Kitchen in the style of minimalism: design and photo of interiors

Minimalist kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. Here in the evenings the whole family gathers to discuss the news of the day and taste a delicious dinner, here gatherings with friends and acquaintances take place when they come to visit. A minimalist kitchen will allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere that does not distract from the conversation.

But how can you competently recreate this design solution??

The main features of minimalism

First you need to understand what is inherent in this style.

The main features of minimalism

From the main:

  • The absence of unnecessary details is a mandatory moment in minimalism, which is both its plus and minus. A room in this style will seem spacious, clean and fresh, but you will have to regularly clean and avoid cluttering the room, otherwise this design solution does not make sense.
  • The color gamut includes a limited number of shades (usually 2 or 3), related to each other on the basis of contrast or belonging to one segment of the color spectrum.
  • Kitchen Design

    • Suitable for kitchens of any size, visually expands the space of small spaces.
    • Simple geometry of space: ditch spirals and curved lines in favor of right angles. Rectangular or oval table, there is no need to buy a specific kitchen (the very complex of equipment and cabinets) - the very thing for those who do not like to fiddle with the choice of furniture.
    • Minimalist kitchen

      • Uniform lighting: the whole room should be equally bright.
      • Kitchen as part of the studio

        If you have a kitchen combined with a living room, you should understand that to create a room in the style of minimalism, it is necessary either to correctly delimit the space, or to arrange both parts in this style.

        Kitchen as part of the studio

        On a note! As a rule, the second option is preferable, since the room looks more holistic, and the idea of ​​minimalism is better revealed.

        What decorative elements are allowed?

        Since minimalism involves minimizing the number of items in sight, this range is very limited:

        • You can hang one or two paintings / photographs to add coziness to the room.
        • It is also allowed to put 1-2 plants on a shelf or by the window. Fans of turning a kitchen window sill into a home greenhouse will have to abandon this idea if they have chosen a minimalist design direction.
        • Minimalist kitchen interior

          • Small curtains possible.
          • Luxury kitchen design

            • To optimize the space, it is recommended to purchase a sink organizer where you can store various sponges, rags and detergents, as well as compact kitchen utensils for dishes so that cooking utensils are always practical and neatly stacked.
            • Minimalism in the design of the kitchen

              • Purchase a range of containers for storing spices and various snacks (nuts, raisins, etc.).), which are often displayed on the table. This will not only allow you to quickly navigate among the large number of additives, but also make your minimalist kitchen individual, if you design the jars in an original way.
              • Innovation and style in kitchen design

                Color spectrum

                Despite the abundance of various shade combinations, there are canon tones characteristic of minimalism.

                Color spectrum

                Any deviation from them will not be considered wrong, but these variations are considered to be the most interesting:

                • Solid light gamut. Traditionally - white kitchen in the style of minimalism, blue, light green, etc. can also be used. colors.
                • "Aggressive" minimalism, involving the use of a contrasting combination of white, black and red. In this case, it is recommended to purchase a black electric stove for the kitchen.
                • Coffee and chocolate shades, as well as beige and flesh. In principle, you can use black, but dark brown looks more organic in this palette.
                • Kitchen design in the style of ecological minimalism

                  Speaking of the color scheme, one cannot fail to mention ecological minimalism, which implies the use of natural materials and shades in the interior.

                  Kitchen design in the style of ecological minimalism

                  For example, various wood and stone textures, light green. An example of a kitchen design in the style of ecological minimalism is shown in the photo below:


                  Basic materials

                  The following types of materials are considered the most popular:

                  • Wood for chairs and sofas with fabric underlays. Some people think that it is also permissible to use leather, but in kitchens there is a high degree of pollution and humidity (steam) of the air due to constant cooking, so the leather will quickly get dirty and deteriorate. Finished kitchen interiors in the style of minimalism, as a rule, are made of wood.
                  • Glass is ideal for a table. Easy to wipe, not tied to a specific color.
                  • For tidier surfaces, go for varnished wood.

                    Minimalist kitchen design

                    Important! At the moment, problems with painting wood, as a rule, do not arise, and any colors, patterns and textures are available.

                    However, it should be remembered that when choosing minimalism as the leading style of the kitchen, you cannot use overly decorated furniture.

                    The maximum number of shades used in one item is 2, and when it comes to chairs, one shade can be used for the seat cushion, the other for the main frame.

                    Kitchen in gray tones

                    Minimalist kitchen interior: using folding furniture

                    When it comes to a small minimalist kitchen, folding furniture is the best solution (example in the photo). It allows you to effectively save space, fulfilling the main goal of the stylistics.

                    Kitchen interior in the style of minimalism photo

                    In this case, you will have to abandon the glass table in favor of plastic, but this exchange will be equivalent, taking into account the free space.

                    Appliances in a minimalist kitchen

                    When we talk about the kitchen, we immediately remember the stove, oven, microwave and other benefits of civilization, which are usually located in this room.

                    Appliances in a minimalist kitchen

                    If we talk about the arrangement of appliances in the kitchen in the style of minimalism, this must be done, observing the following rules:

                    • Small household appliances like a kebab maker, juicer, meat grinder, etc. it is better to put in special boxes so that they do not clutter up the space if you do not use them regularly.
                    • Do not make a "multi-storey" kitchen by placing the oven above the washing machine (quite a popular solution) - this makes the room visually appear smaller.
                    • Discard the TV indoors if it takes up too much space - it will only spoil the appearance.
                    • How to choose the right curtains?

                      A kitchen in a minimalist style should visually seem "light", which is why it is important to choose curtains that will look organic with this design.

                      Curtains in the kitchen

                      Below are several options for curtains for kitchens in the style of minimalism with a photo:

                      • Tulle is perhaps the most common option. The color gamut of tulles is unlimited, so it will be easy to find the right one. Another plus of this type of curtain is the possibility of frequent washing, which is important, given the specifics of the room: as a rule, the curtain gets dirty faster in the kitchen than in other rooms of the apartment.
                      • Roller blinds and roman blinds look neat. You can easily adjust their height at any time of the day and fully raise them to ventilate the room.
                      • Bamboo curtains are ideal for sustainable minimalism. The wooden texture emphasizes the natural range of shades, and the material itself is weakly susceptible to external influences.
                      • Blinds are the best solution for those who often cook, because they only need to be wiped clean to clean them. The big minus is the limited color palette.
                      • Avoid bulky curtains decorated with various folds, beads and other decorative elements.

                        Amazing kitchen interior

                        They are suitable for empire style, baroque, minimalism is a completely different direction, which such lush curtains will not suit.

                        Curtains Color Block

                        Curtains in the style of minimalism, like any piece of furniture, involve the use of no more than three colors. Color Block is a unique design solution that allows you to combine several tones in one curtain, while maintaining the rigor of a minimalist style.

                        Examples of curtains of this direction in the photo below.

                        Curtains Color Block

                        White kitchen in the style of minimalism

                        Minimalism is simplicity and the desire to get rid of everything superfluous, which is why the ideal of this design direction can be considered an absolutely white room without furniture, where there will be only uniform lighting and bare walls.

                        White kitchen in the style of minimalism

                        When thinking about the interior, always focus on this unattainable goal - how you can get closer to it?

                        White kitchen

                        Kitchen combined with a balcony

                        For Russians, it is normal for the phenomenon when a balcony is used as a kind of warehouse where absolutely everything is stored: from pickles harvested since summer to winter rubber.

                        If a balcony adjoins a minimalist dining room, you can use two strategies:

                        1. Get a thick curtain like roman or roller blinds, blinds will also work. In this case, the balcony will not be visible from the room.
                        2. Convert your balcony to minimalism. This may seem complicated at first, but all problems with optimizing the space of the loggia are often solved by simply buying a spacious cabinet.
                        3. Competent choice of lighting

                          Uniform illumination is an integral part of a minimalist kitchen interior. Follow these simple tips for organizing this issue:

                          • Divide the lighting into daylight, main and small.
                          • Daylight - sunlight from the window. It should fall into the room, but it is by no means necessary that it be enough for a comfortable time in the kitchen.
                          • Competent choice of lighting

                            • The main lighting is the overhead light from the lamps, which should be enough for communication, reading, etc. any time of the day. It is imperative to purchase the same lamps, otherwise the eyes get tired and the body is stressed.
                            • Small lighting - a small lamp above the cooker hood or a light above the sink: something to turn on if you need to grab an item from the kitchen at night.
                            • The harmonious combination of these types of lighting will make you feel comfortable in the room both day and night.

                              Red and white minimalist kitchen

                              Unusual design solutions

                              If you decide to organize the interior of the kitchen in a minimalist style, the examples and photos below will help you better find out interesting details that you can use to personalize the room:

                              • Calm pastel shades give the room a soft feel. Small bouquets in glass vases go well with them.
                              • Absolutely white minimalist kitchen - the pursuit of perfection knows no bounds.
                              • Unusual design solutions of the photo

                                • The contrasting combination of white and black in one room creates the feeling of a struggle between light and darkness.
                                • Shades of gray - a calm and beautiful combination in one room. It may seem boring, but just add a plate of fruit and the interior will sparkle with new colors.
                                • Minimalism is a modern style direction that has no analogues.

                                  Simple and at the same time so beautiful, it has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. Treat yourself and your loved ones with unusual cuisine in a minimalist style!