The difference between working workwear

The difference between working workwear

In the modern world of technology and new developments, buy overalls quickly and simply. It is always in stock for firefighters, doctors and medical staff, cooks, plumbers, builders, security guards, police officers, traffic police workers, as well as a large selection of camouflage workwear .

Many models are indispensable for people who value special comfort and increased protection of workwear. These are hunters, fishermen and residents of the private sector. Overalls belongs to personal protective equipment. It is designed to protect against harmful physical and mechanical factors of the external environment. In addition to working clothing, additional elements of a protective wardrobe are presented. For example: hats, Aprons, shoe covers, gloves or overslete. Such elements can be easily replaced with wear, preserving the completeness of the main costume.

Heat -resistant, refractory clothing clothing -resistant clothing clothing overalls

Heat -resistant, refractory clothing

The welder costume complies with fire safety standards and standards existing in our country. Heat -resistant clothing is offered in a wide variety of views, models and an extensive size row. Such overalls have everything necessary to ensure protection of a person during work, and a large number of pockets make the work of a specialist convenient.

Refractory clothing can only be made of special high -quality material, while the style of the product makes the work of a specialist free, which is convenient when carrying out professional activities.

The difference between working workwear

Signal clothing

Road workers, builders, watchmen, patrolmen, crackers need work clothing, which allows, in conditions of limited visibility, it is easy to determine their dimensions and location. Such a signaling clothing should not just be functional and comfortable. It is sewn from bright fabrics with retroreflective elements so that a person can be considered at dusk, darkness, during precipitation.

Any model, whether it is a signal raincoat, a summer vest, a moisture -proof suit for a road worker, is made taking into account the specifics of the profession, the safety and comfort requirements of your employees.

Moisture -resistant clothing

Set of working clothing of some specialties include moisture -resistant clothing. It is used to carry out work in areas where high humidity is dangerous for health. Moisture -resistant overalls are made from appropriate materials: nylon, oilcloths, PVC.

The difference between working workwear

For example, a moisture -proof costume is sewn from a raincoat imposed PVC, presented in several colors. Pants, a moisture -proof jacket can be trimmed with a signaling tape of a SOP, providing the visibility of an object in the evening. The moisture -proof raincoat is sewn from rubberized material, protects against radiological, chemical pollution.

Summer workwear

Summer working workwear is the most important detail for comfortable work. Overalls should be, practical, wear -resistant and easy, especially if it concerns mobile work. As a rule, home clothing wears out very quickly, since it is not intended for enhanced work on the street, in the basement, at a construction site. Summer working workwear is ideal for any construction, repair and service work. The overalls are well erased, worn and sewn taking into account the specifics of the work performed. Summer workwear has a large number of pockets, additional valves and suspenders, which allows you to work comfortably all day in any conditions.