Table LED lamps

Table LED lamps

Today to buy a table lamp Italy is not a problem. The LED is a well -known device that is used to indicate electrical mechanisms. Today, LED lamps are not so rare, especially for residential premises. How to determine the technical characteristics of such a lamp? The main information can be found on the lamp itself or on the manufacturer's website. When buying, you should pay attention not only to official data, but also to user reviews.

The brightness of the glow of the LED lamp

The first point that puzzles is the brightness of the glow of such a device. For example, in an incandescent lamp, about 70% of the energy consumed is transformed into heat, while the efficiency of the LED often approaches 100%. But it must be remembered that power and glow are two different concepts. The brightness of the LED lamp is measured in lumens. So, there are about 100 lm glow at 1 W power.

Remember that any LED technique is best used for point lighting. Thus, you can illuminate the working area of ​​the table or divide the room into several zones.


The LED itself consists of small crystals (semiconductors) on a metal basis. The size of the product does not depend on the amount of radiated (dispersed) energy. To cool such a design, ordinary aluminum plates (radiators) are used. In some models, such protection is considered the weakest place. Too small radiator does not solve the problem of overheating, but too much significantly increases the size of the entire structure.