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The gray color of the walls is very popular in the development of the design of children's rooms.

The age and hobbies of the child are the main guides in the design of the interior design of his room. Kids grow quickly, changing their needs and interests, which is important to consider when creating an author's project for a nursery.

The design of a room for a girl must meet not only the aesthetic interests of the parents, but also the wishes of the child. Regardless of the chosen interior style, the nursery must certainly be filled with light, warmth and comfort as much as possible.

Development of the design of a children's room for a girl (photo)

The interior decoration of the nursery depends on the square of the room and the age of your daughter. The design should be based on reasonable zoning of the space, which must be created using the right lighting scheme and functional furniture.

Mirrored elements in the room create a magical and mysterious world for the child

The choice of the color scheme and the thematic orientation of the interior can be entrusted to the child, if he shows consistency in such decisions.

  • Finishing materials for renovating a children's room must be environmentally friendly. Give preference to options that need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Duvets, heavy curtains, long pile carpets and an abundance of stuffed animals are best left out of the project as they collect a lot of dust and disturb the indoor climate.
The round knitted rug will provide the ideal level of comfort for the nursery
The children's play area should help develop their creativity in children.
Incredibly beautiful realizations of the interior of a children's bedroom in delicate pink shades

Important! The design of a nursery for a girl should be developed taking into account her hobbies, favorite characters and preferred colors.

Competently combining all this, you can arrange the room for your daughter as comfortably as possible with the help of modern furniture and finishing materials.

Basic rules for interior decoration

  • The interior design of a nursery can be very diverse. The abundance of options depends on the wishes of the child, the area of ​​the available room, as well as the financial capabilities of the parents. Today, the most relevant styles of interior decoration for children: Provence, classic style, hi-tech, minimalism, modern, ethnic .
Perfect cleanliness and order in a child's room is a minimalist nursery
Such lightness and airiness in the room can be obtained thanks to the light colors of textiles.


Many girls want to see their room as the chambers of a little princess. And some children do not get bored with age, their favorite fairy-tale and cartoon characters on the walls.

It is very important that in the nursery there is not only a place to sleep, but also to rest.

Helpful tips and ideas

  1. Divide the space in your room wisely, making room for sleeping, studying, and playing. You can delimit these zones with the help of multi-level lighting, placement of color accents in the design of walls, decorative partitions and screens;
  2. You can diversify the standard set of furniture not only with unusual accessories, but also with a table with a mirror for storing "girly" accessories;
  3. If the area of ​​the room is small, then pay special attention to the furniture - it should not be bulky. This will maximize the free space in the room;
  4. Think in advance about the possibilities of themed decoration of the room on holidays, options for freeing up space for them in the nursery.

Important! When planning the interior decoration of a child's room for a girl, remember that your daughter may ask for a “change of scenery” in her room in 3-5 years. Therefore, if you do not have extra finances and time to do this, deliberately use simple finishing materials and try to create an interior that does not reflect too much the age of your child at the current time.

Miniature pieces of furniture for a girl corresponding to her age
Harmoniously matched colors create the right atmosphere
Children's room in white will always be elegant and beautiful
An interesting idea of ​​a multi-tiered arrangement of sleeping places

Color scheme and finishing

Let your daughter choose the main color for her room. In this case, you will have to choose suitable contrasting shades for placing accents in the setting.


bedroom for girl


Consider the following when creating the interior of a children's room

  1. The wallpaper should be environmentally friendly, your daughter's liking, and easy to clean. Many parents choose non-woven, liquid or photo wallpaper for pasting children.
  2. The easiest way to decorate the ceiling is in light or pastel shades. Stretch structures with multilevel lighting and 3D drawings are popular today.
  3. It is wiser to cover the floor in the nursery with a light laminate or linoleum - they are easy to care for. You can also use natural fiber carpet or cork flooring if you want to create a soft flooring.
You can refresh the interior of the room with the help of bright decorative elements.
Fairy world of wild animals in kid's room
Do not be afraid of dark walls in the nursery, properly selected lighting and decor neutralizes its undesirable consequences
Soft snow-white carpet with a long pile - perfectly in harmony with any interior

Furniture selection

The furnishings of the children's room should be original and comfortable. To do this, you need to purchase stylish, high-quality and multifunctional furniture.

It is possible that the furniture will have to be made to order, because the headsets sold do not always favorably differ in their environmental friendliness, practicality and design.

Every princess should have her own castle
Stylish wrought iron bed with an original canopy in the form of a dome
The multi-colored toy storage cabinet looks spectacular against a white wall

A must-have set of furniture for a children's room:

  • The bed . It is better to choose it together with your daughter, but do not forget to evaluate the quality of the frame and orthopedic mattress. The bed is not purchased for growth - it must correspond to the age of the child.
  • The table . If the girl is already attending school, then purchase a universal table that combines the details of a writing and a computer. The height of the table top should be adjustable.
  • Chair  or  armchair . Choose an ergonomic model that suits your daughter's height - the child's feet should fully reach the floor when sitting. The seat height and back of the chair must be adjustable.
  • Wardrobe  or  chest of drawers . It should be roomy and fit for your daughter's height so that she can comfortably fold her things.
  • Shelves or racks . They will come in handy for organizing a work area, storing office supplies and favorite books.
  • Sofa or poufs for guests. Choose a stylish yet compact model that does not take up much space in the nursery.
Pink bedroom is every girl's dream
The main criteria by which a bed for a nursery is usually chosen is its convenience and structural stability.
Beautiful light interior of a nursery for two sisters

Lighting, accessories and decor

The final decorations of the children's room should be carried out no less responsibly than the repair itself.

Pay attention to purchasing beautiful accessories, mirrors, original furniture and floor toys. Painting on the walls and ceiling will make the design of the room even more interesting and original.

Favorite toys are dutifully waiting for their little mistress
Stylish combination of light and dark colors in the interior
Fascinating interior of a children's room with elements of classic style

Correct lighting arrangement

  1. Choose curtains for the nursery made of natural fabrics. It is not necessary to hang tulle, it is enough to decorate the window with beautiful dense, but easy-care night curtains.
  2. Lighting in a modern nursery must necessarily be multi-level. In the sleeping area, it is necessary to provide subdued light, and bright in the playroom and work area.



How to equip a nursery for girls of different ages

  • For a girl of 2-5 years old , a beautiful and comfortable room is created, in which it is not difficult for a baby to clean up toys herself, climb on a chair or into a crib. It is important to pay attention to the zoning of the space so that the child can distinguish the sleeping place from the play area, learn to put things in order on his own;
Convenience and comfort are the main rule for creating a children's interior
  • For a girl of 6-9 years old, it is fundamentally important to equip a work area in the room with a comfortable desk standing by the window. Set aside a place for her favorite hobbies, be it modeling, painting or music;
A floor lamp in a little girl's room, as the main source of lighting for a desk
The cheerful yellow color will accentuate the natural shades of furniture
  • For a girl of 10-12 years old, it is very important to have a secluded corner in the room where you can keep your diary, keep a box of secrets. At this age, it is advisable to entrust the child with the choice of the color scheme for the design of the nursery;
Lightweight translucent bed curtains help you achieve the privacy you need for your child while making the room elegant and sophisticated.
  • For a teenage girl, the room needs to be decorated in a modern style, for example, minimalism or high-tech. During this period, everything is determined by her hobbies and belonging to a subculture, so the opinion of your child will be decisive.
A teen's room may have completely unpredictable colors, but it looks beautiful.

Children's room for twins - a boy and a girl

The correct organization of the available space will allow you to equip a children's room for a comfortable stay of two children of different sexes.

The most important moment in the design of the interior will be the division of the available space so that each child has the opportunity to dispose of their personal square meters.

Comfortable twin houses with convenient and thoughtful storage space

Important tips for a successful space arrangement

  1. For the nursery, you need to allocate the largest room so that each baby feels comfortable and can go about his business without any damage.
  2. For twin babies, you can create an interior in neutral colors. Older children are free to choose their favorite shades so that parents can find an acceptable combination.
  3. It is possible to delimit the space of a room not only through a color scheme, but also with the help of curtains, shelving, decorative partitions, and furniture.
  4. You can solve the problem of a small room with a bunk bed, tall and narrow furniture, folding tables.
An extraordinary, but quite reasonable idea of ​​an honest separation of a room for two children
Neutral tones create balance in the interior
Small children's room for two children with a minimal set of furniture
Bright room with funny characters on the walls

A more stylish and modern way to save space in the nursery is to create a sleeping tier using a platform on the columns. This frees up a lot of space downstairs for planning an equally comfortable environment for two children.

Features of the design of a children's room for two girls

Creating a harmonious and functional nursery interior for two girls is a fairly simple task if they are about the same age.

Sisters of the same age may well get by with a common play area. The workspace can be equipped with an elongated table or 2 separate ones can be put in parallel. Each of the girls should have their own personal space, some interior items, for example, wall shelves.

Bunk bed - the best option for a small children's room
Beautiful and comfortable bedroom for two babies
The combination of white and pink makes the interior especially light and airy.
Bunk bed with soft headboards

Advice! To save space, it is better to buy one wardrobe, but it is roomy and well-divided inside.

It is much more difficult to create a cozy room for a preschool toddler and her teenage sister, characterized by changeable moods and interests.

  • If the nursery does not differ in a large area, then a bunk bed and transforming furniture will come to the rescue.
  • For children of different age categories, it is important to divide the space so that the games of the younger girl do not interfere with the activities of the older one;
Making a children's space in white will help to visually increase the area
An original design solution for a nursery with comfortable sleeping areas
Soft and comfortable beds in two tiers to sleep on
The stairs to the second tier of the bed should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable
Romantic image of a baby's room in a delicate cream color
  • Parents should understand that the unreasonably equipped space of the nursery will sooner or later have to be corrected. An interior created without the participation of a child will lose its relevance in a maximum of a year. That is why it is very important to immediately listen to your daughter's opinion, even if you do not quite share it.







The child himself can choose the color scheme of his room and push you on interesting ideas, help with the choice of furniture and even choose the wallpaper, of course, if you listen to him carefully and take him with you to the shops.

Advice! Try to create a nursery project together so that the whole family is happy with the final result.