Studio apartment design (53 photos) | Better ideas.

Even in a small area, you can place everything you need

To create a sophisticated and beautiful design of a studio apartment with the necessary functionality and maximum comfort is a couple, not an easy task even for experienced professionals. In order to competently organize a small space, you should take into account the basic principles and rules of ergonomics, as well as observe the correct balance of color and proportions of the room.

Interior of a modern living room | TOP-10 Fashion Trends (37 photos)

modern living room interior 1

The interior design of a modern living room - each of us sees it in his own way, someone clearly and clearly, someone on the contrary - very vaguely. In any case, it is much easier to competently equip a living room if you know how to systematically solve this problem.

Design a child's room for a boy | Ideas (+25 photos)

Space-style nursery interior

A children's room for a boy is simply obliged to obey modern design ideas and be as comfortable as possible. Boys will be pleased to be in a room where there are non-standard shapes and high technologies.

White kitchen in the interior: stylish, fashionable, graceful (photo)

kitchen design in white

When it comes to creating a harmonious kitchen space, white is the perfect solution. Snow-white cabinets, light walls that will reflect natural light in your kitchen will make it not only more spacious, but also more comfortable.

Ceiling design: New, Fashion Trends (+60 photos)

Beautiful high arch-shaped ceiling with an interesting design

A well-designed ceiling creates a sense of the wholeness of the interior, gives it a special originality and a finished look. Modern materials and designs make it possible to level the surfaces as much as possible, hide defects, communications, and rationally equip lamps.

Living room design 2023 | Interior Fashion Trends

Beautiful and neat living room interior with elegant shades

It is generally accepted that the kitchen is the heart of the apartment, and the living room is its soul. So what should this soul be? First of all, it is a combination of two important functions: a cozy evening rest with your family in front of a fireplace or TV and a comfortable reception of friends.

Small kitchen design 2023 | TOP-10 Fashion Trends

The phased layout of a small kitchen is the most important stage of a design project

The miniature dimensions of the kitchen space with a well-chosen design, layout, furniture, lighting will not interfere with the harmonious and stylish arrangement of the space.

Small kitchen 2023 - photos, perfect design ideas

Creating a complete stylish design for a small kitchen 2023 requires a comprehensive, thoughtful approach.

Brick in the interior of the room: beautiful and fashionable ideas [+ 45 photos]

The colorful interior of the living room merges with the landscape outside the window

Brick is used everywhere today, and not only in construction, as it was before, but also in interior design. Today, designers have mastered this magnificent material in a new way and decorate interiors with it, using both natural brick and decorative, artificially created stone.