How to choose furniture for a bathroom?

How to choose furniture for a bathroom?

The most popular models from chipboard or MDF for the bathroom from VSANTECHNIKE are True, furniture made of wood and steering plates, even processed by special moisture-resistant compounds, less a stand to the effects of water than from MDF, although it has the most attractive price. MDF products are more expensive, but the material involves more opportunities for processing.

The most important indicator of moisture resistance is the quality of the edge, since it is through the ends of the plates to the product that moisture most often penetrates. The edge should reliably “seal” the ends of the product, which looks aesthetically pleasing, and guarantees the product durability. Most often, the PVC edge is used for these purposes. If you are interested in the question of how to choose furniture for the bathroom so that it does not deform from the direct exposure of water, then it is better to consider materials that do not have wood components. The fact is that if products from an expensive massif, MDF or chipboard, no matter how moisture -resistant compounds they are processed, water will fall, they will not withstand for a long time. And all because they are moisture -resistant, not waterproof. And between these two concepts a huge difference. That is, in a humid environment, they feel great, but from the shower they should not be watered, as well as to allow the leakage of the leading hoses, a siphon, and even more so to allow the bay when the furniture literally floats around the bathroom. Only waterproof can be absolutely waterproof from plastic or glass. Here you can pour water on them as much as you like - they are not scared. But they have a lot of other characteristics that may affect the choice, readiness for loads, subtleties of care, price and others. Among the materials from which furniture for bathrooms are produced can also be called natural stone and metal, but these are far from the most common materials, the furniture of which, as they say, is for an amateur, so we will not focus on them of attention.

The sink placed on the cabinet, as well as equipped with a mirror, is Moydodyr. True, they connect all this into a single product without the possibility of replacement now infrequently. This gives greater space for variations and design fantasies. So, the mirror of another configuration or other size for the cabinet can be selected independently and not even from the same collection. The main thing is that in your opinion all the details of the set of furniture are well compiled among themselves. But how to choose furniture for the bathroom, so that the models of it are primarily combined with each other, will tell your own taste or competent designer.

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