Rococo kitchen: photo examples and correct design

Rococo style kitchen

A Rococo kitchen looks good only with neat housewives who are ready to spend a lot of time cleaning. In this style, pastel shades are welcome, the purity of which must be monitored very carefully.

Rococo style, graceful, refined and joyful, there is an abundance of various decorations, wood carvings, elegant furniture with curved legs, a large number of decorative elements.

In the interior you can see a multi-tiered luxurious chandelier hanging over the dining table, gilded wall lamps in the form of candles and open shelves with expensive china dishes.


In this style, the use of decorative floor tiles made from marble chips or parquet boards is encouraged. The final note in the design of the kitchen will be the right textiles.

Rococo elements in the interior of the kitchen

Decoration Materials

When creating a Rococo style kitchen, you start with the preparation of the room. For this style, you need space so that there is a place where you can place a kitchen set, equip a work and dining area. In small rooms, the dining area is not decorated, transferring it to the living room.

Kitchen Design

In a large room, using finishing materials, the floors are divided into zones. The working area is laid out with marble tiles in a delicate pastel color. The remaining space is covered with a light brown parquet board or multi-colored parquet is laid, creating a pattern on the floor. This solution allows you to quickly clean the room after cooking and create a luxury effect.

The dining area is highlighted with a beautiful light-colored short-haired carpet that will help preserve the flooring.

Important! In order for the style originality of the kitchen to be clearly expressed, the room is made with rounded corners, creating the desired shape using drywall and polyurethane foam.

Ideally, a Rococo kitchen should be oval or asymmetrical. Its walls can be painted in a light shade. It can be ivory, cream, pearl, pale blue or light pink. Monochromatic walls are decorated with medallions, stucco and floral designs with gilding.

Luxury kitchen design

In the decoration of the walls, wood panels are partially used, on which a gilded pattern is applied. It can be a fractional ornament or curved lines intertwining with each other and forming patterns in the form of a curling vine or flower garlands.

Luxury Rococo Kitchen Design

Relief carved and molded frames, curls, masks, torn cartouches, grotesques in combination with seashells are applied to the walls and ceiling, to which all the decorations from the walls pass.

Rococo kitchen design

In order for the drawing from the walls to smoothly pass to the ceiling, its borders with the walls are decorated with smooth rounded lines, decorating with a thin ornament. The center of the ceiling, where the chandelier will hang, is decorated with a relief pattern, repeating the one superimposed on the walls.

Kitchen photo

Interior details

In the Rococo style kitchen, the photo of which can be seen below, the interior details allow you to create the perfect look of the room.

Kitchen zoning

For zoning in a large kitchen, you can use mobile screens with landscape images.

Rococo kitchen photo

On a note! The doorway should be designed in the form of an arch.

The door leading to the kitchen is painted white and decorated with gold ligature. The kitchen can have a beautiful large clock, porcelain vases, a gilded mirror. Massive candelabra are placed near the mirror on both sides. The open shelf can be used to place porcelain figurines, vases and graceful decanters.

The chandelier is placed strictly in the center. Choosing it in the store, you need to give preference to the model where there are crystal pendants and light bulbs in the form of candles. For side lighting, a plafond is chosen that in its appearance resembles a seashell or a bowl.

Narrow Rococo kitchen

Thin curtains are hung on the windows. The dining table is covered with a light-colored tablecloth decorated with embroidery, and woven napkins are matched to it.

A vase with fresh flowers is placed on the table. Semi-soft chairs are placed around it, on which it is recommended to put on long, floor-length covers.

Symmetry of the interior

Porcelain sets are required.

Important! It is recommended to have a large number of functional tableware, which allows you to beautifully set the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sugar bowls, oil cans, spice sets, gravy bowls, tureens, jam bowls should amaze with their grace and beauty. For serving, you can use crystal.

Rococo in the interior of the kitchen

Cutlery should be of cupronickel or silver, gilded.

A Rococo kitchen is a holiday every day, and they eat in such a room only from beautiful dishes, displaying it for everyone to see. It is placed in a sideboard with transparent doors so that it is not only used for its intended purpose, but also serves as a decorative function.


What furniture to choose

Kitchen furniture is made to order or imported from Italy, where the Rococo style is widely used for furnishing middle-class kitchens.

Kitchen furniture

On a note! The main attribute of the Rococo kitchen is wooden headsets in light colors with elegant decorative finishes.

Rococo kitchen furniture is very elegant. It is made from soft wood. Linden or walnut is selected for its manufacture. It is easy to carve various ornaments on boards from such tree species. Furniture covered with durable pastel paint.

White kitchen

The doors of the sideboard, work table and wall cabinets are richly decorated with intricate whimsical carving and gilding. Some of the cabinets should have stained glass windows to showcase beautiful dishes.

Rococo furniture

The dining area in its shape, finish and color should be part of the kitchen set, if it is located in the same room. When choosing this part of the decor, pay attention to the legs of the dining table and chairs. They should be curved in a graceful line.

All kitchen furniture is adorned with the finest decorative finishes that arouse admiration. It can be carving or stucco molding in the form of bas-reliefs or elements of columns and arches. Comfortable benches and a sofa with wavy contours and curved legs can be placed along the walls of the kitchen.

Stylish kitchen design project

The less the load on the kitchen furniture, the more decorations can be on it.

Work surfaces must be flat and solid. The worktop countertop is often made of refractory marble chips or material that mimics it. This surface is easier to keep clean, leaving the kitchen look luxurious and attractive.

The combination of light shades, gilding, beautiful dishes and decorative elements creates a festive feeling in the Rococo kitchen, which allows you to maintain vitality and be in a good mood from the very morning.