Kitchen in a nautical style: photos of new designs

Marine style kitchen

A nautical kitchen does not require a lot of money. It can be decorated with a minimum amount of investment by painting the walls, floor and ceiling in the desired colors. It is recommended to keep the room in strict blue and white colors and create a kind of room of the corresponding style with the help of details and textiles.

To make the style easily recognizable, objects are used to decorate the premises that can only be seen in the ship's wardroom. These can be watches in the steering wheel, lights, chains, ropes. The marine theme in the kitchen will emphasize the presence of a dining table with sides, heavy sofas bolted to the floor with high wooden backs.

Kitchen design in a marine style photo

The kitchen in a marine style, presented in various photos, can be arranged in a room of any size and have a different design solution. It can be trimmed in a specific shape to resemble a galley on a ship, a Mediterranean tavern, a bungalow, a fishing hut.

Kitchen Design

On a note! Depending on the ultimate goal, the walls can be faced with clapboard, as is done on a ship.

They can be sheathed with wood paneling in different colors, as can be seen in the wardroom of a large ship. It is allowed to process the walls with plaster, followed by painting the walls with white, blue or yellow paint, if a building is imitated on the seashore.

Nautical cuisine

Different shades of blue and cyan can be used depending on the ambient light in the room. You can choose from indigo, azure or turquoise, which work well for a south-facing kitchen.

Kitchen design in a marine style photo

If the windows of the room face the north side, then beige or sand shades are suitable for painting the walls. In a room with a large area, by painting the walls with different shades of the same color, functional areas can be distinguished.

The apron is decorated using hog-type tiles, fire-resistant glass with photo printing, mosaics, tiles or tiles, laying out a colorful pattern that imitates the sea surface shimmering in the sun.

The ceiling can be painted white, or a matte finish with built-in shades can be pulled over it. If the ceiling is high, you can decorate it with ceiling beams or simulate a coffered ceiling.

Kitchen floors

Kitchen floors can resemble a deck lined with light-colored floorboards. They can be laid out with a light brown laminate.

The floorboards are painted in a sandy shade that is in perfect harmony with the white walls.

Kitchen in a marine style photo

Important! The floor in the dining area can be paved with dark parquet boards, as in the wardroom.

The work area is distinguished by terracotta or marble tiles.

Kitchen ceiling in a nautical style

Windows can be round and resemble a porthole. Perhaps a simple rectangular window, reminiscent of the windows that overlook the promenade deck of ocean liners.


Which furniture to choose

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, you need to try to achieve a contrast between the color of the walls and the decor. Otherwise, the general view of the room will be monotonous and quickly get bored. Furnishings in the kitchen space can be made of wood and varnished.

Furniture for kitchen

Cabinet furniture made of light wood looks beautiful against the background of indigo walls. A kitchen set made of dark wood panels looks good on a light background.

Antique captain's table in the kitchen-dining room

Increasingly, acrylic plastic furniture with drawings on a marine theme is purchased for household premises. It looks very beautiful in this design and has a right to exist, like traditional cabinet furniture.

Kitchens with blue facades photo

On a note! The surface of the wooden facade can be treated with glue paint to achieve the effect of artificial aging.

It can be decorated with a classic pattern or made in a minimalist style.

The dining area can be furnished with rattan, willow or vine wicker furniture. There you can install a heavy wooden table with two massive legs, bolted to the floor using special fasteners. It can stand surrounded by high-backed sofas and soft leather seats found in bars on passenger ships. Around the table can be stools and chairs that have an original or classic shape.

Spectacular interior design

Citrus trees or small palms are often located near the dining area, which are considered invariable attributes of the nautical style.

Marine kitchen interior

What style details can be used

A nautical-style kitchen can be decorated with curtains made of canvas or burlap, decorated with elements of the nautical net. Window openings are often decorated with roman blinds, blinds, or short curtains. Silk snow-white curtains are perfect for nautical style. They can be sewn from nautical muslin or striped cotton. In the kitchen, finished with light wood clapboard, indigo curtains look great. Unbleached linen is used to create a thick Roman shade. Rope ropes are used as decorative elements instead of ties and holders, decorating the ends with shells.

Excellent nautical style kitchen design

Photo wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen, made in a nautical style, should have an image of the surface of the sea, its inhabitants or the coast. The seascape on the wall can be the only decoration in a strict kitchen. Instead of it, you can hang a panel of shells and starfish on the wall, which will also be appropriate.

Kitchen decor in a nautical style

The small kitchen, designed as a marine wardroom, can be illuminated with the help of numerous lamps installed in the suspended ceiling. They are designed in the form of starfish, fish and look great on a light background. A metal chandelier can hang over the dining table, illuminating the people who dine behind it. Lamps with round shades look good on a white ceiling.

Small kitchen

The working area can be illuminated by side lights, made in the form of street or barn lights. Metal fixtures made of lustrous brass, iron or bronze, hanging from an impromptu rope or chain, create the image of a space on a nautical ship. They can be artificially aged, covered with a noble patina, corroded by rust.

Work zone

A kitchen styled as a seaside room should have wicker lampshades and classic single-bulb lamps, often used in the kitchen.

Porcelain dishes in marine kitchens are installed on dryers mounted in a wall cabinet. It is well supported by the sides and creates an additional effect of being in the wardroom of a small cargo ship.

The original design of the kitchen in a marine style

The effect can be complemented with aprons, napkins and tablecloths decorated with nautical embroidery.