Rolled blinds on plastic windows, selection rules, photo, price

Bright roller blinds

When choosing curtains for an apartment or office, you should use roller blinds for plastic windows, photos, prices are given in our article. Convenient and effective roller blinds will fit into any interior. They can be used in the kitchen, balcony, bedroom or children's room. Blinds, complemented by fabric curtains and lambrequins, will decorate the living room. They are appropriate in the office and store.

Blinds properties

Roller blinds are a smooth panel of different materials that rolls up into a roll using a mechanism and rises to open a window, or lowers to provide protection from direct sunlight. Place them separately on each window sash.

Roller blinds in the living room

Roller blinds for plastic windows have the following qualities:

  • compact, close to the glass and take up little space on the windowsill;
  • do not stretch, do not change shape, while maintaining the required rigidity;
  • the material does not fade or fade;
  • due to antistatic treatment, they do not attract dust;
  • can be placed on the smallest or most inclined window;
  • easily mounted on plastic windows, self-installation is possible;
  • do not interfere with the functioning of a window or a frequently opening balcony door;
  • a rich assortment of colors and textures, which allows you to choose a product for any interior;
  • depending on the material, the illumination level is changed (from scattered light to 95% darkness).
  • Stylish roller blinds

    Materials for structures

    Roller blinds for windows are made from a variety of fabrics, synthetic, natural or combined.

    On a note! In each case, the material is treated with dust-repellent, antistatic and antibacterial impregnations that improve performance.

    Some types of fabrics are additionally processed to create a mirror effect. In this case, the thermal radiation returns to the street, without getting into the room and without overheating it.

    Fabric roller blinds

    All fabrics are conventionally divided according to the degree of transmission of ultraviolet rays and light:

    • transparent (slightly diffuse sunlight), used for decorative purposes, beautifully combined with tulle, curtains and curtains;
    • dimout (let light pass through partially, but prevent thermal radiation), are indispensable in places where it is required to observe the temperature regime;
    • blackout (they do not let light through at all due to the multi-layer construction and tight fit to the window opening);
    • day-night or zebra (allow you to adjust the luminous flux due to the alternation of opaque and transparent stripes of fabric), partial or complete darkening occurs when the stripes are displaced relative to each other.
    • Roller blinds day-night

      There is a huge selection in stores nowadays: roller blinds for plastic windows are made from various materials, so you need to study the features of fabrics in order to choose the right curtains.

      Roller blinds in blue tones

      The price of the product depends on the type of fabric.

      1. Wood. The canvas is drawn from thin wooden planks arranged horizontally, which allows curtains to be rolled into a roll. Wooden blinds look harmonious in interiors decorated in modern or ethnic styles. Expensive types of wood are used for production: wenge, oak, mahogany, which are coated with special compounds so that it does not fade in the sun. Retaining decorative properties, the lamellas are tinted, enhancing the natural shades and emphasizing the structure of the wood, treated with a laminating agent or varnish, which prevents the destructive effect of ultraviolet radiation. Exquisite appearance, resistance to external influences - all this makes wooden roller blinds an excellent, but also expensive choice.
      2. Bamboo. Strips of bamboo or bamboo straws are interconnected with special thin threads or intertwined, therefore bamboo roller blinds are light and flexible. Such blinds are very durable, they perfectly resist moisture and the scorching sun, they can be used on balconies, loggias and verandas, in greenhouses and swimming pools. They are irreplaceable in rooms that are decorated in ethnic styles.
      3. Fabric is the most demanded material.
      4. Bamboo roller blinds

        They produce fabric roller blinds for windows from various fabrics, especially popular:

        • linen;
        • cotton;
        • nylon.
        • polyester;
        • fiberglass;
        • Roller blinds in bright colors

          The material is painted in various colors, the palette allows you to choose blinds for any interior. Popular fabric roller blinds with patterns and patterns, which are:

          • abstract;
          • vegetable;
          • ethnic;
          • prints;
          • children's theme.
          • Roller blinds blackout

            In addition to a variety of colors, manufacturers also offer a huge selection of textures, such light-protective products look elegant, decorating the interior. Material used:

            • with a velvet surface;
            • the glint of metal;
            • overflows of gold and silver;
            • with elegant embroidery;
            • smooth;
            • matte.
            • Roller blinds in the interior of the bedroom

              Roller blinds with additional finishing look very interesting on plastic windows, they are used in this capacity:

              • braid;
              • pom-poms;
              • brushes;
              • applications;
              • fringe.
              • Roller blinds in the interior of the living room

                Rolled blinds with photo printing are another way to save yourself from the heat in an original way. By the method of thermal printing, any image is applied to the canvas at the request of the customer. It can be a photo from a family album, a copy of a famous painting, or just a picture you like. Children's drawings on blinds can be used to decorate windows in a children's room. Also, this method is indispensable for shops, offices or trading houses - the logo will be clearly visible from the street.

                Roller blinds with photo printing

                Important! The cost of blinds is determined by the specific type of material and the decor used.

                Roller blinds mechanisms

                There are 2 types of mechanical systems that allow you to twist the fabric into a shaft, the price of the product also depends on this:

                1. Compact - an open system consisting of a roller on which the fabric is wound, a lifting mechanism and a weighting bar or magnets that prevent the fabric from sagging. Roller with roll of fabric is open. When installing, the following feature must be taken into account: the shaft with the mechanism must be 20-35 mm wider than the blade. Used to protect a single sash or entire window opening. An open system has a low cost.
                2. Roller blinds, or roller cassette blinds - closed system. The mechanism and the shaft on which the light-shielding cloth is screwed is closed with a box, it protects the device from dust. Along the window, guide strips made of aluminum or plastic are installed, along which the curtain is lowered. Thanks to the slats, the curtain does not sag on an inclined window or ventilation, it adheres more tightly to the window opening. Rollers are installed close to the glass, which allows to reduce the heating of the room.
                3. Roller blinds system

                  According to the form of cassette boxes, roller blinds are divided into:

                  • standard - rectangular or closed;
                  • PLAT cassette - flat profile, small box;
                  • FLAT - medium size, flat box shape.
                  • Nuance: the diameter of the roller shutter shaft is determined by the size of the opening. The wider the opening, the larger the area of ​​the curtains, and the larger the diameter of the shaft winding the canvas.

                    The mechanism of operation of roller blinds

                    Choosing which is better, roller blinds or blinds, it is worth noting the constructive variety of roller blinds, which allows you to choose roller blinds for any window or door, including non-standard sizes:

                    1. Standard. The shaft has a diameter of up to 3 cm, the maximum blade height is 200 cm with a width of up to 180 cm. Installed directly on a plastic or wooden window, or placed above a window opening on a wall or ceiling. The control mechanism is painted in different colors.
                    2. Suite. The diameter of the roller is from 3.5 to 7 cm, the design is especially strong, therefore it is used when creating large blinds with a height of more than 4 m and a width of 3.5 m. Suitable for heavy fabrics. Indispensable if you need to close large windows from the sun. The box can be open or closed, in this case it is decorated to match the color of the panel.
                    3. UNI. The shaft is very thin, only 1.5 cm in diameter, must be covered with a protective box. Guides are installed on the windows, so mini-cassette roller blinds adhere closely to the window glass, perfectly protecting from ultraviolet radiation. Most often they are combined with tulle and other curtains.
                    4. MINI. The mechanism of the product is the same as that of UNI blinds, only the guides along the window sashes are not installed. Cheap option.
                    5. Special roller blinds with a spring mechanism have been created for roof windows.
                    6. Roller blinds in the office

                      Control systems

                      The cost of roller blinds is influenced by the choice of the control system, which is of the following types:

                      • chain cord - the canvas is rolled up with a cord;
                      • spring holder - fixation at the desired height occurs automatically, the devices are simple and easy to operate, but over time the mechanism stretches;
                      • the electric drive operates by means of an electric motor.
                      • On the window, roller blinds are fixed with self-tapping screws, special tape or on brackets.