Fencing for flower beds with your own hands | TOP-15 Ideas (+36 photos)

The fence for the flower bed should organically fit into the overall landscape

A well-groomed summer cottage area involves not only competent zoning, arrangement of paths, but also the implementation of flower beds of various shapes with beautiful fences. For this purpose, wood, stone, concrete, plastic, as well as building and improvised materials are used.


What are the functions of fences for flower beds

Arrangement of a beautiful decorative fence around your favorite flower beds and flower beds solves several important tasks at once, such as:

  1. Completing the flower garden . This is the main role of the fencing. With a clear selection of such a landscape element as a flower bed, it takes on a more ordered look.
  2. Zoning . When using different materials for the perimeter of the flower garden and its color scheme, it is visually easier to highlight specific parts of the site that differ in functionality, for example, a sports or recreation area.
  3. Limiting overgrowth . Some flower crops spread quickly throughout the area, so a barrier around will stop this process.
Respect for flowers in the blood of every woman

Fencing for flower beds - gives them reliable protection and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of flower beds. The protective curb will serve as an obstacle to the entry of pets into the flower garden. Such a kind of fence will also prevent accidental walking on fragile plants, which will preserve their decorative effect for the entire growing season. With a sufficient height and density, the fence will save the seedlings that have not yet matured from sharp gusts of wind.


For stationary flower beds, welding is used when installing metal fences. It should be borne in mind that all elements must be treated with special anti-corrosion agents.

Metal fence - reliable protection for your flower beds and flower beds
The metal fence helps to improve the heating of the soil, therefore, for such a flower bed, plants should be selected that feel comfortable in the warmth

Flexible wire of a sufficiently large diameter can be useful for fencing. Set up the supports and weave them. Patterns can be simple square or elaborate. Bringing in creative ingenuity, it will be possible to make an openwork structure with graceful interweaving.

Advice! With the skills of welding, it is easy to decorate the metal pins installed along the border of the flower bed with flowers, graceful balls, leaves of the same material.

Decorative metal fence looks good against the backdrop of plants

Fences for flower beds made of plastic (photo)

Due to their light weight, durability, variety of shades, plastic fences are becoming more and more popular. They not only constrain flower beds, but also add an additional decorative component to the surrounding landscape.

There is also such an important advantage of plastic as the possibility of choosing a decor with imitation of stone, wood, leather, brick. This material does not rot. It is not damaged by rodents and insects. The relatively low price, as well as the ease of processing, also attracts.

The main advantage of a plastic fence is that, unlike a wooden fence, it does not require regular maintenance.
A large selection of garden and garden products allows you to independently fulfill any fantasy
Plastic fencing is easy to shape into any shape, making it ideal for a wide variety of flower bed configurations
Well-groomed and refined flower bed
Plastic tape with fixing stakes will reliably protect your favorite flower garden
The borders for flower beds covered with natural stone chips look truly gorgeous


fence for flower beds photo 2
fence for flower beds photo 1


Slate protective fence (photo)

Slate - wave, flat, has high strength and durability. The dimensions of the belts can be different. Separate fragments are installed in shallow grooves, sprinkled with soil and tamped.

It should be borne in mind that slate is fragile, therefore, care is required when caring for flower crops. If you make the depth of the trench up to 40-60 cm, then strong dense slate barriers will reliably protect the flower garden from the penetration of weed rhizomes.

Tiles, polycarbonate, plexiglass will serve as a worthy replacement for slate. The design is made up of ribbons or separate fragments, giving them a certain shape.

Use of scrap materials

A border of different density and shape, if necessary, is easy to make from any materials at hand. They can be combined, use a combination of various shades.

Some examples of fences:

  • Out of clothes . Interesting variations are obtained by filling worn jeans with sand, soil or fine gravel. Unusual flowerpots are formed from the resulting structures, placing pots with flowering plants inside.
Jeans flower bed ideas
  • From furniture . You do not need to additionally construct decorative fences if you plant flowers in extended drawers of a chest of drawers or place a flower bed inside a wooden bed. There are many options for a creative approach, you just have to show imagination and ingenuity.
Flower bed ideas from old furniture



  • From seashells . Large shells of mollusks will add a peculiar touch to the landscape design. They are installed to frame areas with low ornamental plants.
The larger the shells, the more beautiful the fence made of them will look.
  • Bowling balls . An original fence can be created from bowling balls laid along the flower garden. This design is rare and will definitely attract attention.
Bowling Ball Landscaping Ideas
  • From disks . Disused discs will help you easily install a shiny border around your flower bed. Reflecting the sun's rays, it not only becomes a decoration of the site, but also scares away harmful flying insects. You can replace discs with plates.
  • Made of bamboo . Miniature hedges made of spectacular exotic bamboo look great. The material attracts not only with its magnificent decor, but also with its durability. It is weather resistant and lightweight.
Ideas for fencing a flower bed from bamboo trunks
  • From the plates . An excellent decor around flower beds is created by vertically installed plates. It is advisable to use not fragile and rather expensive earthenware dishes, but disposable items with bright painting.
Ideas for flower beds from plates
  • From old plumbing . An old bathtub, sink and even a toilet bowl will serve as an unusual fence for flowering plants on the site. They are filled with nutritious loose soil and seedlings are placed.
Ideas for organizing flower beds in the country from old plumbing
  • From plastic bottles . An inexpensive and practical fence of various shades and configurations is quickly constructed from plastic bottles. They can be placed in a shallow trench around the perimeter of the flower garden upside down or with the neck up. For reliability, the container is filled with sand or earth. An interesting low fence is obtained if bottles with cut necks are inserted into each other and laid horizontally, slightly buried in the soil.
  • From glass bottles . Interesting options for barriers around flower beds can be obtained using bottles of the same volume of green glass. Such an object looks organic with any style solution of the surrounding landscape. The container is often instilled vertically. It is important to be careful when performing work, as such a fence can break.
From plastic and glass bottles, you can make a beautiful fence for flower beds, flower beds and rockeries of the most diverse shapes

Application of car tires

The option of decorating decorative flower beds with fences made of tires of different sizes has become traditional and has not lost its popularity in recent years.



What is made of tires

  • Place them one by one, filling them with soil and planting plants.
  • They create compositions of various configurations. Build multi-tiered flower beds.
  • Craftsmen have learned to carve magnificent flowerpots and even figures of birds and animals from tires.

Advice! To enhance decorativeness, tires are painted and painted. Placing on top of each other with the help of additional parts, they make flower beds in the form of teapots, cups. Inspiration and new ideas will help make any garden bright and original.

Unusual use of old car tires

Flower border

For a mobile fence of flower beds, you will need to stock up on pots or containers that replace them, of the same size. Drainage, a loose soil substrate are poured into them according to the standard scheme, and low plants with long flowering periods are planted. Install around the perimeter of the flower bed in a shallow ditch. For reliability, add soil and tamp.

You can create a border from one culture, getting an even monochrome outline. When plants alternate, they create a play of shades. If the pots are of different sizes, then they form a flower slide, fixing them in tiers.


In any area, the flower bed serves as a bright decorative accent. Strengthening the aesthetic component of flower beds allows the fence, which should not only streamline the space, but also harmoniously fit into the overall landscape style.