Shabby chic nursery: photo examples and proper design

Children's room in the style of shabby-chic

Some mistakenly believe that the shabby chic style, characterized by an abundance of textiles, upholstered furniture, floral prints and angels, can only suit girls, and only very little ones. In fact, a shabby chic nursery can also be ideal for boys if it is made in the right color scheme and decorated accordingly.

Shabby chic children's room is a combination of vintage items, English style and delicate shades

Attention! Shabby chic has no age limit. Such an interior easily "grows up" with a baby, so it is often chosen for newborns and does not change with the age of the baby.

History of origin

Shabby chic is very reminiscent of a fairy tale. And its appearance can also be called fabulous, and its creator - "Cinderella". Indeed, the unknown designer Rachel Ashwell, who loved to visit flea markets in search of interior wonders, once created the atmosphere of her own room literally from improvised means and "flea" acquisitions.

Designer Rachel Ashwell

Designer Rachel Ashwell - founder of the shabby chic style

Antique vintage things

Shabby-chic style is based on vintage items that are given a second life

Naturally, the items were appropriately ennobled by her, cleaned, processed in such a way that they literally reborn anew and began to look spectacular, vintage, chic. Hence the name of the style arose - shabby chic, that is, "shabby, shabby chic, shine, antiquity". Friends and acquaintances liked Rachel's interior very much. And after 20 years, Ashwell already had a huge number of admirers, orders, online stores, was the author of several thematic books.

Shabby shabby design - chic

Shabby chic garments are given a faux scuff, emphasizing that this garment is old and has a history

Today, if you set yourself the goal of creating a nursery in the style of "shabby luxury", you can really follow the path of acquiring expensive author's interior items, handmade decor. However, everyone can create this cute, warm, very cozy environment without tangible expenses, if you apply imagination, a few handicraft skills and the desire to create something truly unique for your baby. Below we will talk about the characteristic features of the shabby style and about several design techniques - rules that will significantly help in its creation.

Shabby chic cubes for the nursery

Things for a nursery in the style of shabby chic can be made by hand

Characteristics that are the basis of the style

Starting to design creativity, first of all, you should understand the main principle: a nursery in the style of shabby chic is a nursery in the English style. It has elements from country, eclecticism, fusion, vintage, but in general it is an interior characteristic of the rural hinterland of respectable old England. Therefore, all decor should be based on the British ideas about home comfort. To make the shabby chic really work, there are several tricks that you must definitely follow:

  • vintage furniture is purchased (emphasis is placed on soft objects) or new, which is aged by certain methods;
  • a pastel, maximally soft neutral color scheme is chosen (some designers are convinced that shabby interiors should certainly be white);
  • preference is given to natural textile materials;
  • the interior is filled with decorative elements in the English style;
  • emphasis is placed on textiles and wood furniture;
  • soft, chamber lighting is created;
  • a separate play area is allocated (in most cases it is an impromptu wigwam).
  • Decoration of the play area in the nursery in the shabby chic style

    The design of the play area in the nursery in the shabby chic style is a variety of vintage toys and furniture

    Textiles in the nursery in the style of shabby chic

    A large number of textiles prevail in the shabby chic nursery

    The original shabby chic room furnishings were indeed antique. It was altered, repaired, cleaned, tinted, covered with textile covers. Today, such furniture is mostly artificial and very impressively aged. However, renovated antiques, in places a little shabby, rough, restored is still preferable. Since it is through such furniture that you can breathe the true shabby spirit into the nursery.

    Choosing furniture at a flea market

    You can find antique furniture at flea markets

    The color scale for this style has a huge, if not one of the main values, along with furniture. The shabby base is a pastel, soft, neutral palette. These should not be saturated colors, but only their shades - pinkish, bluish, grayish, greenish, yellowish. Such colors in no way diminish the area of ​​the room, on the contrary - it breathes in it in a completely special way, easily, freely, calmly. What is needed for a beloved little man.

    Colors, materials, decor

    A shabby room in terms of color can be girly, boyish, or completely neutral. But if you are creating a room for a little lady, it is better to use pink, lilac, yellow, white colors. For the future sir, the colors of blue, green, gray, brown palette are suitable. If both boys and girls live in the room, you can use neutral shades: green, gray, beige and even white.

    Children's room shabby chic for a boy

    In the shabby chic nursery for a boy, you can use restored vintage cars

    Natural materials are the third "whale" on which children's shabby chic will be supported. Avoid vinyl wallpaper - only fabric, paper, non-woven options. The floor should be decorated with parquet or laminate imitating a wooden plank. Furniture, of course, should also be wood or hand-forged.

    Walls in the nursery in the style of shabby chic

    The walls in the nursery in the shabby chic style have pleasant calm shades

    Shabby chic wood floor

    Wood flooring is often used for shabby chic interiors

    Attention! Avoid plastics, synthetics, glass, metal shelves, electronic gadgets (watches), sharp, abstract colors and prints.

    Textiles in a shabby interior are the most pleasant. Generally speaking, it is generally fabric, soft, causing incredibly pleasant tactile sensations. If you are planning a room for a girl or baby, you should not skimp on the use of shuttlecocks, ruffles, frills, bows, ribbons.

    Bows and ruffles in the design of the nursery in the style of shabby chic

    Bows and ruffles are often used in the design of a nursery in the style of shabby chic

    If you are creating an interior for a boy, then you need to use linen, knitwear, but as coarse as possible. It is clear that curtains and bed linen will be textile in the room. But in addition to them, textiles in the shabby room are:

    • chair covers;
    • various lampshades, lamps with umbrellas;
    • bed canopy;
    • handmade carpets and rugs, both wall and floor;
    • play wigwam;
    • pads, bedspreads, napkins;
    • wall panels, large soft toys that give the impression of being sewn by hand.
    • Decorating surfaces with textiles in a shabby chic interior

      In a shabby chic interior, it is important to decorate surfaces with textiles, for example, stools, ottomans, chairs

      The abundance of accessories in the nursery in the style of shabby chic

      Shabby chic furniture means an abundance of accessories

      Canopy for baby cot

      A canopy is often used to decorate a children's bed as a decorative element

      Attention! If you need to put not beauty at the forefront, but exclusively practicality, you can use fabrics of a mixed composition. They are similar to natural, but have increased resistance and durability.

      English decor and lighting

      A shabby chic nursery should be imbued with the spirit of old cottage England through and through. Therefore, decorative objects in this interior are extremely important. They should be present in everything: in furniture, in textiles, in the decoration of floors, walls, in lighting. So how do the English understand the comfort of a child's room??

      A large number of floral and floral motifs should be present in the baby's room. Moreover, it can be both roses and simple wildflowers. From prints, preference should be given to a cage, a strip (vertical). Bows and angels are also useful. Since true England is still rural, images, toys, souvenirs in the form of animals in the room should also be. Goats, sheep, cats, puppies for girls. For boys, a toy wooden horse or a huge fish on the wall, symbolizing a fishing trophy, will be just right.

      Floral motives in the design of the nursery in the style of shabby chic

      Floral motifs in the design of wallpaper and textiles are often present as elements of the English style in a nursery in a shabby chic interior

      Shabby chick duck

      Shabby chic accessories convey rustic charm

      England is a monarchical country. Therefore, heraldic elements are also required. It can be both words made of letter-cubes (the name of the child, the word "princess"), and monograms, monograms, one big letter on the wall with which the name of the child begins. You can even design your own family crest. Shelves, dressers, birdcages and birdhouses, potted flowers, wicker baskets, old-fashioned hook hangers will look good as main or additional elements. In general, shabby is a real chic, only very warm, soft and homey.