Bathroom in oriental style - subtleties of design, photo ideas

Bathroom in oriental style

How to turn routine hygiene procedures into a small miracle, surrounding yourself with luxury and exquisite beauty? The answer is simple: an oriental-style bathroom will help.

Unique design and bold ideas will transform a standard room into a wonderful world of cleanliness enjoyment.

However, before starting the repair, you need to choose which East is the most attractive, because the oriental design is based on the traditions of countries such as:

  • India;
  • Japan;
  • Bathroom in oriental style

    • China;
    • Egypt;
    • Bathroom

      • Morocco;
      • Turkey.
      • Nuance: the oriental style is picky about the size of the room, so for small bathrooms it is better to use Japanese and Chinese designs, for spacious ones - Moroccan, Turkish, Egyptian.

        East style

        Luxury of india

        An oriental Indian bathroom is a luxury and richness of natural colors and materials.

        Bathroom in oriental style

        The color scheme includes the following shades:

        • all kinds of brown, woody, ocher;
        • blue;
        • Bathroom styles

          • green;
          • Orange;
          • Bathroom design

            • Red.
            • Important! The most recognizable Indian pattern is paisley, or oriental cucumber.

              Ceramic tiles with this pattern will decorate walls and floors, but the pattern should not be overly variegated.

              Original bathroom interior

              Designers offer several more options for wall decoration:

              • wood carved panels or gratings covered with waterproof lacquer;
              • homogeneous plaster, on top of which is a mosaic panel;
              • walls are painted in rich colors - fuchsia, green, blue.
              • If possible, one of the walls is formed by a niche crowned with several domes. The inner surface is covered with plaster and decorated with carvings. Even a shallow niche immediately gives the bathroom an Indian flavor.

                Designer bathrooms

                It can accommodate a sink or open wooden shelves.

                Ceramic tiles in oriental style

                Plumbing fit both traditional white and black with gilding, red or beige.

                Indian style in the interior

                Textiles are an important part of the Indian interior, so towels, rugs, bathrobes made of natural fabrics with national motives will be appropriate in the bathroom.


                Attractive minimalism of the Land of the Rising Sun

                Yes, the interior of the bathroom in an oriental style, photos of the best options in the Japanese style are given in our article, impresses with its elegant and thoughtful simplicity. Nothing superfluous, asceticism, laconic forms, these are the principles of the Japanese interior, which has become popular in many countries of the world.

                Japanese style bathroom

                The bathroom interior uses natural, subtle colors that maintain a soothing atmosphere of relaxation:

                • blue;
                • peach;
                • Bathroom photo

                  • beige;
                  • pink;
                  • Japanese-style bathroom photo

                    • terracotta;
                    • coffee;
                    • Japanese bath

                      • yellow;
                      • black.
                      • Important! From this variety, you need to choose only 1 or 2 colors to avoid oversaturation of the room with colors.

                        Beautiful bathroom decoration in Japanese style

                        If the dimensions of the bathroom allow, then it must be visually divided into zones traditional in Japanese baths:

                        • for changing clothes;
                        • shower room;
                        • Small bathroom design

                          • swimming place.
                          • In this case, screens or partitions will help to differentiate the bathroom - shoji.

                            Japanese style in the bathroom

                            On a note! In a Japanese-style bathroom, white plumbing with bronze or copper taps and mixers looks appropriate.

                            If it is possible to install an ofuro - a cedar barrel - it will be possible to spend many pleasant minutes in it, relaxing and relieving stress.

                            Ofuro is not for washing, but for relaxation. In a European apartment, a Japanese barrel will be a real decoration of the bathroom.

                            Japanese-style bathroom design

                            Designers advise using the following wall coverings:

                            • rough matte ceramic tiles imitating rice paper, bamboo, wood, straw;
                            • ceramic tiles imitating wooden rectangular panels;
                            • Bathroom in oriental style photo

                              • ceramic panels with views of the mountains, images of good hieroglyphs-wishes, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums;
                              • combined surfaces - large lattice covers painted or plastered walls;
                              • Bathroom decor elements

                                • river stone mosaic.
                                • Bathroom furniture is selected exclusively from dark polished wood with low legs, rectangular clear shapes.

                                  Bathroom interior

                                  Lighting can be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, sconces can also be installed. Luminaire shades are selected in a cubic shape from frosted glass, wooden slats or bamboo.

                                  Laconic bathroom interior

                                  Sisal or bamboo mats are placed on the floor.

                                  Minimalism in detail

                                  Chinese grace

                                  It is worth looking at a variety of photos. An oriental-style bathroom in Chinese always meets the requirements of feng shui philosophy and promotes meditation.

                                  Chinese style bathroom

                                  Of the colors, it is preferable to choose the following:

                                  • green, the color of reed or lotus leaves;
                                  • warm yellow;
                                  • Cozy bathroom interior

                                    • gold;
                                    • transparent blue;
                                    • Cozy Chinese style bathroom interior

                                      • black;
                                      • White.
                                      • But the priority color is red (and even scarlet). It must be present at least as a color stroke or accent.

                                        Bathroom design with bathtub

                                        When decorating walls, one must remember the basic rule of feng shui and avoid sharp corners or sharp shapes - this prevents the flow of positive energy.

                                        Walls, floor and ceiling are covered with natural materials. It can be stone, glass, metal or wood.

                                        Bathroom in the style of minimalism photo

                                        Ceramic tiles are indispensable, which are used both as wall and floor coverings:

                                        • glossy one-color;
                                        • imitating stone, bamboo, rice paper, silk fabric;
                                        • Bathroom in oriental style photography

                                          • similar to small river stones.
                                          • Suitable for the Chinese style, impregnated wood floors or porcelain stoneware that depicts thatch weaving.

                                            Bath style

                                            To enhance style harmony, you should correctly choose plumbing. For the Chinese style, it is necessary to select plumbing items of a square shape, but with rounded edges. Sink or bathtub can be decorated within a wooden case. The bath itself is most often located on a podium with closed sides.

                                            Small bathroom design photo

                                            Furniture is selected compact, low, preferably made of wood. Bamboo furniture fits perfectly into the surroundings. The corners must be filled with cupboards or dressers, t. To. in feng shui, empty corners are a dangerous phenomenon for positive energy.

                                            Modern bathroom interior style

                                            And one more thing: a Chinese-style bathroom is always well-lit. These can be stylized modern shades or red paper lanterns treated against high humidity.

                                            Mysterious Egypt

                                            You can decorate an Egyptian bathroom in an oriental style, photos of the most interesting designs are posted below. This type of interior design is characterized by rich luxury, so it is better to implement it in a spacious bath.

                                            Egyptian style bathroom design

                                            Among the colors, a gamut of yellow tones prevails - from sandy to gold, brown is used as an additional one - from beige to dark chocolate.

                                            Egyptian style bathroom

                                            Walls and ceilings are finished with textured plaster, painted in golden tones, or the corresponding ceramic tiles. Fancy architectural details such as arches and columns are very appropriate.

                                            Bathroom picture

                                            Furniture made of expensive wood is decorated with gilded handles and legs in the form of animal paws. Gilding is also applied to the mirror.

                                            Egyptian style bathroom photo

                                            It is also better to purchase plumbing fixtures in sand or beige colors, with elements decorated with gold paint. Instead of a standard bathtub, you can put a large jacuzzi on a pedestal.

                                            Bathroom with tile decor

                                            Real fairy tale

                                            Luxury and splendor, mystery and beauty - all this is embodied in the national culture of Morocco, which for Europeans has become the personification of a fairy tale. An oriental Moroccan bathroom - the most elegant, defiantly decorative, but at the same time perfect in style and elegance.

                                            Bathroom design in Moroccan style

                                            Amazing color saturation is at the heart of Moroccan design. The atmosphere is created by the following tones:

                                            • thick red colors;
                                            • yellow (from sandy to ocher);
                                            • Bathroom in Moroccan style photo

                                              • Orange;
                                              • Brown;
                                              • Moroccan style tiles

                                                • necessarily ultramarine, turquoise, cobalt.
                                                • Another option for a Moroccan-inspired bathroom is to use black and white.

                                                  Moroccan style

                                                  Of particular importance are the architectural elements characteristic of this distant African country and which have become an integral part of the East for Europeans:

                                                  • pointed arches, in the form of which windows or doors are made;
                                                  • Moroccan style bathroom picture

                                                    • lancet niches for installing mirrors or shelves.
                                                    • For wall decoration, it is best to use Tadelakt mineral plaster, with its help, the effect of marble walls is created. A varied layout of tiny, no more than 6 cm each, ceramic tiles looks no less beautiful. Bright or black and white patterns in the form of stars and geometric shapes, floral ornaments, Arabic ligature look amazing.

                                                      Mosaic can decorate not only walls, but also sink countertops, flowing from a vertical plane to the floor.

                                                      Luxury bathroom

                                                      To harmonize the style, you need to choose plumbing made of dark stone, the faucets are made of bronze or copper, the faucet is with an intricate spout.

                                                      Bathroom design in Moroccan style

                                                      Furniture is purchased low, simple in shape, with massive wooden handles.

                                                      Moroccan Sile Bath

                                                      Brass lamps decorated with embossing, metal carvings and colored glass inserts will become a magnificent stylistic accent.

                                                      Bathroom in Moroccan style design

                                                      Turkish luxury

                                                      If possible, instead of a traditional bathroom, you can arrange a small hammam, then it will be a unique oriental-style bathroom. The photo of the design should be studied before the start of the repair, choosing the appropriate option or coming up with your own. It is better to entrust the installation of equipment to specialists, and use a small blue-blue mosaic to decorate the room.

                                                      Turkish style bathroom

                                                      However, a luxurious bathroom in the Turkish style can be decorated without a radical reconstruction. To create an oriental atmosphere, use:

                                                      • small stone mosaic, aged looks great;
                                                      • intricate ornaments (without the image of people or animals), most often the Turkish cucumber pattern is found;
                                                      • Turkish style

                                                        • marble plumbing with copper mixers;
                                                        • The sink looks great in the form of a copper basin, and the shower head looks great in the form of a copper dish.
                                                        • The main colors that are used in the selection of finishing materials and textiles:

                                                          • Red;
                                                          • brick;
                                                          • Turkish style in the interior

                                                            • red brown;
                                                            • blue;
                                                            • Design of a bathtub combined with a toilet

                                                              • yellow;
                                                              • green.
                                                              • Luxury and restraint - all this is the East, so different, but always elegant and beautiful, amazingly suitable for decorating a bathroom.