Design of a narrow hallway in an apartment 2023: in a modern style, interesting ideas, real photos of the interior

Design of a narrow hallway in an apartment 2023: in a modern style, interesting ideas, real photos of the interior
Design of a narrow hallway in an apartment 2023 in a modern style

The design of a narrow hallway in the apartment of 2023 should be made with knowledge of the intricacies and secrets of how to make the space wider and more voluminous.

Features of the design of a narrow hallway

When decorating the interior of a narrowed hall, it is necessary to maintain marginal functionality without cluttering up the total area. When developing design projects for compact halls, the following points should be taken into account: Clear and competent zoning using furniture, interior elements, multi -colored walls, ceiling heights. The decoration of a narrow hallway should be performed without the use of volumetric materials. Painting game - the use of light and coloristic solutions. The presence of mirrors. Furniture should be compact and functional. The style of the hall should be combined with other rooms.

A competently designed narrow hallway can be visually “adjusted” and expanded by means of: skillfully selected balanced lighting; winning color palette of walls, floor and ceiling; the location of furniture and various decor elements.

Secrets and recommendations for designing a narrow hall: Instead of a classic shoe, use a shelf with a lattice. Sitting place - a small ottoman or a launching bench. The wardrobe can be replaced by a floor or wall hanger. It is best to store shoes in a compact banquet or cabinet, you can also provide for the presence of a folding pouf fixed on the wall. Place a vertical mirror on the inside of the front door. It is recommended to arrange furniture in the lobby in such a way that they are along one of the walls. Swing doors should be replaced by sliding or open shelves. If the end wall, the components of the decor can be placed on it, depending on the general style of the interior.

To study in more detail the ideas of designing the interior of a narrow hall 2023. You can by real photos on specialized sites. How to expand the space

Design of a narrow hallway in an apartment 2023: in a modern style, interesting ideas, real photos of the interior

Visual expansion of the total area of ​​the narrow hall can be achieved using finishing materials of light colors.


Visually, the space is capable of the equipped mirror wall visually.

Having studied the following secrets of arranging a narrow hall, you can visually increase its size: Gradient on the wallpaper. If the change in the tint on the wallpaper or its drawing has a vertical orientation, then the room will look higher, and if horizontal, then longer. You can also use a smooth transition from one palette of colors to another or from a saturated tone - to white. Volume geometry on the wallpaper. Through the illusion of convex geometric elements, the effect of expanding the space will be recreated. Rejection of a small pattern. Prints have a characteristic feature of focusing attention on themselves, which is why a person concentrates only on separate elements of the room, not seeing the picture entirely. It is for this reason that it may seem less and already than there is actually. The effect of objects moving in one direction. The effect can be achieved by direction of corners or sharp ends of any decor elements in a narrow lobby. Wall murals. Interesting paintings on the wallpaper are also able to add volume to a narrow and long corridor. Straight lines located in parallel and vertically. Their perception is similar to the perception of the gradient. The choice of the most successful colors

Compact area requires the use of the minimum number of different palette so that the corridor is not "overloaded". As a rule, their number should be limited to a “triple” (the key color should account for up to 65% of the premed room, up to 30% - for auxiliary, and the rest is for bright decor elements).


Dark shades visually make the area less, which is why designers strongly recommend performing compact zones in light colors.

Thanks to the rightly selected palette of colors, you can easily visually transform the shape of the hall, as well as its size. Walls are recommended to be painted with inexpressive monophonic paint of discreet color. It is worth noting that it is this palette that will become the main background for a furniture set.

Design of a narrow hallway in an apartment 2023: in a modern style, interesting ideas, real photos of the interior

Among the most relevant duets of color palette, which will look advantageous in a narrow corridor, we can distinguish the following: pearl and coffee; sand and terracotta; white and white; security and beige; apricot and eggplant; Haki and olive; Lime and turquoise.

Modern style implies furniture in light tints using a homogeneous texture. Light gloss on the facades is incredibly universal and visually makes the space wider. Finishing a narrow hallway

The decoration of the narrowed hall should be selected in accordance with the general stylistic direction of the hall of the Hall, the planned estimate, as well as personal preferences. The floor covering of a compact hall is best chosen by wear -resistant and moisture resistant, easily detergent.

One of the most common styles for 2023 when decorating hallways: Modern. It implies the presence of a built -in wardrobe with a huge number of shelves, hooks, hangers, full -length mirrors, a long compact banquet. On the floor in the lobby - laminate or tiles, in the lobby - carpet -tone carpet. Stretch -colored ceiling. Loft. In a similar hallway, the walls are designed “under the brick” and decorated with lamps on the cords. The cabinet should be roomy, narrow and wooden. In combination with the cabinet, the mezzanine can also go, returning to the world of modern design from the distant past. There must be a pole for sitting and several mirrors. Minimalism. Its characteristic features are: a flat ceiling of a plain color, light walls, on the floor - a laminate, the color is slightly darker than the walls. Near the entrance there should be a discreet hanger, and there is a wide shelf with boxes for storage above it. Mandatory mirror without a frame must be present. The choice of furniture

Design of a narrow hallway in an apartment 2023: in a modern style, interesting ideas, real photos of the interior

To choose furniture and interior elements in a narrow hall, you should decide on the style. The headset should fit into the general concept, and the owners can feel as comfortable as possible.

Among the usual Hall objects: wardrobe with a large number of compartments; open hangers; shoe/shoe grille; mezzanine/ boxes for storing little things.

Secrets of the finish of a narrow hall in a modern style: Massive shelves and storage boxes are recommended to be located at the top. It is recommended to arrange open shelves and hangers between them so that the central part is in the form of a niche. It is best to place a growth mirror near open hangers, closer to the front door or on the door itself. So that every centimeter of a narrow hallway is correctly used, it is best to give preference to custom -made furniture. How to organize lighting in the hallway

A uniformly illuminated narrow hallway, decorated in a light color palette, visually seems more, and items of furniture and interior are properly placed along the walls are “open” the area in the very center of the room.

The best option for a small -sized narrow hallway will be point lamps on the ceiling. If height allows, you can equip a suspended ceiling with LED backlight.


The narrow wardrobe occupying the entire wall in a narrow hallway is the best option that can optimally fill the free space. Zoning the hallway in a small apartment

As a rule, in a small apartment, the hallway is not only narrow, but also angular. The G-shaped corridor, as usual, is decorated with an angular furniture set: a wardrobe, a small sofa and a hanger.

A narrow hallway in a small apartment seems even more elongated, so its owners should think about zoning. You can resort to one of the most daring design solutions-the design of each wall in different color palettes, while it is very important to make sure that each of them has a link to something.

Also, zoning can be created by furniture: in the lobby, place a hanger and a mezzanine with boxes for storage, and in the lobby part - a wardrobe with things, a shoe and an ottoman for sitting.

Lighting will help zoning: wall or ceiling lamps can be combined with floor floor lamps.

The design of a narrow hallway in the apartment of 2023 in a modern style involves various design options. The main thing is a competent combination of color palette and the correct arrangement of furniture.