Fireplace in the interior of the room - TOP 20 Fashionable Ideas (+ photo)

A fireplace in the interior is a guarantee of a calm and good atmosphere

A fireplace in the interior is an indescribable feeling of comfort, harmony and tranquility. And it does not matter at all where this beautiful element of decor will be located, it will give a feeling of peace, comfort and well-being to any room.

Your home will acquire an undeniable dignity, turn into a unique and favorite place for family holidays, warm romantic evenings, and friendly meetings.

But it should be noted and the disadvantages of a gas fireplace. First of all, this is what is required to obtain permission to install it. Installation and connection cannot be done by yourself. To do this, you need to call the master of the certified gas service. As a result, all the work performed must be agreed with the inspector of the state fire supervision.

Important! This procedure does not have to go through only if your fireplace will work on a gas cylinder. But, in this case, you will have to install a chimney in order to ensure good ventilation and get rid of combustion products.



Biofireplace - is a design with a special fuel block, consisting of a burner made of artificial stone or metal. Fuel (bioethanol), specially sold for these types of fireplaces, is poured into the burner and ignited.

Bioethanol does not smoke, does not smoke, does not leave burning, is suitable for use in city apartments. Virtually no heat transfer. On a hot summer night, it will be a wonderful romantic element, but if it gets cold in the apartment, then such a fireplace is not able to bring warmth into the house.

Biofireplace is a very beautiful decorative element, it is characterized by functionality, simplicity and maximum convenience

Biofireplace in the interior - expert advice

In order for the biofireplace to aesthetically fit into the interior, you need to purchase decorative accessories for it. For example, imitation of wood, coal, artificial stones or sand. Elements that are not subject to combustion are usually used. The fireplace itself is also decorated with material that will not burn. There are many options for bio fireplaces. The most favorite for owners of small apartments is a suspended one. The biofireplace can look great if it is installed on the kitchen table.

A good option for the interior would be a small biofireplace installed on a coffee table. Do not forget that there is nothing flammable nearby. And the room where the fireplace will be located should be well ventilated. Because no matter how good it is, combustion products such as carbon dioxide will be emitted, despite even good ventilation of the room.

Cozy place for a quiet and relaxing holiday

If the room where the fireplace will be installed has a sufficiently large area, then you can install large bio fireplaces, for example, on the floor. There are design options that are attached to the ceiling. Compact wall-mounted options are also available.

High-tech interior design with a graceful fireplace in the spotlight
The bio fireplace is suitable not only for large, but also for small rooms

Biofireplace is a very interesting interior solution! It doesn’t require additional communications, it doesn’t need sockets, you don’t have to hide cables or pipes. It only needs to be periodically cleaned from dust and filled with fuel.

One of the main disadvantages of a biofireplace is its high cost. Although its brothers: wood, electric and gas fireplaces will also not differ in low cost.

Art Deco bedroom with luxuriously gilded fireplace
The fireplace helps to complete the interior of this room.
Eco design can be easily combined with any kind of fireplace

Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that you must always follow the safety rules when using the bio fireplace. It is a small and controlled fire, but still a fire. And this means that there are certain requirements for the room and for the place where the hearth will stand and the rules for using the fireplace.

False fireplace

A decorative fireplace is the most affordable fireplace option. You can even do it yourself. The portal does not need a chimney and can be used as a rack or small cabinet. The fireplace in the interior does not require much space, it can be of any shape and size, it can be installed in any part of the room.

The basic rule for arranging a false fireplace in the house is that it should not differ from a real fireplace

How can you decorate a fireplace

For decorating a fireplace with your own hands, anything that will create coziness and a warm atmosphere in the house is suitable: twigs, cones, indoor plants, lanterns and garlands, candles and carved gratings, colored stones and mirrors, figurines or just drawings. The interior in this case depends on your taste and imagination.

False fireplaces are made from a variety of materials. For example, it can be: old furniture, polyurethane, plywood, drywall, cardboard boxes, foam, brick and other materials.

  • Portal decoration also depends on your imagination . Of course, the fastest and easiest way is painting. But the most realistic way of finishing is decorative stone or drywall stone. You can decorate the portal with wooden panels or decorative elements made of polyurethane stucco. Nothing prevents you from using tiles , MDF panels , or even!
Wallpaper and fire are not compatible things, but this rule does not apply to decorative fireplaces.
There are special requirements for false fireplaces, the color accent and stylistic design must be strictly observed
An imitation of a fireplace can look so realistic that you can only distinguish it from a real one at close range.

So, if you are seduced by the idea of ​​a warm and glowing hearth in your home, then you need to understand well for yourself what kind of fireplace you are ready to place in your fashionable interior , how it will look, how functional it will be. And most importantly, imagine how much it will cost you and what finances you are willing to invest in it. May coziness and comfort be in your home!