Baroque living room 2022 in the apartment: with a fireplace, in bright colors, photos of the best novelties of design

Baroque living room 2022 in the apartment: with a fireplace, in bright colors, photos of the best novelties of design
Living room in the Baroque style 2022 in the apartment

The baroque style is called the Royal for the pretentiousness of the details of the finish, the combination of rich tones, the abundance of expensive decor elements. The style is rooted in Italy VIII in., And now it is used to give the room the elaborate atmosphere showing the taste of the owner. Baroque living room 2022. It is issued as magnificent as possible to create a palace atmosphere.

Features of the Baroque style for decorating the living room interior

To comply with the canons of baroque, the premises must be observed for this style constant features.

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The decoration of the room should resemble the atmosphere of the royal palace.

For this, many gilded elements are used in the situation - in the details of furniture, parts of the scenery, accessories. Gilding is often combined with light tones and stucco buildings.

Stucco molding is the main part of the decor of the walls and ceiling. Vitivat compositions are made of different material. But natural decoration on order looks more natural. She emphasizes the baroque spirit of the interior.

Furniture in the living room of the baroque style looks massive, exquisite. Chairs, tables and decoration have carved parts, smooth bends. The seats are offended by fabrics that simulate expensive canvases - atlas, velvet, etc. D. But the upholstery looks better without imitation.

Jewelry and accessories are an integral part of the premises made in this style. Works of art in gilded massive frames on the walls, fireplaces and large, elaborate candlesticks emphasize the spirit of baroque. Without them, the room will seem unfinished, and the features of the style will not be observed.

Baroque living room with fireplace will be more authentic than without this element. It can be decorative or functional. There is a variant of baroque modern fireplaces with electric backlight that are not knocked out of the general atmosphere.

The entire finish is made of suitable materials. Use marble, valuable tree, perform murals or create a mosaic on the surfaces.

Alternative performance can be based on modern materials imitating expensive decoration. You can combine natural material and its imitation. Choosing a color palette

Baroque living room 2022 in the apartment: with a fireplace, in bright colors, photos of the best novelties of design

Not only forms are inherent in the baroque style. The palette of shades of this design is recognizable and not too wide.

On a note!

Colors emphasize the aristocratic spirit and luxury.

Gamma is chosen on the basis of an affordable area. Dark tones combined with massive elements and elaborate finish will make the room less. Therefore, they are chosen when there are a lot of accessible space.

The main tones of the baroque style are considered: white, beige or ivory; gold or silver; deep blue; burgundy; emerald.

Interiors carry sharp contrasts. The ivory with gilding is combined with upholstery of furniture in dark colors (Bordeaux, emerald). The tint combinations are located in the living room moderately. They only complement the main color. The combination of heat and cold colors is possible against the background of gilded white. Baroque interiors often use one of the dark deep colors (sapphire, burgundy or dark green), which are considered canonical for the style.

On a note!

With a combination of a deep and bright shade in the situation, you should not use different colors - they take only one contrasting shade. But a combination of 2 shades is permissible in some cases, for example, emerald pillows on the burgundy upholstery of the sofa. Baroque living room design in light colors

Baroque living room 2022 in the apartment: with a fireplace, in bright colors, photos of the best novelties of design

White with gold, the composition is traditional for decorating a living room in the Baroque style in light colors. Instead of white, sometimes an ivory is taken or beige. Then the contrast with gold in the design of the decoration will be softer. This is an aristocratic design, which, in addition to receiving rooms, is often used in bedrooms and dining rooms.

Pure white marble in combination with stucco molding, gold elements and contrasting details, upholstery of furniture more strict, solemn. These shades expand the available space.

Light tones in baroque interiors cannot be avoided in any way. But when this color becomes the main, dark details are taken to a minimum. This is a design center on which attention is concentrated. A more common combination with delicate shades of upholstery and countertops is. Dark tones design

Dark shades visually reduce the room, so you can make this color dominant only in a large area.

On a note!

It will not be possible to do without light tones at all - white and gilded details will create the necessary contrast.

Authentic compositions contain sapphire tones, deep emerald for baroque. These are colors for upholstery of upholstered furniture or surfaces (countertops, doors). The combination may contain up to 3 colors. One deep and bright with gold is a harmonious aristocratic solution for the interior living room in the Baroque style.

Often, raspberry color or burgundy appears in baroque receiving rooms. Variations of dark red shades are permissible to close to purple. They apply the same rules as the rest of the dark shades of the interior. They contrast well with light details with gilding. Flooring, walls and ceiling

Baroque living room 2022 in the apartment: with a fireplace, in bright colors, photos of the best novelties of design

The design of surfaces requires a thorough selection of materials, combinations of different types of finishes, which in the finished interior will look one. The combination of different textures is approved. Stone, gypsum or glass elements will be combined with: textiles; wood; leather elements.

On a note!

But applying everything and immediately harmful to baroque - parts of the situation should be in harmony.

The ceiling in living rooms is designed with a mild transition to the walls without designating contrast within the boundaries. The angle between the surfaces is hidden under the gilded stucco molding, forming a smooth bend. The surface of the ceiling is often decorated with frescoes, stucco. Monolithic even ceiling is uncharacteristic for the baroque room. Usually it is made vaulted.

The surface of the floor should not be knocked out of the main direction. For baroque style, ceramic tiles are often laid out on the surface or natural parquet. A tree for the floor of the living room imitates valuable varieties or is such. The shade, as a rule, contrasts with the walls, but it is possible to retreat by 1-2 tones (white walls and floor-colored floor).

The surface can decorate the carpet. It should be small, occupying a smaller part of the room. Vorsic species do not use. The carpet is reminiscent of tapestries, which in baroque living rooms often decorate the walls.

On a note!

The walls are not made smooth - they are decorated with stucco molding, they provide niches for decor.

The surface contains several shades, for example, light and gold. Wall decoration option - decorative wood panels contrasting with the general background. Sometimes use textile wallpaper.

Window and doorways are decorated in general. As a rule, these are wooden carved frames, varnished and inlaid. They resemble picture frames. It is permissible to apply the same type of tree from which the parquet is made - this will make the situation harmonious. Furniture for the living room in the Baroque style

Baroque living room 2022 in the apartment: with a fireplace, in bright colors, photos of the best novelties of design

Furniture items in baroque compositions are the functional part of the situation and accessories at the same time. The attention of visitors is focused on these objects.

Uap furniture is decorated with upholstery from expensive fabrics. Sofas and armchairs are complemented by pillows. Furniture decor can serve as brushes or fringe. Textiles are often covered with a gilded pattern depicting a floral motive. The legs of the furniture are elongated, slightly curved along smooth lines. The backs of upholstered furniture are high. The frame is made of wood - these are natural expensive varieties that are well amenable. The imitation is acceptable, but the chipboard often differs visually. The color of the furniture frame should be in harmony with the main tone of the room - light or dark.

Fireplace and columns (or at least one) support the overall atmosphere of solemnity. The classic baroque situation is not complete without columns decorated with marble or decorative plaster. You can arrange a detail of the situation with a stone or its imitation. But when the size of the room does not allow, imitation of columns is made of stucco.

Tables in the living room have curved carved legs to match the frame of other furniture. But the countertop can be contrasting. Marble surfaces or contrasting combination of different woods are acceptable. Lighting

Usually in the rooms there are one large massive chandelier in the center of the ceiling. This is usually a carved forged product decorated with crystal.

The light should gently dissipate the room. Previously, candles were used in the halls. Their electrical imitations are put in candelabra, let's say an authentic floor lamp.

On a note!

Lighting should not be bright and sharp. Rays should smoothly dissipate the room with warm light. To strengthen light in the rooms, they sometimes put mirrors in massive frames.

Baroque interior for the living room of the road not only in appearance. Thoughtful design, careful selection of materials and construction work (even with the use of imitations) are associated with financial expenses and the investment of time. For inspiration, just look at the photo living room in the Baroque style for the interior in the apartment, and enthusiasm will appear itself. As a result, the owner of the house will receive a living room resembling a royal hall for receptions in the spirit of the VIII century. When the size of the room and resources allow, the baroque in the decoration will become the highlight of the whole house.