Living room interior in the style of minimalism: ideas, tips, photos

Living room design option

The living room is one of the most important places in the house where you can chat with friends, watch TV or just relax with a cup of tea or with an interesting book. The interior of the living room in the style of minimalism is very suitable for those who do not like excesses, distracting attention, preferring the laconic style.

Living room design option

What is the idea behind the minimalist design style?

The interior of a minimalist living room is distinguished by the absence of unnecessary details, catchy colors.

Contemporary living room solution

Minimalism is freshness, space, calmness, monotony.

A properly designed room in the style of minimalism is visually larger than it actually is, due to the effect of the emptiness of space.

Living room in the style of minimalism

Living room in the style of minimalism

Basic materials

If you decide to create a living room in the style of minimalism, then certain laws of this style must be observed:

  1. Mirror surfaces visually expand the space, especially if one mirror is opposite the other. Mirrors are usually placed at the entrance to the living room.
  2. Glass. As for the windows: the bigger they are, the better. Such an interior goes well with full-wall windows. Glass is also used to cover surfaces. For example, next to the sofa, you can place a glass coffee table in the color of the furniture.
  3. Wood. It can be either dark wood or light - it all depends on the overall color scheme of the room.
  4. Fabric and leather are used for sofas, curtains, etc.NS.
  5. Living room with unusual furniture

    Room furnishings

    Minimalism is characterized by a small number of decorative elements and furniture:

    • Pots with
      flowers are acceptable if the color of the pot is solid. In this case, sometimes even artificial flowers are used.
      • Paintings. Often 1-2 paintings or photographs are used in the interior. Paintings should match the color scheme of the room. Often abstractions are acquired as decoration.
      • Flower pots

        Flower pots

        • Fireplace. If you live in a city apartment, the fireplace in the living room will create a feeling of coziness, which is especially necessary among the one-sided color scheme.
        • Sofas and ottomans should be monochromatic, without ornaments or patterns. For the top of the ottomans, you can use the main fabric of one shade, for the bottom - a contrasting one.
        • Perfect solution for living room design

          • A small table made of glass or light wood is useful for placing cups, magazines, books or a laptop on it.
          • Minimalism style features in the interior

            • Shelves. If they are, then they should not be very cluttered: a few books - no more. The rest should be kept in the bedroom or study. The living room should always look clean and tidy, as it is for guests and relaxation, there is no need for a large number of things.
            • Living room design

              • If the floor is cold, you can purchase a plain carpet to match the interior color. If the floor is warm, then it is not recommended to cover it with a carpet.
              • Modern interior style for the living room

                • Various appliances, floor lamps and lamps, cabinets - at your discretion, but remember that everything that is available should not fill the room. That is why it is recommended to make cabinets mirrored or glass.
                • Living room decoration in black and white

                  • Minimalist curtains are rarely used in isolation, more often in tandem with tulle. Sometimes the owners of the apartments, in principle, refuse the curtains, and the light enters the room around the clock.
                  • Living room interior design idea

                    Color spectrum

                    The interior of a minimalist living room is most often performed in the following color combinations:

                    • Pure color. As a rule, it is white or light gray, diluted with darker shades. In such a color scheme, the presence of other colors is assumed only in paintings or in vegetation.
                    • Living room interior with dark furniture

                      • Natural colors: light green, light wood, white. Sometimes black or gray are also added to this.
                      • Living room interior in the style of minimalism

                        Living room interior with bright floor

                        • Aggressive minimalism: red, white and black. With this style, pillows are often used, designed to look like newspaper sheets. Photos in the English style look interesting: red telephone booths against the background of a black and white landscape.
                        • Living room furniture in black

                          • Coffee shades: white, beige, dark chocolate. Black in this range can also be used, but, as a rule, they are limited to dark brown.
                          • Perfect contrast: only black and white objects. Usually white prevails in this case, so the owner of such a living room will have to carefully clean the room: dirt on the surfaces is immediately noticeable.
                          • Beautiful living room interior 

                            Minimalist curtains

                            The average Russian can hardly imagine a room with windows open around the clock, but the minimalism style dispels this stereotype. Of course, leaving the bedroom without curtains is not a good idea, after all, this is a private space, but the living room is easy.

                            Minimalist curtains

                            Minimalist curtains

                            However, if you decide to close the windows with curtains, follow these rules:

                            1. Instead of curtains, it is preferable to use tulle, as it looks fresher and more airy. It should match the main shades of the interior. If you are using curtains and tulle in tandem, they should be in the same color scheme.
                            2. There should not be any ornaments on curtains and tulle, a variety of decorative elements in minimalism is not recommended.
                            3. romanian curtains

                              romanian curtains

                              Roman blinds made of tulle fabric are considered one of the interesting solutions in the style of minimalism. They rise, so visually take up less space.

                              They are very easy to care for and machine washable. Roman curtains in combination with the interior of the living room in the style of minimalism are shown in the photo below.

                              Stylish living room design

                              Stylish living room design

                              How to arrange other rooms?

                              If you decide to decorate the living room in a minimalist style, it is recommended to use this style throughout the apartment, otherwise

                              the design will not look holistic.

                              Minimalist kitchen

                              Minimalist kitchen

                              For example,

                              the interior of the kitchen, like the living room, is distinguished by a limited range of colors and a small number of decorative elements, but with some peculiarities:

                              1. The kitchen gets dirty faster than other rooms, so it is recommended to use dark shades, the stains on which are not so noticeable. You also need to use textiles that are easy to wash.
                              2. Use black in design, since most of the equipment is produced in black and white (microwave ovens, ovens, stoves), but white gets dirty faster.
                              3. Instead of a tablecloth on the table, it is recommended to use special underlays.
                              4. minimalist kitchen

                                Minimalist kitchen