Beige color in the interior | TOP-5 Fashion Trends (+45 photos)

Beautiful interior decoration in beige shades

The color beige is so versatile that it is perfect for decorating any room in the house. To create a beautiful apartment design, the combination of shades must be harmonious. Usually beige is chosen as the base, and another color complements it.

Room design in light colors - top best interiors [+47 photos]

Unlimited white perfection in any style

The apartment, decorated in light colors, looks elegant and fresh, moreover, this design is perfectly combined with any color scheme. Shades of white, beige, light gray, not only look good in the interior, they are easily combined with furniture of various styles, bright textiles, all kinds of decor.

Fireplace in the interior of the room - TOP 20 Fashionable Ideas (+ photo)

A fireplace in the interior is a guarantee of a calm and good atmosphere

A fireplace in the interior is an indescribable feeling of comfort, harmony and tranquility. And it does not matter at all where this beautiful element of decor will be located, it will give a feeling of peace, comfort and well-being to any room.

Children's room 2021: TOP-10 Solutions in Design (+60 photos)

children's room photo 1

2021 Kids Room Ideas should be based on creating a space that encourages curiosity and creativity while challenging the growing mind of a child. Children's room 2021 (photos are present in the article) has absorbed everything that you have been looking for for so long and what your child lacked so much.

Children's room design for a girl | +50 photo

The gray color of the walls is very popular in the development of the design of children's rooms.

The age and hobbies of the child are the main guides in the design of the interior design of his room. Kids grow quickly, changing their needs and interests, which is important to consider when creating an author's project for a nursery.

Bar counter on the balcony | TOP-10 Best Ideas (+ photo)

Bar counter on the balcony photo 1

Arrangement of a multifunctional bar on the balcony allows you to transform this area, give it a modern sound and stylish look. When choosing a material, configuration, dimensions, you can show your own creativity, focusing on design ideas that are easy to find on the Internet.

Interior in gray colors - fashion trends, ideas (+45 photos)

gray color in the interior photo 1

Today, an interior dominated by shades of gray is not only fashionable, but also a very practical solution. Gray color can be different, depending on the situation, it is made a neutral background or a bright accent.

Interior Design 2021 | Best projects (+65 photos)

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The processes of globalization, climate change, concern for the environment, an active dynamic life in society have a huge impact on interior design. All fashion trends in this area in 2021 are associated with the search for the perfect solution to create a harmonious comfortable space, in accordance with the realities of our day.

Bedroom design 2021 | TOP-10 Fashion trends (+100 photos)

bedroom interior design photo 6

All elements are important in a modern bedroom, as they are always interconnected. Fashion for interior design is changing, but its main tendencies are applied in the "kingdom of rest and peace" so that a person can forget about everyday worries in his room.

Studio apartment design (53 photos) | Better ideas.

Even in a small area, you can place everything you need

To create a sophisticated and beautiful design of a studio apartment with the necessary functionality and maximum comfort is a couple, not an easy task even for experienced professionals. In order to competently organize a small space, you should take into account the basic principles and rules of ergonomics, as well as observe the correct balance of color and proportions of the room.