Children's furniture in a marine style - subtleties of design, photo ideas

Children's room with furniture in a marine style

A son or daughter raves about the ocean, and all conversations are only about pirates, sea treasures, cruises or mermaids? So it's time to paint the walls and lay the deck board, creating an underwater kingdom or a captain's cabin in the room. If you decorate a room in a nautical style, children's furniture should correspond to the interior and the age of the baby. When buying, it is worth considering the quality and safety of products: what materials are they made from, how the edges are processed, what paint and varnishes are used, how durable and comfortable everything is. The ergonomics of products and the possibility of changing designs according to the child's growth are of no small importance. Finally, furniture should match the temperament and mobility of the baby, be beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Nursery with furniture in a marine style perfectly develops the child's imagination

Choosing furniture in a marine style: nursery for a boy and a girl

Furniture in a marine style room is made of MDF, laminated chipboard, but, of course, it is better to purchase products from natural wood. Polished products from pear, cherry, calvados, beech look great, the effect of aging is appropriate, the presence of carving.

Furniture is also produced from combined materials:

  • Chipboard + plastic;
  • MDF + artificial leather;
  • wood + forged metal.
  • Quality furniture in the nursery in a marine style

    When decorating in a nautical style, do not forget that furniture for a nursery should be made of high-quality and preferably natural materials

    Important! Before buying, it is worth checking whether the products have a GOST certificate of compliance with the safety requirements of products for children, what paints and varnishes were used.

    The color scheme of furniture items depends on the general coloristic orientation of the design of the nursery, but most often the following colors and their combinations are used in the boy's room:

    • White;
    • Red;
    • blue, including dark blue;
    • gray steel.
    • Baby in navy blue and white

      The main colors for decorating a nursery in a marine style are white and shades of blue

      For girls, you can purchase furniture of similar colors or focus on a beach holiday, in this case, furniture products of colors are suitable:

      • White;
      • shades of white unbleached, ivory, cream, sand;
      • coral;
      • turquoise;
      • buffy.
      • Nursery in a marine style in coral shades

        For girls, a marine-style nursery can be decorated not in blue, but in coral shades

        These colors in furniture products are combined with each other or with the color of natural wood. The choice of colors depends on the interior theme. Creating the effect of a house by the sea or a walk on a liner, it is better to purchase light-colored furniture, while a yacht cabin or a pirate's cabin is unthinkable without dark wood.

        Decoration of a nursery in a beach style

        Decoration of a nursery in a beach style

        Decorating a nursery in the style of a coastal house

        Decorating a nursery in the style of a coastal house

        Decorating a children's room in the form of a ship's cabin

        Decorating a children's room in the form of a ship's cabin

        All furniture in the sea room has a classic rectangular shape, the edges should be rounded for child safety. Light furniture with slatted facades fits perfectly into a delicate girly room, into a boy's room - with dark. On armchairs, a chair, the upholstery can be plain or striped.

        Strip - vest for decorating furniture textiles

        For beds and other furniture, you can use striped textiles - a striped vest

        Furniture with rounded corners

        In the nursery, it is advisable to choose furniture with rounded corners

        The following furniture items are needed in the children's room:

        • work table, possibly with a curbstone;
        • student chair with orthopedic back;
        • sleeping place - bed or sofa;
        • wardrobe;
        • possibly a chest of drawers, shelving or wall.
        • Furniture in a marine style

          The children's room should have everything you need for the comfort of the child

          Interior in a marine style: children's bed

          The only piece of furniture - the bed - can set the tone for the interior. Then all that remains is to add a few accessories - and the nautical-style room is ready! A unique bed can be ordered in a specialized workshop - in this case, the features of the layout of the room, coloristic nuances and wishes of the customer will be taken into account, and the price will be determined depending on the material and the complexity of the manufacturing process. You can purchase a finished product - in this case, the price starts from 10 thousand. rubles.

          Bed in nautical style

          A nautical bed is usually the center of the composition

          Bed textiles in a nautical style

          For a bed in a nautical style, you can choose an interesting suitable textile

          What to look for when buying a bed:

          • the frame of the product must be strong, preferably metal;
          • orthopedic base made of wooden slats;
          • it is good if the kit includes a lifting mechanism that allows you to raise the berth;
          • there are 1 or 2 boxes for linen.
          • Orthopedic mattress

            For children, it is better to choose an orthopedic mattress

            What does the design of the beds look like, which harmoniously fit into the marine style of the room??

            1. Ship-shaped bed. It could be an antique dark wood schooner, a white cruise ship, or a smart yacht. In such a bed, the bow part of the ship stands out, usually located at the legs, and the stern at the head. The stern is decorated with an anchor, a steering wheel or a bundle of ropes.
            2. The ship bed, equipped with a mast with yards, on which canvas sails are fixed with rigging, looks interesting, the mast is decorated with a bright flag on top - such a sleeping place will appeal to both boys and girls. Manufacturers decorate ship beds with imitation of onboard cannons and rats cameras, portholes, oars, brass rings and ropes.

              Marine style boat beds

              Beds, boats and ships are perfect for creating a nautical design

              Ship bed with mast

              An interesting version of the ship bed is a construction with a mast for games

              Bed - pirate ship

              Bed - the pirate ship will really please the boys

              Bed in nautical style

              For a bed, you can interestingly arrange a wall in the form of a ship's mast

              Beds, realistically stylized as ships, are most often made of wood, sometimes, to save money, the upholstery is made of plastic, in expensive models the body is finished with dyed leather.

              It is appropriate to hang a night light in the form of stern lights or an old fishing lantern on the wall near such a bed.

              1. For girls, beds are suitable, decorated with characters of the underwater world: mermaids, fish, shells. Girls' cribs are decorated with:
                • tulle canopies;
                • transparent thin sails;
                • voluminous shells;
                • the headboard is made of beautiful fabrics, carved wood panels or eco-leather.
                • Mermaid bedding

                  Mermaid bedding is a great addition to a girl's room in a nautical style

                  Canopy in the form of a jellyfish

                  A jellyfish canopy beautifully complements a nautical-style room

                  Bed with canopy sails in a nautical style

                  Bed with canopy sails in a nautical style

                  1. Finally, one of the most popular models of the bunk bed. It is installed in a room for both one and two children. A ladder leads to the second floor, which is made out by:
                    • handrails;
                    • made from ropes;
                    • the steps are small cabinets, which are convenient for storing small items and toys.
                    • Bunk bed in nautical style

                      Bunk bed in a nautical style in the form of a ship with a work area on the ground floor

                      Deck on the second floor of the bed

                      On the second floor of the ship bed, you can arrange a deck, and on the first bed

                      Bunk bed-ship in a nautical style

                      Bunk bed-ship in a nautical style

                      Advice! If the bed is used as a sleeping place for two children, then the upper part is fenced with bumpers.

                      For one child, a bunk bed can become a universal place: work, play and sleeping. For example, the space on the 1st floor is used as a play area, the wardroom is located there, the steering wheel is placed. The walls are covered with textiles to match the color of the interior. The child will like the opportunity to hang a hammock under the berth.

                      You can put a table on 1 tier and turn this area into a student's workplace.

                      Additionally, the bed is equipped with:

                      • slide;
                      • sports corner with ropes, ladders, rings;
                      • a cabin-house;
                      • bookshelves;
                      • another pull-out berth;
                      • hammock.
                      • Bed with a slide in a nautical style

                        Bed with a slide in a nautical style

                        How to choose a marine style children's headset

                        Many manufacturers offer ready-made furniture collections in the same color and style. Polish, German, Spanish and domestic factories offer various sets of modular products.

                        Important! It is necessary to complete the headset based on the footage of the room.

                        The collection of children's furniture in a marine style usually consists of many models of various sizes:

                        • the bed can be a structure in 1 or 2 tiers, combined with a sofa or roll-out berth, many models are equipped with 1-2 drawers;
                        • wardrobes 1,2 and 3-doors, as well as corner wardrobes are offered;
                        • open shelves are narrow or wide;
                        • bedside tables, including on wheels;
                        • chests of drawers with a different number of drawers and doors;
                        • table, can be additionally equipped with a superstructure;
                        • work chair;
                        • pouf or chair;
                        • hinged open and closed shelves;
                        • toy box.
                        • Boat racks

                          Racks in the form of boats will complement the marine interior in an interesting way

                          Wardrobe in nautical style

                          Wardrobe in nautical style

                          Children's chest for toys in a marine style

                          The nautical-style treasure chest holds toys

                          As a decor, a marine-themed drawing is applied to the surface of the furniture that makes up the set. The image is applied in an environmentally friendly way UF-printing, so it will not fade or rub off.

                          The nautical theme is supported in some collections by hemp or brass handles, portholes, slatted facades, glass inserts.

                          Particular attention should be paid to fittings, on which the period of the flawless operation of the products depends, as well as whether the child will be comfortable using the furniture. It is preferable to choose furniture that has:

                          • hinges with closers;
                          • hidden guides with a soft closing system and stoppers;
                          • the rods in the cabinets are equipped with motion sensors;
                          • metal brackets for beds;
                          • thermal protective film on the table surface.
                          • Children's room in a marine style

                            Complement the nursery with marine accessories

                            Headsets are often equipped with an LED backlighting system, which not only decorates furniture, but also serves as a source of additional lighting in the nursery. In addition, equipped with a motion-sensing system, the smart backlight turns on itself when the child opens the closet. It's a good idea if all floor products are equipped with adjustable feet and the caster wheels have a plastic floor-safe coating.

                            Marine style set

                            Set in a marine style for a children's room

                            What can you add to the marine theme furniture set:

                            1. Toy box. It is performed in the form of a boat or an old chest.
                            2. Baby rocking chair in the form of a boat.
                            3. A boat chair that is also used as a storage space for toys.
                            4. Round porthole mirror.
                            5. Hanging chair or hammock.
                            6. Sports corner with ropes and stairs.
                            7. These are the basic rules for decorating a children's room in a marine style.