Room design in light colors - top best interiors [+47 photos]

Unlimited white perfection in any style

The apartment, decorated in light colors, looks elegant and fresh, moreover, this design is perfectly combined with any color scheme. Shades of white, beige, light gray, not only look good in the interior, they are easily combined with furniture of various styles, bright textiles, all kinds of decor.

Snow-white bedroom interior with an original fireplace in the form of an ancient tower of a medieval castle

The advantages of interior decoration in light colors (photo)

Small apartments and small houses are considered practical today, so you should turn your eyes to light colors so that the space visually appears wider. However, large houses and apartments in white monochrome will look no less gorgeous.

  • If the dull walls of the opposite house flaunt in front of the windows of your rooms, an interior in light colors is simply a must. Well, if you pick up furniture with glossy surfaces, then on cloudy and gloomy winter and autumn days it will not be dark in your apartment.

A well-chosen cheerful one will also help dilute the monotony of white walls.

Adding bright elements divide the room into the necessary zones
The interior of such a living room simply breathes clean air and is filled with the sun through the panoramic windows.
Decent combination of glossy panels of different textures in a single color
The space of a small living room can be increased by light textiles and a soft carpet.
  • Light walls, ceiling and floor are a great opportunity to bring original ideas to life, periodically radically change your home. For example, if the contrast is fed up, red pillows and curtains can always be replaced with green or brown textiles.

Elegant interior in white

  1. Shades of white and beige go well with natural furniture and natural materials, which is indispensable in a rural style, including Provence;
  2. White color visually increases the size of the room, makes it lighter, this is important in a city apartment.
  3. All light colors have a positive effect on the central nervous system, creating an atmosphere of light pacification.
Bright decor is suitable for decorating a white room
The painting on the wall combines all the colors of the room.
An example of using different natural materials in one color palette

A varied assortment of light shades is neutral, therefore it does not bother. Such a color scheme is able to advantageously highlight other, brighter interior details.

The interior of apartments in light colors has become a clear leader in recent years, although turquoise or luscious red walls are recognized as stylish, the choice is still for practical elegance.

A gold floor lamp will become a bright, but unobtrusive decor item
A pastel-colored room creates an incredible atmosphere of tranquility and harmony

Why white is fashionable

Shades of white are the basis of everything, this is a classic that never goes out of fashion, but today it is especially relevant, because white has a rich spectrum of shades.

  • If the apartment is facing south, it is better to prefer a cold shade of white;
  • The northern side dictates to make a choice in favor of milk, cream or ivory shades.

In recent years, options for apartments in the Scandinavian style have been fashionable. In such dwellings there is always a place for cozy tenderness and homely simplicity inherent in northern peoples.


White color also helps to fit works of art into a modern interior; such an apartment can be solved not only in minimalism or in a Scandinavian style, but also in classics.

You need to focus only on the main and basic
White perfection in every inch of the room
Beautiful design of the attic living room in which the light color of the finish is mainly used

Beige and other light shades

The shades of beige are a great base for the intimate atmosphere of the room. They are also neutral, so they can be combined with any bright colors. It is quite logical that they can most often be found in classical or English style, as well as in rural and ethical interiors.

It is fashionable to combine beige with a milky shade of white, with a pink color, a small amount of brown or terracotta.

For modern bedrooms today, pink is considered to be a very light shade. It can be lilac, cream, or slightly smoky.

Soft powdery or pink color in the interior gives a sense of calm and tranquility
A room on the north side, decorated in beige tones, will seem very warm and comfortable.
Accessories of your favorite colors will help to emphasize the versatility of gray in the interior.

In the office, light gray is appropriate, and in the children's room - slightly greenish or blue. Furniture and decor elements can be dark, but there should not be too many of them.

Advice! When creating a practical one, it is worth using light shades of silver tones; glossy furniture panels will also perfectly fit here. They will soften the cool gray color, giving the room a sense of solemnity.

Sometimes, the cold in the interior contributes to fruitful work and charges with fresh ideas
Clear lines and regular shapes add the necessary rigor to the cabinet
Home office design in light colors

Interior design expert advice

  1. Light shades of cocoa, caramel tones will look good in the living room. They are unobtrusive, but they look original.
  2. If you have chosen light caramel shades, then you can decorate this room with soft textiles or coffee-colored decor.
  3. Romantic interiors can be done in “crème brulee” color. It pairs well with bright and other neutral tones, as well as chocolate and brown.

Looks beautiful, decided in shades of beige, with the addition of a slightly golden color. Chocolate colors give the room a special tenderness and elegance of a unique style.

Warm beige color eliminates aggression and relaxes after hard days
Modern bedroom in light shades
Luxurious spaces of a bright living room

The interior of the room in pearlescent shades always looks noble, it adds freshness to the room due to its elegant coldness. With this color, a light aquamarine tone or a mint color is perfectly combined.

Most often, in interior decoration, decor is a bright spot, but sometimes full-fledged items
The modern rhythm of life dictates its conditions in everything - in color, style, design

A bright room with large windows looks great. This solution adds a source of additional light to the room, making the entire interior visually taller and wider. In this case, a crystal chandelier on the ceiling and a small amount of dark or bright decor will be good.

The freshness of mint and a riot of bright colors in one interior find the necessary balance and create a perfect uniqueness and originality

Lighting and accessories

If clearly cold tones prevail in a light interior, then visually it will seem not only restrained, but also detached. It is difficult to relax in such a room, it is more suitable for work, and not for relaxation.

It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to bring "warm" elements into such a room. These can be carpets and woven rugs, napkins and runners, pillows, large blankets or furniture covers.

White does not tolerate carelessness and randomness, therefore, when developing a design in light colors, it is important to take into account every little thing
Spacious white kitchen with high ceilings filled with freshness and cleanliness
Dark windows and doors in a light interior are a win-win game in contrast
  • On a very light rug (upholstery, pillows or bedspread), the finest ornament of a darker shade should be guessed: on ivory - gray or cinnamon.
  • The walls can be painted in the color of butter cream, making niches in it in the shade of coffee with milk.
  • Camel shade valances on a light gray bedspread.
  • Lighting in light interiors can, in principle, be different, since they bring a large amount of light into the space.

Advice! In a light classical or neoclassical style, crystal chandeliers, modern high-tech or minimalist lamps, original rustic shades wicker from straw are welcome.

Wicker chandeliers in the interior play a key role in its decoration
The best solution for high ceilings in the living room will be original pendant lamps.
Light interior is always beautiful and cozy
The main feature of the room will be added by a rocking chair to match the walls.

In white interiors, furniture of unobtrusive cold tones looks great, for example, mint, heavenly, pale cornflower blue. This gives the whole room a fresher and more vibrant look.

Always a bright mood and a charge of vivacity with the help of aqua furniture

Fashionable styles in light interiors (photo)

Fusion style is very fashionable today . Cheerful and optimistic colors are welcomed in it, for example, yellow or even orange furniture, red textiles or contrasting wall decor. Bright accessories are also appropriate here.

When developing a light fusion design, do not skimp on a bright color palette. Let the leading color be white, light gray or beige, and the accent - bright furniture or decor items.

An interesting idea of ​​combining colors
Light interior design in fusion style will emphasize the individuality of the owner
Only the most daring design solutions can combine what at first glance may seem incongruous

If the apartment is designed in a rich art deco style , then you should definitely pay attention to pearlescent shades, the presence of which will make the interior of your house play with new colors.



  • In the art deco style, the color "ivory" looks very beautiful. This natural color scheme goes well with metal, marble and glass.
  • White is often the main color in this style. He creates in the room the "very" creative aura that was present in the rich villas of the Fitzgerald times.
  • Black will help to complete the image of the art deco style in light colors, but in very small quantities. This can be a tiny coffee table, a thin lint-free carpet, a small wall poster, or a decorative figurine brought from a trip.
Discreet beauty and elegant interior design
A soft pouf will help create a bit of luxury and a soothing atmosphere.
Beautiful modern living room design in light colors
Vintage armchair with mother-of-pearl upholstery as an indispensable accessory for an art deco living room

Light and stylish minimalism in the interiors of apartments and city houses has been fashionable for more than one decade. He clearly leads between fashion trends such as neoclassicism, loft and eco-style.

The symbiosis of loft, classicism and eco style is a great option for arranging a modern home. Monochrome marble tile flooring, suitable furniture and correct zoning will make the rooms bright, noble and cozy.

Children's room with original handmade furniture
A glass door, similar to a French window, will fill the room with streams of sunlight, making the room even more spacious.

An example of a modern eco-style , in which the main color is beige, and the decor is made in green and black tones, it looks very modern.

The eco style with the main milky white background also looks very impressive. In such a room, there must certainly be a wide variety of plants and a large carpet. Paintings in monochrome colors are good on the walls.

Irreplaceable freshness and vitality will be breathed into the interior with green shades and live plants
The main features of eco-style are natural natural colors and natural accents, where harmony and perfect balance reign.
Eco style in a light design is the place where fashion trends are very closely intertwined with tenderness, beauty and elegance.

Elegant luxury in a bright interior

In almost any style and direction of modern design, when decorating a room, you can take a light color as a basis, it will not look flashy, but at the same time stylish. Such an interior in an urban environment gives a feeling of freedom, makes the room brighter, and in a country house it wins next to green spaces.


A wide variety of fashionable interior design options related to the design of apartments in light colors suggests that such dwellings will be in trend in the coming years. Light rooms look elegant and very stylish, setting the owners up for positive emotions and good mood.