Bar counter on the balcony | TOP-10 Best Ideas (+ photo)

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Arrangement of a multifunctional bar on the balcony allows you to transform this area, give it a modern sound and stylish look. When choosing a material, configuration, dimensions, you can show your own creativity, focusing on design ideas that are easy to find on the Internet.


Pros and cons of a balcony with a bar counter

Having made the decision to place the bar counter in the limited space of a balcony or loggia, it is advisable to analyze the positive aspects of such a piece of furniture.


  • takes up a small area;
  • does not require significant financial costs;
  • allows you to equip a comfortable dining area for one or two people;
  • provides a good overview of the surrounding external space;
  • receives a sufficient amount of natural light, which is important for a positive mood;
  • with high-quality sealing of the balcony glazing, the bar surface can be successfully used in the winter season;
  • to enhance the functionality, additional storage places can be equipped below;
  • it is possible to use the wall above the countertop by placing flower pots and open shelves above it.

Possible disadvantages

  • the bar counter on the balcony is not suitable as a dining area for a family with more than three household members;
  • it will be necessary to protect the balcony glazing with curtains or blinds from the sun, especially with a south orientation;
  • due to the need to sit on high stools, the bar counter is inconvenient for young children;
  • utensils stored on open shelves quickly become dirty, becoming covered with dust.


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Options for the location of the bar on the balcony

For organic placement in the balcony space of the bar counter, it is first necessary to evaluate the area of ​​this room, the type of glazing. It is impractical to mount such a piece of furniture on open balconies, since it will not perform basic functions, turning into a shelf.

Location options without demolishing the wall between the balcony and the adjacent room:

  1. At the windowsill . The simplest solution is to expand the window sill from the balcony side. If it is wooden, then you can think of options for attaching a folding bar surface.
  2. At the end . A small countertop is fitted to one of the side walls of the balcony. Two high chairs are installed side by side.
  3. At the outer wall of the balcony . A good solution would be to install a light, open bottom bar counter on the balcony wall below the level of the outer railing. With this arrangement, a full external view opens.


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On a note! The corner bar table top rationally fits into the balcony space. Install it, focusing on the criterion for achieving the greatest comfort.

Countertop material

Taking into account the peculiarities of the external atmosphere, which is objectively developing on the balcony, a durable and stable material is selected for the countertop, which is the most important part of the bar counter. Undoubtedly, such a criterion as the external decor of the product plays a role.


barnaya stojka na balkone 9



barnaya stojka na balkone 10



barnaya stojka na balkone 11



You will need well-tempered thick glass with ends covered with a protective film. This material, due to its transparency, does not clutter up the space. The glass is well washed and cleaned. Stained glass decor looks great.



The most durable is the countertop made of environmentally friendly solid wood. When coated with a multi-layer varnish, the characteristic noble texture becomes more convex, which is combined with any type of finish.


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A rock

Used as a more expensive natural stone. So no less durable and durable artificial analogue. The stone countertop lends a static feel. When it is made of intelligent marble, elegant malachite, noble granite, it is possible to create a certain mood.



Modern acrylic countertops come in a variety of shapes. They are no less durable than stone. Due to the absence of micropores, such a tabletop does not lose its decor over a long operating period.


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Pick up a metal countertop with corrosion and rust protection. Such a product is not damaged under the influence of corrosive liquids, shock loads, which ensures its durability.
Lighting creates a charming atmosphere. More often they use LED strip, which is mounted around the perimeter of the tabletop. If the bar is stained glass, then the lighting is placed from below, creating colorful overflows throughout the balcony space.


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The bar counter placed on the balcony serves as an opportunity for the home craftsman not only to realize his innovative plan, but also to embody creative ideas. With the installation of this piece of furniture, the space is immediately transformed, acquires a modern sound, becomes more comfortable and functional.