Space-style nursery: photo examples and proper design

Space-style nursery

Constellations and galaxies, comets and brands of telescopes, astronauts and spaceships - if all this excites and interests a child, then you need to help him reach the stars with his hand. A space-style nursery is one of the most affordable ways to do it.

Anything can be the basis of interior design:

  • fantasy novels;
  • favorite space films;
    • scientific discoveries;
    • comics or illustrations.
    • It is not necessary to accurately recreate the interior decoration of the Soyuz ship or fighters from Star Wars in the baby's room.

      Photo of the nursery in space style

      It is enough to make a stylized ceiling and floor, choose the right wall decoration, choose the right furniture, add some accessories and textiles - and the room will turn into a stargazer's house, space transport or even an alien dwelling.

      Nursery interior

      Star ceiling

      An ordinary white ceiling in a starry room is boring and wrong.

      Star ceiling

      The ceiling sets the direction for the style, so you can arrange it in the following ways:

      • Tension. Such a ceiling can demonstrate galactic spirals, surfaces of other planets, become part of the night starry sky - the choice of a pattern on the surface of a stretch ceiling remains with the owners of the room. If fiber-optic threads and a projector are mounted behind the stretched canvas, then in the evening the ceiling will become a real sky, on which stars shimmer and galaxies replace each other.
      • Plasterboard structures. With their help, the most complex design solutions are implemented, including the semicircular arches of the in-ship interior. Multilevel suspended ceiling with built-in spotlights and fluorescent lighting fits perfectly into the space theme.
      • Space-style nursery

        • The metal beams on the ceiling look original, supporting the associative array associated with the internal view of the interplanetary spacecraft.
        • Stickers and stickers. Ready-made luminous stickers-images of stars are attached to the ceiling so that you get constellations. In the evening, the pictures will glow, creating a special atmosphere in the room.
        • Children's space style photo

          • Drawings. Made with luminescent paints or volumetric textured materials, such images will become an exclusive decoration of the room, fully meeting the needs of the little owner.
          • Interior for a children's room


            A space-style children's room should have appropriate flooring to support the overall style of the spaceship's practical décor.

            Children's room for a young astronomer

            The following are used as floor coverings in children's rooms:

            • floorboards;
            • parquet;
            • Photo of a nursery in a cosmo style

              • laminate;
              • multilayer linoleum.
              • To match the space design, the floor can be made either dark (dark brown, black, gray) or sandy white with a silvery sheen.

                Important! When zoning a room, a comfortable soft carpet with a low pile or velor covering is placed on the floor in the play area of ​​the room.

                The carpet can be either bright, with the image of stars, planets, or a solid steel color.

                Room zoning

                Nuance: a puzzle carpet looks interesting, which a child can drag from place to place during the game.


                Wall coverings in the space room

                The walls continue the space theme, they can be decorated in different ways, using various techniques and materials:

                1. Paste with wallpaper. A lot of wallpapers with images of ships or constellations are on sale, such wallpapers can be easily combined with plain colors.
                2. Convenient to use paintable wallpaper. This will hide the unevenness of the wall surface, in addition, the wallpaper can be repainted up to 5-7 times. Walls of blue, silver, steel, white colors look organically in the space room.

                  Wall coverings in the space room

                  An interesting solution is a combination of wallpapers. For example, the wall near the bed is painted dark blue and decorated with drawings, and the wall near the desktop is made light. The fluorescent wallpaper looks original, which glows in the dark, replacing the night light.

                  1. Liquid wallpaper and decorative plaster. With the help of these materials, it is easy to create interesting textured surfaces that imitate the unusual relief of alien planets. It is easy to place pictures, stickers or use stencils to apply an image on top.
                  2. Plasterboard structures. They allow you to recreate in the nursery:
                    • a real cockpit of a stellar rocket with a control panel;
                    • Cool kids room

                      • decorate one of the walls with a porthole overlooking the surface of the mysterious planet;
                      • turn the wall into a control panel for an interstellar ship with levers and instruments.
                      • The impression will increase if a complex plasterboard structure is illuminated with hidden spot or LED lamps.

                        This design allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the room, giving it depth and volume.

                        1. Wallpaper. The easiest and safest option. Space plots with planets, aliens, rockets, star clusters will decorate the room, however, it is necessary to observe the proportionality of the size of the drawing and the dimensions of the nursery.
                        2. Color spectrum

                          A space-style nursery is decorated with colors that help create the feeling of a starry boundless space:

                          • all shades from blue to dark blue;
                          • black;
                          • The color scheme of the room

                            • purple;
                            • green, yellow, red are great as accents.
                            • Lighting

                              It is precisely the right lighting that helps to successfully complete the image of a space children's room. There should be a lot of light - both bright, point, and diffused, soft. Each zone of the room (playroom, bedroom, study) must have its own lamps.

                              Room lighting

                              When choosing lamps or chandeliers, you should choose the appropriate style:

                              • complex geometric shapes;
                              • material - chrome-plated metal, shiny and plain transparent glass;
                              • Space style room decoration

                                • functional - with the ability to change the illumination level or lamp color.
                                • Important! LED lights of different colors and lava lamps fit perfectly into outer space.


                                  A space-style children's room is similar to a minimalist room - a small amount of practical and comfortable furniture is needed in the room.

                                  Children's furniture

                                  The style of all furniture is extremely modern:

                                  • a lot of glass;
                                  • a lot of steel chrome fittings;
                                  • Space in interior design for a child

                                    • interesting futurological forms;
                                    • light, steel-gray or bright, juicy color.
                                    • The work table can be equipped with LED lighting, just like the shelves of the rack. Such a table will become a captain's cabin for a child.


                                      In such a room, a wardrobe will be appropriate, on the doors of which a spacesuit or star clusters are depicted. The space room is suitable for modular storage systems that can simultaneously be used as seating.

                                      Photo of the room design

                                      A bed in the form of a rocket or on the second floor, where you have to climb a ladder, an unusual shape, comfortable hanging chairs-balls or chair-bags on the floor - all this creates a unique atmosphere of a stellar journey and the conquest of new planets.

                                      Space style lamp

                                      Decorating and accessories

                                      In a space-style children's room, you cannot do without unusual accessories and decor items that will support harmony in the interior:

                                      • bedspreads and curtains to match the wall coverings, with a repeating pattern;
                                      • pillows - in the form of stars;
                                      • metallized horizontal blinds on the windows;
                                      • balls imitating planets or suns can hang from the ceiling; such balls also serve as lamps;
                                      • Space in interior design for a child

                                        • an excellent decoration on the wall - a wavy row of multi-colored bedside lamps;
                                        • for storing toys, models of spaceships, moon rovers or robots made of laminated chipboard, cardboard or plywood are used;
                                          • porthole mirror;
                                          • near the table - a black note board with magnetic reminders;
                                          • Space atmosphere in toddler's room

                                            • telescopes, maps of the starry sky.
                                            • Perhaps, when he grows up, the baby will not become an astronaut, but the memory that he had a real space room as a child will remain forever.

                                              Children's accessories

                                              And it will make him happy.