Bedroom design 2023 | TOP-10 Fashion trends (+100 photos)

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All elements are important in a modern bedroom, as they are always interconnected. Fashion for interior design is changing, but its main tendencies are applied in the "kingdom of rest and peace" so that a person can forget about everyday worries in his room.

The main rule when decorating a bedroom 2023 is to organize a harmonious space in combination with the latest fashionable ideas in the field of interior design.


Key trends in bedroom interior decoration in 2023

The first of all the features that are part of the modern trend in the field of interior design is a mixture of styles, eclecticism. A clear boundary and separation of styles is not considered fashionable today, however, the 2023 bedroom is exactly the place where the art of subtle combinations prevails.

The fashion trend of eclectic design is much more difficult to implement than strictly following a clearly defined canon. The main technique that must be taken into account when decorating a bedroom is to clearly follow the chosen shape, combination of colors, skillfully combining various textures.


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A couple of years ago, fashion designers spoke in unison about the fact that simplicity and laconic forms are important in the bedroom, but it should not destroy the inner content of the room. It is in the bedroom that it is important that the room reflects the taste of its owners. Any rational functionalism should not be reduced to an absurd state. In fact, all modern bedroom design ideas are very creative, as they are eclectic.

If a designer tells you: “I will decorate the bedroom in a strict Art Deco style, in a classic or minimalist style,” then he is no longer modern. Today you can see in the photo examples of bedroom decoration a carved wooden chest of drawers and a bed with curved legs and the same headboard in combination with minimalist table lamps and a brick wall inherent in a loft. Or vice versa: laconic design and huge crystal chandeliers come from the classics. Once again, we repeat the main thing - watch out for colors and shapes, and not match the style.


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However, this is not the only trend in the fashionable design of the bedroom space in 2023. Eco-style is very popular today, which is given a "relaxing effect". In this version, you can decorate the entire apartment, but in the bedroom it is especially good. It is necessary to use only natural colors of nature, natural wood, straw, bamboo, linen, cotton.

Eco-features, which are so popular nowadays, can be manifested in minimalism so beloved by the people. In principle, this direction has not lost its relevance as before. Simple and unobtrusive pieces of furniture, walls, ceiling and floor can be diluted with more "live" accessories and decorative elements.

The design of such a bedroom remains spacious, light and free, not burdened with unnecessary heavy details and lush decor, but becomes modern. Sometimes it is enough pillows with intricate baroque patterns and curtains in the same style to "modernize" a room.


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Another fashionable trend in the design of a stylish bedroom 2023 is various types of zoning. This idea has not lost its popularity for several years; it involves the creation of a visually light space. Screens, sliding partitions, textile draperies, furniture divide the bedroom into several functional segments. If this or that option is bored, you can always change everything, transform it.

Choosing a color


Today, it is fashionable to use natural, natural colors. There shouldn't be anything flashy and bright in the rest room. If you really want to make a color spot, it should be small, not taking all the attention, and out of place. Look at the trees, sand, sea and sky and you will understand what colors to use when decorating your bedroom. There are many shades in nature, the interior will never be boring.

Of the ultra - trendy colors that will be popular, the mint shade is very suitable for the bedroom. This color has two components: firstly, it is very modern and even futuristic, and secondly, it is associated with wildlife. If you like the fashionable technique of painting walls in different colors, then one wall should be made mint. You can combine this shade in an original way with a geometric ornament in the same colors on a white background on another wall.


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Advice! If warm colors are more to your heart, then use a pastel pink shade in the bedroom, it is also coming into fashion. This relaxation room is ideal for a young and romantic girl.

It is worth noting that in 3021, the bedroom is still popular in which white and all shades of gray prevail. Also this season beige color will be very popular, which is combined with all natural colors.


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Wall and floor decoration

Various textures are used in the decoration of the walls. It is considered old-fashioned to make all four walls the same. One wall may have urban or geometric painting, others - various textures, fleecy flooring glued to the wall from floor to ceiling. The main thing is that they all match in color with each other.

When decorating the walls, any innovative materials can be used, but we must not forget that the design of the bedroom 2023 is solid and cozy. Of course, hi-tech fans can show their technical imagination, if this is to the liking of both spouses who live in the room. Against the background of light gray shades of the walls, a bleached wood floor, natural textile accents made of linen or silk will look good.


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Until recently, in the bedroom one could find an abundance of geometric ornaments not only on the walls, but also on the upholstery and floor coverings. Now experts do not advise to be so zealous with the ornament. The new season in design will help us arrive at a “geometric balance”. Still, it's better to stick to more natural, natural forms.

It is better to cover the floor with wood or laminate that imitates it in a quality manner. Wall decoration with wooden panels is considered a new trend in the coming season, although historically this option has developed for a long time, but in recent decades it has been undeservedly forgotten. Earlier, during the construction of stone houses, there was no decent insulation, so laying a layer of natural wood helped to keep a little more heat in the rooms.


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The 2023 bedroom interior will look very fashionable if the walls are trimmed with cork and bamboo. Cork is a natural environmentally friendly material, it looks very fresh on the walls, in a new way. Bamboo wallpapers have an attractive texture, they are made from real bamboo stalks, which are dried in a special way and kept at certain temperatures.

In such an interior, you can find straw, baskets of willow twigs, this is natural. But the most fashionable and stylish thing is to supplement the natural ones with both a small amount of glass, metal and even concrete.


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Organization of correct lighting

One of the main details in the interior of the 2023 bedroom is the original lamp on the ceiling. The lamp can be thin and delicate, it should be hung a little higher, near the head of the bed or in the middle of the ceiling. The best light in a break room is soft and not intrusive. A good choice would be straw lamps, with simple shades of rough fabric, frosted glass.

To make the bedroom cozy, it is worth additionally using local lighting. In addition to the traditional chandelier, the room may contain table and floor sconces, a floor lamp. If the bedroom is large and divided into parts, then light is one of the elements of modern fashionable zoning.


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An interesting organization of light in a room is a great way to make a bedroom cozy and fashionable without much complicated tricks. Large light modules can be used, they refract light and create an interesting dynamic optical illusion.

Today it is fashionable to illuminate mirrors and paintings, the soft little light streaming from them is very pleasant. Lamps can also be speakers, in which case the bedside table is equipped with a wireless charger. The use of new technologies even in the interior of a traditional bedroom is one of the main trends of our time.

On a note! The lamp should not only fulfill its functional purpose and match the interior of the room, but also decorate the space, and also adapt to any style.


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Arrangement of furniture

Elements of wicker furniture and other natural, living materials are confidently beginning to settle in the modern bedroom of 2023. To make the room comfortable and look environmentally friendly, designers recommend using, as mentioned above, rattan or the texture of real cane in interiors along with wooden parts.

A new approach to life, thoughts about the environment, dictate new rules to us, among those recycling. In this regard, it is very important to use restored old furniture, combining it with modern ones. Many people like this interesting trend, they visit flea markets, looking for interesting options there: chairs, mirrors, bedside tables, floor lamps, and especially screens. If the owners manage to fit these things into the minimalist modern design of the bedroom, and make them ergonomic, it means that they fit into the fashion trend.

However, it is important not to overdo it here, since there should not be a lot of furniture in the bedroom. A traditional bed, bedside tables, closet, maybe an armchair with a floor lamp, if the space allows - these are ordinary things. But an old chest, which has been restored and is used to store, say, bedding, will look very original.


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Interior items and accessories

The rapprochement with nature, as a trend in modern design, is reflected in the accessories with which we will decorate our interiors in the new season. The 2023 bedroom interior can be decorated with more fresh flowers than it was in previous years.

A lonely timid flowerpot on the windowsill should be supplemented with a mini-container with edible herbs, hanging pots with vines, ferns. Taking into account the warming climate, life in an apartment building will be much more comfortable if you surround yourself with air-purifying plants.


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Modern fashionable interiors of bedrooms are often decorated with furniture and decorative elements made of natural stone: this is in trend today. Impressive stylish consoles, a tiny coffee table by the armchair, table lamps can be made of stone. Furniture made from marble today is combined with traditional wood - this will soon be a vibrant trend in interior design.

The ecological style, as the main direction that is taken into account when arranging the interior, involves choosing accessories from natural, natural materials. A linen bedspread, curtains, natural bedding, laid on the bed, today is a better solution than artificial polyester, which was considered practical yesterday. Artificial materials are now considered unpleasant for the human body and, moreover, harmful in the environment.


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It is very good to decorate the bedroom with graceful wicker baskets, in which you can fold cosmetics and other small items. It is good if a sconce and a chandelier are made in the same style. Rattan always refreshes the interior and makes it cozy.


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Advice! Do not forget that today natural materials must be combined with modern "technogenic" interior details and surfaces: for example, frosted glass and silver metal, aluminum and even concrete.


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Without a doubt, we want to see our home not only comfortable, but also modern: few people like to lag behind life. However, applying fashion trends, do not forget about your own comfort. Use from trends what you like, what is time-tested, because bedroom 2023 is a place where you can forget about all the conventions of a rapidly changing world and be yourself.