Houses with a flat roof: modern projects with photos, different styles

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Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a country house with a flat roof, modern and very compact, on one or two floors, they look equally fresh and elegant. They delight with an abundance of large windows, a restrained geometric shape, as for the roof - a properly equipped and flat surface is today used with pleasure by the owners of the home, as a great recreation area for the whole family.

It can be either a mini-garden or an original summer living room, a great place for home sports - its purpose is determined in accordance with the imagination and interests of the household. However, the main thing is that a house with a flat roof is not only good in terms of aesthetics and practicality, it is also reliable.






Benefits of flat roof houses

Although in this age of innovation, our citizens are already happy to choose the most interesting of all flat roof house projects for construction, there are still many questions about the benefits of such a choice.

Most importantly, flat roofs almost never get wet, and this affects the durability of the entire home in the first place. The construction at the horizontal plane of the roof, as a rule, does not force the owners to service it every year. Subject to the observance of the technology, the necessary sequence in carrying out construction work on the construction of the building, as well as the correct organization of the drain for rain and melt water, an extremely long service life is guaranteed for residents of their house.

On a note! To be fair, the advantages of such dwellings were mastered even during the Soviet era by the inhabitants of the Baltic states, in Estonia every third country house with a flat roof.


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A flat roof in a country house, built in the style of minimalism, implies not only the unity of style and aesthetics, but also its everyday use throughout the entire calendar year. The modern flat roof is made in such a way that the presence of a large group of people, equipment and even a vehicle on it does not in any way affect its quality characteristics.


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In many countries, where the cost per square meter of land is disproportionately high, the use of roof space saves significant material costs. In order to make a modern home attractive, various modern building materials are used - not only natural, but also high-quality synthetic ones.

  • Why are flat roof houses so popular these days? Owners of country houses, who are ready to turn any piece of land into a work of landscape art, will definitely transform their roof into a piece of paradise. It is clear that a pitched roof cannot be designed for an ornamental garden, but flat roofs are ideal not only for a flower bed, but for a large number of pots with flowering plants placed everywhere, and even a real green lawn. Efforts to maintain the garden will pay off with a comfortable stay on the roof of the building in moments of relaxation.



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Any flat roof is a place for the whole family to relax, evening gatherings with friends. And if you have a one-story house, then you gain an enviable advantage to organize unforgettable romantic evenings and even mini-concerts on it.

A large deck on your roof is an additional area for setting up a garden or a thoughtful corner for sports activities. Outdoor areas are often used as a small solarium, appropriate on hot summer days. The perfect solution is to organize a small pool on a flat roof.

House with a flat roof in the style of high-tech (Hi-Tech)

Modern cottages do not even remotely resemble the village houses made of wood, familiar to everyone from early childhood, in which our grandmothers live. It would seem that a chaotic jumble of squares, rectangles and other structures is not interesting, but it is precisely such forms in a worthy house project that turn into an elegant and comfortable building in which any family feels great.

  • A house with a flat roof in the hi-tech style is always unusual, it is not only profitable due to its energy efficiency, but also looks good, comfortable inside and cozy in its own way. Representatives of the younger generation, very often, when choosing a style and design, prefer hi-tech, its strict form, the maximum amount of glass in combination with metal.


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Unambiguously, they also mean a flat roof, on which exhibited technical innovations flaunt, reminiscent of the scenery for the best fantastic movie masterpieces.


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High-tech flat roofs are always special, combined with glass staircases, panoramic windows, inconspicuous facade coloring, its technogenic novelties look incomparable. In principle, the style is traditionally focused on ostentatious demonstration of the latest technology, which is why the latest model simulators, any equipment that is installed directly on the roof, is more than appropriate.

However, the most interesting thing is that the equipment can stand next to a group of green plants, sun loungers and small tables with small flowerpots, a small lawn. The fountain is more than appropriate in this case, there is no need to inform that it should not look like a work of art from the time of the Renaissance. In a modern flat roof house, everything has to be modern because it is the style of tomorrow.


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There is another interesting option that is appropriate when constructing a flat roof in a high-tech house - this is a glass roof. As recently as yesterday, it was believed that glass is a more than unreliable material, because it cannot withstand the adverse effects of various natural disasters.

The phrase "glass roof" was perceived as a joke, but today new innovative materials of very high quality have appeared, this circumstance allows the entire structure to be safe during operation, durable and reliable.


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All glass roofs have good impermeability, but natural light will pass through the glass, while significantly reducing electricity costs. By the way, remember that a lot of light is a feature of hi-tech. A flat roof in a high-tech house made of this material is the latest trend of the new season. You can glaze the entire roof, especially if the house is one-story and small, or you can limit yourself to only a small segment.

House with a flat roof in the Scandinavian style (projects, photos)

The traditions, way of life, art and culture of the Scandinavian countries have much in common, this is due to the same climatic conditions, similar natural landscapes. The architecture of the Scandinavians is no exception to this rule.

The dwellings of these peoples are distinguished, it would seem, by asceticism, but this restraint is very functional, it has a peculiar charm. Apparently, therefore, our citizens also turned their eyes to Scandinavian-style houses, which are very often built with a flat roof.


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As a rule, Scandinavian-style houses with flat roofs are distinguished by the fact that they do not have facade decor. Beauty is achieved by high quality finishes, harmonious simple form, using exclusively natural high quality materials. The skilful combination of various materials in the facade finish creates a wonderful appearance of a white house with a dark flat roof.

In technologically developed countries, not only perfect, but also durable solutions for the arrangement of flat roofs are used. The point is not only to equip a beautiful recreation area, a garden or a mini - gym on the roof. Scandinavians offer excellent flat roof waterproofing options that successfully cope not only with snow loads, but also with wind.


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The flat roof of a Scandinavian house perfectly provides reliable thermal insulation of the upper floor of the dwelling; it is guaranteed to last up to fifty years. These are usually modern sprayed materials that provide excellent waterproofing and thermal insulation.

The most traditional option for Scandinavians to arrange a flat roof is to lay out a flat lawn around the entire perimeter of the roof. This arrangement has a historically established tradition - roofs have been covered with turf in Norway for a long time. Scandinavian differs from other variants of flat roofs in that the lawn on it is "real".


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Of course, there should be areas on the roof that are actively used for recreation, they are landscaped in accordance with personal preferences. Various flowering ornamental plants are planted in small beds. Insulation on such a roof is placed under insulation from moisture, it is safe, since a layer of gravel and soil is laid out on top. For a more traditional and cozy option, different coatings are often used.

Planks on which chairs and tables are placed are quite appropriate; they look great next to a natural lawn. This combined option is especially acceptable if on weekends, on a summer evening, the family prefers to hold small picnics on their roof under the moon and stars.


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Light garden furniture fits perfectly into the Scandinavian style, it can stand on the roof all the time. It is appropriate to build a small glass shade directly into the ceiling, it will illuminate the floor below. In the Scandinavian countries, strong winds often blow, so small protective screens are placed on the roof surface.

In our latitudes, the climate is less windy, so the screens will serve a purely aesthetic role. Several tubs with decorative plants will make the space on the roof even more comfortable.


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In any case, a modern house with a flat roof is always environmentally friendly, which is of great importance in our time. It fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape, whatever project you choose. In addition, a sensible and thoughtful practical approach to additional square meters intended for recreation will make your life even more comfortable.

Absolutely all acceptable projects of modern houses with flat roofs are striking examples of not only beauty and harmony, but also laconicism, multiplied by the effective use of space in a modern building.