Private house courtyard design | Beautiful ideas (+ 60 photos)

Beautiful and well-kept backyard of a private house

The creation of a harmonious image of a courtyard located around a private house belongs to the varieties of landscape design. And if a decision is made to independently translate this creative activity into reality, you should analyze some of its aspects and principles, as well as get acquainted with the useful recommendations of specialists who will tell you how to design the courtyard of a private house so that it not only satisfies your taste, but also reflects the general the style of the site.


A beautiful yard is a fashion trend or a necessity

The external surroundings of the courtyard play a significant role, since it is it that is seen by households and guests entering the house. Therefore, it is important that the atmosphere in this space is conducive to pleasant pastime and relaxation.

You should carefully consider the location of flower beds and flower beds, green groups, various buildings, decorative elements decorating the garden. The design of the courtyard of a private house should be pleasing, attractive and harmonious at any time of the year.

By attaching a small outdoor terrace to the house, you can create a cozy corner for relaxation.
Small cozy Scandinavian style backyard
A dry pebble stream with an impromptu bridge will be a wonderful decoration for your yard
Comfortable, multifunctional recreation area for complete relaxation

Basic principles of design and planning

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to order a landscape design project for a courtyard area from professionals, since the pleasure is not cheap.

However, if you turn on your creative imagination and devote enough time and effort to transforming the courtyard, everyone can create a beautiful courtyard design with their own hands.

Gathering in the courtyard by the fire in the circle of relatives and friends and watching the dancing tongues of flame is one of the favorite activities of households in the country.
Relaxing in the fresh air, in the shade of a large tree is not only pleasant, but also useful
The original version of the dacha yard in the form of a chessboard

The key point is to define the house as the central dominant point of the entire surrounding landscape. It is he who will determine the style of the rest of the buildings, and in this direction it is important to achieve harmony of the future image of the courtyard with the design of the building.


When starting the design of the local area, they carefully study the entire site, since it is important to take into account its features. This will allow you to decide which design elements will be used, for example, with elevation differences.

  • In such situations, free-standing arbors either look spectacular.
  • A picturesque rock garden is no less organic in the design of the courtyard of a private house .
  • Elements of vertical gardening, flowers in hanging pots will be appropriate.
  • A smooth surface implies a clear planning of the placement of paths , flower beds , decorative ponds , plantings .
Hanging bulbs will gracefully decorate the modern courtyard of a private house
Comfortable sun loungers will help you maximize your relaxation and enjoyment in the garden
You can organize a resting place anywhere, including under the canopy of an open terrace
Good lighting will allow you to spend time outdoors until late at night

Before proceeding with the design of the courtyard, you need to decide on the need to erect utility rooms with the selection of a place for their location and the definition of design elements that will hide their possible not very spectacular external surfaces.

Depending on the area of ​​the plot, the number of priority zones is calculated, among which there may be play and sports grounds, recreation areas, kitchen corners, etc.

To create a cozy corner for relaxation on your site, it is not at all necessary to allocate a lot of space for it.
Having a separate barbecue area in the courtyard of a private house is the dream of any summer resident
If desired, on the site, you can install a stationary jacuzzi pool in which the whole family will have fun

Private courtyard areas

When determining the necessary zones, the area of ​​the site must be taken into account. If there is not too much space, it will be possible to solve the problem by combining several functional elements. For example, you can successfully combine a terrace with a gazebo, a recreation area with a barbecue and a summer kitchen, a gazebo and a bathhouse.

Thinking over the possibility of receiving guests, they allocate a site where you can quickly and mobilely install a brazier or a barbecue stove, arrange folding garden furniture, fix small hanging umbrellas that save you from the direct sun.

Evening lighting will create a very special, romantic atmosphere in the garden
Garden furniture in the yard, to fulfill not only a practical but also an aesthetic function

Having decided on all the key elements, they build an accurate scale diagram. The diagram determines the direction of the tracks connecting the functional areas.

  1. A well-viewed area is allocated for children's corners.
  2. Parking for cars can be placed on the territory in front of the house.
  3. The recreation area will comfortably be located on the side of the house among a group of trees.
  4. A well-lit place is allocated for the beds, one of the side sides of the site is perfect for this.
  5. If there is enough space in the back of the house, then the greenhouse and vegetable garden are conveniently located there.

The previously drawn up plan should be carefully analyzed, the necessary adjustments should be made, and only after that you can proceed to the detailed planning directly on the site.

Hanging swing - an essential attribute of a modern garden
Additional lighting will help make the atmosphere in the yard more relaxed.
Small seating area with comfortable sun loungers

How to delimit zones in the garden

To delimit the courtyard of a private house into different zones, you can use a variety of landscape elements, the main thing is that each of them is harmoniously combined with each other. The most popular are the following techniques:



The design of the yard looks aesthetically pleasing if it has an arch. It is even better if climbing plants are planted next to it, which form beautiful inlets. Most often, arches are placed over the paths leading to the recreation area or playground.

The picturesque arch at the entrance to the courtyard is a great way to transform the site
Openwork wrought iron arch with climbing plants


Short, easy-to-cut shrubs form beautiful green fences. It is appropriate for them to allocate a small area of ​​the lawn for outdoor games. If necessary, light furniture and a picnic can be arranged here.

Beautiful courtyard of a private house with perfectly planned areas
Lovely garden mixborder of perennial plants
Unusual design of flower beds in the front yard of the house


A low fence - a strict wooden one, woven from willow rods or openwork plastic, painted in different colors, can be used to designate a sandbox. They look good in the role of garden beds, turning them into a decorative element of the landscape.

A decorative fence made of plastic plates is quickly and easily erected
Smooth curves will add more grace to the decorative fence


Stationary or portable bamboo, rattan, wicker screens perfectly protect from drafts, create the necessary shade.

They can be placed near a decorative reservoir, placing next to comfortable sun loungers, rocking chairs, children's swings. If necessary, such screens will allow you to hide from prying eyes.

You can make a screen for a summer residence with your own hands from ordinary edged boards

Paths in the country: functionality and main purpose

On any site, suburban paths and paths are a necessary element. They perform several functions, ensuring the safety of movement, as well as being an element of the zoning of the site.


  • They equip the paths for the summer cottage with the help of various materials. The most common option is to cover the paths with fine gravel or pebbles. More and more often there are types of this material painted in different shades, which bring amazing color spots into the surrounding space, making the site attractive and bright.
Having laid river pebbles on freshly poured concrete mortar, you will receive an amazingly beautiful summer cottage path
Original flat stone track
The path made of stones laid on the lawn looks no less impressive

A static, reliable and durable surface of paths in the courtyard of a private house can be obtained using paving or concrete tiles. Trails made of cobblestone or brick look no less elegant.

Wood cuts pre-impregnated with decay compounds look original. Fill the remaining pockets between them with colored bark, sand or pebbles.

Such picturesque paths easily become a separate decorative zone, where sculptures of fancifully intertwined rhizomes and stumps in combination with plantings of juniper and conifers will be installed.

A path made of wood cuts will add a rustic flavor to your site

Beautiful courtyard design whose photo cannot but inspire

There are several objects that are increasingly appearing in the courtyards near a private house. These include:

  • Artificial reservoirs;
  • Comfortable recreation areas around the fire;
  • Equipped barbecue areas;
  • Multifunctional playgrounds.

Artificial reservoir in the yard

Water has always symbolized the harmony of life, served as a source of good mood and a charge of vivacity for the whole day, therefore it is often used when decorating the design of the courtyard of a private house with their own hands.

  • Depending on the area of ​​the site, you can equip a pool , a small pond , a cascade , a fountain or an ordinary stream on it .
  • In spacious areas, it is appropriate to make voluminous stationary pools , choosing reliable materials. Most often, the pit is made concreted, since finding a large plastic mold is quite problematic.
Modern high-tech pool in the country
Concrete pool with open area

For a decorative small pond, it is enough to dig a hole of any shape and cover it with a double layer of film, providing a sufficiently reliable waterproofing. The banks are reinforced with bricks, pebbles or small cobblestones.

Hanging swing over an artificial pond

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to create stationary reservoirs, so summer residents are increasingly resorting to the use of inflatable tanks. For decoration, reeds, undersized shrubs and bright flowers are planted nearby, emitting a delicate aroma.

With this water composition, the marsh iris looks great, and if there is a need to decorate the water surface, then containers with water lilies and lotuses can be placed in the pond. The surface may also have species of floating plants, such as bollard or duckweed.

A beautiful pond in the yard, lined with stones
What could be better than relaxing by the water on your own plot

If there is a waterfall on the site, an excellent corner for relaxation is created. The murmur of water jets sparkling in the sun relaxes and soothes.


Important! A waterfall can be purchased, either artificial, or made on your own by placing a pump in a water tank.

It will take a lot of time and effort to create such a waterfall in the yard, but believe me, it's worth it

Rest area with hearth

The site where they equip a stove, outdoor fireplace, barbecue becomes a favorite place for the whole family. Here you can sit with friends, relax at home, cook barbecue and other delicious food on an open fire.

For convenience, a massive table and comfortable benches are installed. Such a corner is supplemented with sun loungers and hammocks. A good solution would be to equip a canopy to protect it from rain.

Charcoal food is twice as delicious
Beautiful courtyard with fireplace, stove and barbecue area


rest in the country by the hearth
oven in the yard


Open dining room

You don't have to build a dedicated dining area to enjoy your meal outdoors. You can level the area under the spreading trees and put garden sofas, a table, chairs there.

Combined outdoor kitchen

Registration of the courtyard of the summer cottage (photo)

If the house is located approximately in the center of the site, then usually a garage is built at the entrance, in front of which a parking space is organized. Thus, a sufficient amount of space remains on the back of the house, which, with proper design, can be turned into comfortable corners for rest.


A beautiful plot near the house can be obtained if you equip a dining area on it by erecting a low wooden platform surrounded by a hedge. It will be appropriate to lay out picturesque flower beds and flower beds nearby.

Important! It is more convenient to use folding furniture in order to clean it up as needed, freeing up space.

A canopy over the table, in case of bad weather, is very useful

If the plot is spacious, then they put a massive stable furniture group. It can be folded from stone or made from solid wood. Such options look respectable and prestigious.

The design of the courtyard of a private house can be decorated with varieties of forged furniture. Wicker or rattan chairs, armchairs, tables look no less impressive.

It should be noted that the most easy to clean are plastic items, from which dirt can be easily removed with a jet of water. While wooden furniture must be constantly renewed with paint or varnish. Also, metal parts require maintenance, which should be protected from corrosion.

Original furniture in retro style

When placing a rest-oriented area in the backyard, it is advisable to level the surface, cover it with ordinary or colored pebbles. Stone slabs will provide a durable coating. As a fence, you can make a border from concrete or ceramic blocks. Bright accessories look great on such a site that will decorate the design of the courtyard of a private house and give it individuality.

A game or sports corner can be conveniently located next to the recreation area. Here they put a slide, a swing, complementing them with various sports equipment. The barbecue area is harmoniously located in the backyard. Usually, a stationary hearth with a canopy is installed and the necessary furniture is selected.

Spending time by the fire is very pleasant, so it would be appropriate to organize a recreation area in the country around it.

Courtyard lighting

  • Sophisticated lighting in the courtyard provides additional charm to the plot. Illuminated fountains, individual groups of plants, decorative sculptures, and the water surface of reservoirs look especially advantageous in the evening.

When creating sites for different zones, you can mount LED floor lamps, which in the dark create the feeling of stars glowing under your feet. Incredible mystery and originality are LED lamps mounted in special small platforms in the form of leaves and buds of water lilies, lilies floating on the water.

Advice! If it is necessary to illuminate the paths, they use not bright lanterns, located not high from the ground. Poles equipped with bright lanterns should be installed along the central path. This multi-tiered lighting becomes the pride of homeowners, as it turns the site into a wonderful, attractive sight.

Courtyard lighting is an important element of landscaping.
Individual lighting for each zone will create a relaxing atmosphere
Beautiful decorative lighting of the garden area


courtyard lighting
lighting of the territory in the country


Placing plants in the garden

By arranging plants in different groups, you can create a harmonious image of the area. This advantage is taken into account during planning.

Important! Coniferous varieties are not placed near sites, verandas and terraces, since the fallen needles will have to be constantly cleaned. It does not plant deciduous trees near water bodies, which will allow keeping the water clean longer.

The tallest varieties should not be placed in the center. They most favorably set off the distant borders of the territory. It is recommended to use flowering plant species in containers and hanging planters. They easily manage, for example, to transform the fence around the site, to decorate the gazebo or veranda.

Successful design of a country house site
Unusual backyard landscaping

Plot decor

When developing the design of the courtyard of a private house, you should think over every little thing. One of these important details is the use of decorative elements as decoration of the site.

The most popular are bright decorative sculptural images of animals, birds, fairy-tale characters. They can be made with your own hands from any available material, such as plastic bottles.

Beautiful crafts from bottles and clay pots
Even an ordinary garden wheelbarrow can be turned into a real art object.

Figures cast from plaster or concrete look no less natural, however, special silicone molds are required to make them.

Plaster animal figurines will be a fun decoration for any garden
Beautiful decor for the garden

Colorful colorful fairy-tale characters, various art objects look great inside flower beds, on alpine hills. They give a special charm to playgrounds.

Figures of fish and frogs are in harmony with water bodies. Various dragonflies, bees, birds are perfectly combined with the greenery of trees, being placed on their branches.

Unusual composition of a watering can and a garland
Decorative well made from ordinary planks

If you are engaged in the design of your own local area in a systematic manner and without haste, then this activity will turn into an exciting work in which all household members will be able to show their artistic inclinations.

We hope that our article will help you create an original and beautiful design of the courtyard of a private house, photos of which you can later also post on the Internet for everyone to see.