Foamed polyethylene

Foamed polyethylene

Foamed polyethylene is a modern building material that perfectly retains heat by 70 %, isolates from noise and moisture tolerates vibrations and mechanical blows well. The minimum service life and wear resistance from 50 to 80 years, due to its durability and composition, is not subject to decay. It is used in many areas of construction and repair.

This unique material has good cost and excellent qualities, safe for human health and life. Foamed polyethyne is successfully used in construction, medicine, mechanical engineering, in the manufacture of a leather galangter and shoes.

Where to purchase foamed polyethylene? There is one recommendation here - we recommend buying foamed polyethylene from manufacturers or trusted sellers. For example, foamed polyethylene from

Technical characteristics of a foamed PE:

Foamed polyethylene has properties ignites and melts at a temperature that exceeds + 102 0 s.
With a decrease in air temperature to - 60 0 C, a foamed PE will retain its strength and elasticity.
The material has low thermal conductivity, which enhances thermal insulation many times.
Even during combustion, the product is not toxic.
Not much effort in transportation and installation, has light weight.
The material is good resistance to loads.
The minimum amount of waste during production.
Environmentally friendly material, without a specific smell.
Technologies for the production of polyethylene foam at different enterprises are not much different and have similar operating characteristics.

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