DIY crafts for the garden (35 photos) | Best Ideas.

You can highlight the beauty of the garden with hanging garlands of glowing balls and lanterns

Beautiful and original handicrafts for the garden, made with their own hands and installed in the local area, decorate its landscape, make it special and unique. Therefore, if you want your summer cottage to look stylish and fashionable, you should pay special attention to this type of activity.

However, despite the variety of creative ideas for decorating the garden, you should not overload its space with a large variety of crafts. It is advisable to preliminarily think over the image of future products, and then draw a detailed plan of the site, noting their locations on it. This will help you achieve the perfect balance.


Interesting ideas for flower beds (photo)

Old furniture can make wonderful flowerpots. It will emphasize the natural charm of the suburban area, give it a sense of style and a noble look.

If you open the dresser drawers and put pots of your favorite plants inside, you can get economical vertical landscaping next to your house or gazebo.

A wooden pallet, a dilapidated bed or an unnecessary cart will also serve as an original stand for the flower garden, the main thing is that all these items harmoniously fit into the overall landscape.

Original use of an old chest of drawers
A little imagination and an unnecessary curbstone is again useful in everyday life
Interesting and unusual uses of the old chair
Beautiful miniature flower bed organized in an old wheelbarrow
You can make a do-it-yourself flower bed in the country from a decorative cart
A person's fantasy knows no boundaries, this photo is a confirmation of this

Interesting! They create flower arrangements using as pots: watering cans, teapots, pots, bowls that have served their time. For decoration, their outer planes are painted, painted, pasted over with stones or shells.


flowers in a bucket
watering can vase
hanging planter from the portfolio
flower bed from bag
vertical garden of flowers


Garden decor from improvised means (photo)

  • A compact vertical garden can be easily built with plastic pipes or gutters. To do this, it is enough to hang them on a vertical plane so that they are located one above the other, thereby creating a natural living wall of flowers and plants.

A composition of vertically placed wooden pallets and pots of flowers fixed on them will look no less beautiful. As a result, you get a stylish green trellis that will look spectacular in your garden.

Vertical flower bed from the gutter
Suspended flower bed made of plastic gutters
Vertical flower bed from a wooden pallet
An original composition from a wooden pallet, which became an excellent shelter for blooming petunias
  • Very often, a fun hanging garden of flowers is made from unnecessary buckets . To do this, each bucket is painted in bright colors and is hung along the fence using plastic or metal hooks.

Wooden boxes in the form of shelves nailed to the walls, on which flower arrangements are installed, will help to give the old gazebo a new image.

Colorful buckets with flowers add bright colors to your garden
A fence decorated with flowers will not look as boring as before

A large one will look quite unusual, the perimeter of which is decorated with decorative flower pots, which will serve not only as a fence, but also as a kind of creative border if low-growing flowering plants are sown in them.

They are made from wood cuts, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, the rest of the boards and other improvised material. If you show imagination, you can even weave a birdhouse from branches.

  1. By attaching the glass to a wooden board with a slight backward tilt, we get a simple and practical bird feeder.
  2. It remains only to hang the finished product on a tree and fill it with food (seeds, crushed nuts, bread crumbs.

Important! In order not to arrange competition among the birds, you can make several such wonderful feeders in the garden.

As you can see, an old porcelain mug and saucer can still be useful.
Stylish feeder from the Lego constructor
Sometimes, for birds, close proximity to a cat can be absolutely safe.
Original bird feeder in the shape of a kind gnome
An arch of birdhouses is a rather unusual and creative solution

If you do not have the opportunity to pour food on a daily basis, then the feeder is best made from a plastic bottle, using a little ingenuity.

  1. For this, a plastic container is filled with cereals to the very top.
  2. Then they are fastened with the neck down above the horizontal shelf, leaving a small gap.

In this design, the grains will spill out as they decrease, and when the food runs out, you just need to fill it up.

Beautiful birdhouses in the form of small houses, made from second-rate lumber, will be a great home for feathered friends


Garden decor from scrap material

Hand-made crafts for the garden with your own hands will not only bring pleasure from the process of their creation, but will delight you for a long time creating an aesthetic addition to the garden, and will certainly become the subject of your pride.

Anything can be useful to create a garden decor, the main thing here is to give free rein to your imagination and tune in to the creative process.

Tin cans, for example, make attractive flower pots when painted in vibrant colors and hung from a string. Such a floral arrangement will undoubtedly decorate your soda area, as well as add bright and rich colors where they are lacking.

Decor with the addition of live plants

Children get a special pleasure from participating in the independent production of something new; they are the ones who are able to inspire them to create amazing things from scrap materials.

Funny iron man with a big heart
With the help of scrap materials, you can decorate a pond at a summer cottage
An unusable watering can on the farm will serve as a pendant lamp for a flower bed

The final detail of any design is the decor. Simple, but at the same time incredibly beautiful crafts made of river or sea stones will decorate any garden and focus on themselves.
There is nothing difficult in creating such a decor, everyone can cope with coloring the stones, besides there is an excellent opportunity to attract the whole family to an exciting activity that will simply become a fascinating pastime, and bold ideas will inspire new crafts.

An excellent option for transforming the territory of the summer cottage will be crafts from stones
Creative ideas won't go unnoticed

Do not get upset and give up your idea of ​​creating a decor if something did not work out the first time. A little effort and time spent will help to achieve the desired result, and hand-made crafts for the garden will bring incredible pleasure to you and surprise your loved ones with their unique design.