The use of fasteners in different industries

The use of fasteners in different industries

In mechanical engineering, and in many other industries, various fasteners are used. Bolt is one of the classic fasteners that are used in threaded detachable compounds. According to state standards, the bolts belong to the class G31 G3 (the so -called products of common mushroom -building use). Simplified, the bolt is a detail that has a thread at one end, and on the other a hexagonal head. It is extremely widely used when working with metal sheets, as well as other parts and industrial units. Domestic manufacturers offer bolts of various characteristics.

The screw is a very common fastener. Serves to connect and fix. Stainless screws are usually produced in the form of a rod (on one side an external thread, and on the other a structural element that performs the transmission of torque).

This very constructive element can be implemented by different options. It provides the simplicity of installation and dismantling of threaded joints. Thanks to such a manufacturing material as high-strength stainless steel, a screw can withstand many looping-evasion cycles.

For example, he can be a head with a spitz or a head with a roller. There are also screws without the head of the spitz are located in the end of the rod. More exotic models have a specific purpose and are rare quite rarely.

Fasteners for professionals

Perforated fasteners are used in construction for durable fastening and strengthening of wooden structures. Made of high -quality galvanized metal, this allows you to use it not only for internal finishes.
The adjusting anchor is used to adjust structures when shrinking the house.

The perforated tape is used to connect the elements to prevent their displacement relative to each other.

This fastener is used to attach the beam to the surface, as well as to strengthen the supporting structure. Allows you to fix the beam support without wood seizure.

The use of fasteners in different industries

The clogging support is designed to attach wooden and other structures to the ground, allows you to securely fix the porch rack for example. Together with it, adjustable support can be used.

All fasteners allow not only to strengthen the constructed design, but also to reduce the time and complexity of assembly of this design.

Metric fasteners with high strength characteristics are used in especially crucial designs, such as strengthening the design of houses, fixing large and small products.

Self -cut through a very popular detail during construction work. Self -tapping screws are made of various characteristics, and sometimes it is very difficult to decide on the right choice. A good quality self -tapping screw should have a rubber washer. If there is a puck, but is easily separated from the rubber gasket, then this is still a poor-quality self-tapping screw. It is also worth paying attention to whether the part is marked (to some extent, quality guarantee).

The highest quality screws are made of carbon steel (with anti -corrosion coating).

Professionals know the way to distinguish a good self -tapping screw from unsuitable, you need to squeeze the puck with pliers, and if the painted surface remains in the same form, it is obvious that this is a high -quality detail.