Country-style nursery: design and photo of interiors

Country style nursery

Parents who wish to decorate the child's room with natural, harmless materials, as well as instill in the baby a love of nature, can be safely advised to make such a choice: a country-style nursery.

Real rustic motifs of this style are perfectly combined with modernity, convenience and comfort. Country style came from America at the beginning of the twentieth century, it harmoniously combines simplicity of design and elegance.

Design features

Country style, like any other, has its own characteristics that set it apart from other design options for a children's room:

  • The presence of mostly natural materials for decoration. It can be wood, natural stone, leather or other materials - safe and non-allergenic. Avoid the use of plastic and glass altogether.
  • Maximum simplicity. It concerns not only forms, but also textures.
  • Bright children's room in country style

    • The predominance of only natural shades that are natural. Country style does not tolerate sharp contrasts, you will have to do without acid additives typical for futuristic styles.
    • Furniture and layout should differ in functionality, since country style is inherent in simplicity and conciseness. Ease of use is paramount when choosing furniture. The same applies to the layout: the room should be simple in shape, without unnecessary corners and bends.
    • Furniture, in addition to its simplicity, should be distinguished by antiquity. It is not at all necessary to purchase too expensive antique copies, since you can use such a trick as aging the surface.
    • Children's furniture country

      The most relevant for a nursery in country style is furniture made of natural wood. An especially good option would be to purchase a massive headset, which will set the tone for the village direction, subject to its preliminary aging.

      Children's furniture country

      You can emphasize the environmental friendliness of the environment with linen or chintz fabrics, which can be used not only on windows, but also directly on sofas and furniture. You should not purchase heavy blankets for a baby bed, as they can introduce some imbalance. For example: a linen bedspread, made in calm natural colors, will allow you to get an excellent fusion of the atmosphere with the overall chosen country style.

      Decorating in the children's room

      If we are talking about furnishing a room for a girl, then here you can use a bed with carved elements. Forging is also suitable if the bed provides for the presence of metal components.

      On a note! A great addition to the bed is a patchwork plaid made of bright scraps of fabric, interesting fabric pillows with beautiful patterns or a knitted bedspread made with your own hands.

      A country-style room for a boy may provide for a bed made of wood or metal, and it should be rougher than a girl's sleeping place. If several children live in a room, then a bunk bed will not be superfluous, which can be played like a house.

      Country room

      Important! Wicker furniture, in particular chairs or armchairs, will harmoniously fit into the country style.

      If it is not possible to get such specimens, you can purchase an ordinary wooden table and chairs and age them.


      Finishing materials

      In addition to the right choice of furniture, an important point is the correct decoration of the child's room, which will be made exclusively from natural materials. There is a list of building materials that are not recommended for use in a country-style nursery, as they will introduce a significant imbalance in the overall design of the room.

      Such materials include:

      • laminate;
      • plastic panels;
      • tile.
      • If the option of the Russian hut was chosen as the leading style, then it would be best to clap the walls with clapboard. However, such a solution is only suitable for your own home, since such a design in an apartment is unlikely to look harmonious.

        Country style children's room interior

        For a room in an apartment, you can find wallpaper on which trees are painted (or maybe only some branches or trunks), or you can choose gentle tones with medium-sized floral ornaments. You can also use monochromatic coatings, provided that their colors are as close as possible to natural, natural. If you choose the right wallpaper, it is possible to really revive the country style, which may turn out to be too monotonous if you choose wall panels.

        Blue baby

        Can use a combination of wallpaper with fabric. To do this, one wall of the room should be decorated with a fabric to match the coatings of the remaining walls. It is also permissible to use wooden beams and slats.

        As for the floor, wood materials are best suited here. You can use a parquet board, but its pattern should be as close as possible to the natural pattern of the wood. In no case is it recommended to use linoleum, even if its ornament is similar to a wood pattern.

        Children's room for girls

        On a note! An important aspect of the design is the harmonious use of natural shades - blue, pale green, sand, beige.

        Too flashy colors that can imbalance the peace and quiet of a rustic style are prohibited.

        Children's room in country style photo


        Do not forget about such an important point as the choice of lighting fixtures that can emphasize the country style in the children's room. You can use various lamps: chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, provided that they all have elements of forging, wicker lampshades or carved wood.

        Lighting in the room

        You can purchase special lamps made in the form of barn lanterns or street lighting fixtures.

        Important! The main goal of this style of lighting is to create a light and comfortable space that will attract to itself with warmth, bringing tranquility.

        Since the tree prevalent in a country-style nursery absorbs enough light, the choice must be made in favor of lamps with less heat. At the same time, their power should be high. Preference can be given to fluorescent or LED lamps.

        There are some criteria by which to choose lighting fixtures in a child's country room:

        • if the children's room is large, the presence of a central light source is mandatory - spotlights will not create the desired atmosphere;
        • the sitting area above the child's bed should have a more diffused light that does not interfere with comfort. However, here you can provide additional light sources for reading;
        • Children's room interior photo

          • the working area where the writing desk for the lessons is located must have an additional spotlight (or two, depending on the area);
          • if the child's room provides for decorative light, then it should be located either on the floor or at eye level. You should not place such lamps on the ceiling, as they will introduce disharmony into the general lighting.
          • Children's room, decorated in country style, requires the use of exclusively natural materials and calm tones.

            Children's room in country style

            You should not resort to sharp contrasting combinations both in colors and in terms of the use of materials for finishing walls and floors. It is also important to abandon ultra-modern furniture, and give preference to solid wood.