Children's room in the style of minimalism: ideas for decoration

Children's room in the style of minimalism

Thinking about arranging a nursery, each parent, of course, realizes that the room must meet certain standards: not abound in dangerous structures, not be overloaded with elaborate decor, have enough free space, be decorated in calm colors that do not excite a fragile child's psyche.

If you put all these points together, it becomes clear that the ideal room for a child is a minimalist nursery. And it will be ideal both for the child himself and for the parents, since it is much easier to control and restore order in a spacious room filled with a minimum of furniture than in any other.

Experience shows that children do not care how much furniture their room is filled with, what materials these objects are made of. And various interior delights, such as multi-level structures, expensive curtains, designer accessories are simply useless for him, not understandable.

Minimalist room design

After all, what does a child need? Plenty of space for games, comfortable furniture (and the minimum amount of it), lots of light and pleasant soothing colors with 2-3 cheerful bright accent spots. These are the main whales of minimalism.

Minimalism in the nursery

The main features of the style

To get an idea of ​​the minimalism style, you can recall traditional Japanese rooms with their white or pale beige palette, simple furniture, mats, plenty of free space, light curtains, inconspicuous niches.

The main features of the style

Hence the main signs by which minimalism is easily recognizable among other styles:

  • naturalness in everything;
  • functionality;
  • simplicity;
  • free space;
  • Spacious children's room

    • an abundance of light;
    • soft neutral color palette;
    • Minimalism style in the interior

      • minimum of accessories.
      • Why minimalism in the children's room is preferable?

        Children's room accessories

        Because it is his light beige, almost white palette that will have a calming effect on the child's psyche, protecting the baby from overexcitation, and a lot of free space will simultaneously protect against injuries during games and will allow fidgets to turn around to the maximum.

        In addition, minimalism is just a godsend for those children and adolescents who are used to keeping a room in perfect order - free, uncluttered space is the easiest to clean.

        Making a baby photo

        On a note! Minimalism is extremely democratic.

        The emphasis on naturalness dictates the need to use natural materials: furniture, windows, doors made of wood, glass and metal, wallpaper made of paper, porcelain stoneware floor or parquet. However, artificial options are also quite acceptable. For example, workplace, plastic window frames and doors.

        Children's bed minimalism photo

        Despite the fact that minimalism requires an almost monochromatic color palette, bright spots are quite acceptable, due to which orange furniture or laminate with non-standard, unexpected colors can appear inside the common two-, three-color palette.

        White kids room interior design

        Floor, walls, ceiling: colors and materials

        To decorate the walls in minimalism, paint or wallpaper is used. Often, the walls are leveled with plasterboard, which is then again painted or pasted over. Wallpaper can be selected in solid colors, light or with a light geometric pattern - circles, vertical lines.

        House interior in the style of minimalism

        No flowers, bunnies, bears, abstract madness. The main colors of minimalism are considered to be:

        • beige;
        • White;
        • Children's photography in the style of minimalism

          • Gray;
          • light brown;
          • Minimalism in the interior of a children's room

            • sand;
            • lactic.
            • The palette will be perfectly complemented by the natural colors of natural materials - brick, wood, glass, metal.

              Children's design in the style of minimalism

              With the general uniformity of the wall surfaces, some bright splash of color will look great. Maybe it will be a wall that unexpectedly differs from others in color, a large bright picture or shelves of non-standard shapes.

              But such accents are effective in minimalism only when there are really few of them: variegation is the real enemy of style. She destroys him, depriving him of balance, peace and balance.

              Blue white room

              Children's room in the style of minimalism can have parquet, laminate, porcelain stoneware floor. Often it is completely covered with synthetic carpet with a fairly hard pile. The colors are again monochromatic or with a dull geometric print.

              The ceiling is often suspended or tensioned options. Their choice is also justified because it is easy to hide communications behind them, because lying on the floor or hanging wires are an additional and extremely serious danger for children.

              Boy's room design in the style of minimalism

              As lighting, it is customary to choose point elements or pendant, table lamps that directly illuminate the workplace. A light above the bed is also welcome as it allows the child to read in a more comfortable environment.


              Furniture and its quantity

              For any child, the amount of furniture and its price are not so important as convenience and functionality. Therefore, you do not need to fill the room with designer headsets with a large number of items, because minimalism is inherent in maximum space. The ideal option is transforming furniture or multifunctional options, when the bed is at the same time a convenient "chest of drawers" for things, and the desk is a bookcase.

              Children's furniture

              Since each style is modified to meet modern requirements, the current minimalism allows the installation of a sliding wardrobe built into a special niche, or a wide window sill, under which there are closed compartments for things and toys. An additional long table, you can write or draw behind it without getting up from the floor.

              Bright children's room

              Children's room, the minimalism of which, first of all, is expressed in the amount of furniture, must necessarily have:

              • bed;
              • workplace;
              • Girl's room design

                • wardrobe;
                • toy boxes.
                • And nothing more. There is no need to turn the nursery into a "tool" for satisfying your own ambitions or a demonstration of incredible financial capabilities.

                  All this is alien to minimalism, as well as to a child. The main thing is that he was comfortable, he was provided with everything he needed and could play without restrictions in space. And furniture pyramids do not contribute to this at all.

                  Children's room of individual design

                  Important! The central subject of the nursery is the bed.

                  An excellent option is a model without a headboard, the so-called "platform" or "tatami". Often they put it on a podium or on a row of cabinets for storing things, bedding.

                  Children's interiors in the style of minimalism

                  Another good option is a bed "built-in" inside a functional slide, when on the left, right and even on top it will be framed by numerous shelves, niches with built-in lamps.

                  Children's room photo

                  Important! The shape of the children's furniture in the spirit of minimalism should also be simple: straight backs, straight legs, smooth corners.

                  But sometimes there are also very original developments in an ergonomic manner, when the lines of the chair, for example, repeat the anatomy of the body, have a streamlined, like a cast shape. And if you are decorating a room for a little lady, it is quite appropriate to put a compact and comfortable dressing table for her.