificial tiles sooner or later the surface is still destroyed. The analogue of the stone does not give the realism of the composition, unlike natural.

On a note!  The idea of ​​embodiment of a marble interior in the bathroom is very tempting. The style is so individual that we apply everywhere - from classical design to non -standard solutions.

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

Marble decor options: In the classic style, they use marble in light colors on the floor and wall, often white and beige tones in the design of the bathroom. Bright colors deeply reflect the motives of the Empire style. Using ancient lamps, the dark gamut is combined with shades of gold, not forgetting about bronze inserts. Bathroom design for marble with modern ideas is not recommended to supplement with luxury. It is better to avoid countertop milling. Here and so quite bright accents. Use black, white, gray. In the Scandinavian style focus on a certain wall. Use a shower and a sink is released.

When choosing minimalism, the choice falls on a neutral structure without contrasts, except for the ceiling. Marble decor in the bathroom

Much depends on the correct choice, the task of the designer here is to show the beauty of the stone. For example, they often prefer the design of a bathroom for marble in light colors on an area of ​​4 square meters. m. This is applicable if there is only a bath in the room, without a toilet. You can consider options for both white and gray shades.

Bathroom for marble in a small apartment is sometimes not the best option. But if you still dare, it is better to choose glossy light colors close to white color. This will increase the room and refresh it. Wall design

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

Before making the final choice of a shade of walls and materials, you need to work out well a design project at least in your head. The correct stylistic solution for furniture and plumbing will highlight the advantages of the bathroom. Dark tones will give solidity to the interior, and the light will add harmony, help expand the small space if necessary.

In the preparation of marble walls, a prerequisite is a clean and flat surface. Work order: The first step is to clean the plane; Next, you need to perfectly align the walls; and the final stage of preparation will be priming.

Subject to these parameters for fixing the tiles, almost any coating is suitable. The main thing is to take into account the weight of marble, since some surfaces will have to be strengthened.

On a note!  For example, drywall must be strengthened using a special reinforcing grid. Marble floors

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

Visually increase the room and add sophistication to the interior will help light shades. It is worthwhile to thoroughly approach the choice of bathroom design for marble in light colors for flooring, since this important moment affects the overall balance of the room.

In small rooms, such as a bathroom, it is better to use marble tiles with a small pattern. It has a more affordable price, and outwardly does not lose to variations with a large image. For plots with maximum load, a more durable, natural material is suitable. You can consider combinations: for example, marble looks good with porcelain tiles or tiles. Marble countertop

Bathroom for marble: interior design, modern ideas, design tips, photo, video

Environmentally friendly materials are priority when choosing, such as a natural stone. Marble has been holding in all directions for a long time, including the design of the kitchen, bath or hallway. It is difficult to resist its appearance, coupled with excellent qualities that are preserved over the years. After the repair in which marble was used, the situation immediately changes.

On a note!  It is very profitable to use this material for countertops, since it has an antibacterial property. And the gamut of colors will allow you to choose the right shade.

Marble looks luxurious with metal and glass surfaces, goes well with wood. For countertops, it is recommended to use slabs 3-4 cm thick, and 1-2 cm is enough for walls and floor.

The advantages of the marble countertop in the bathroom: Water resistance. Nothing will happen to the stone when water gets, on the contrary, this will even simplify cleaning. Antibacterial effect. The probability of breeding bacteria in the bath decreases. The palette is so rich that it will dispel all the doubts of the designer choice.

To turn the bathroom into aesthetic and stylish room, it will be enough to add a small number of details or materials from marble to the interior. Inserts or elements made of natural stone will add a highlight.

On a note! The presence of mirrors in space with marble looks profitable, multiplying its effect and creating aesthetic design.

The new turn of fashion was the use of tiles with a horizontal pattern. An amazing technique in design is the use of rounded shapes in bathrooms or sinks. Chrome mixers or taps in combination with a glossy surface of the walls look good. In large rooms, you can create a contrast that will divide the bathroom into zones.

Despite the fact that marble in the interior has been used for a long time, a new trend arises every few years. The main warning when working with this material is that with a non -fall in color, it is easy to spoil everything. All the wealth of the stone will disappear, and beautiful photos on the Internet will only aggravate disappointment. Therefore, you need to take into account the features of the design of the bathroom for marble, think over everything to the smallest detail.