Children's in a marine style: characteristics and features

Children's rooms in a marine style

Most children love the sea. For some, this means the serenity of summer sunny days, for others traveling and hiking, for third friends in a children's camp. And for everyone, the sea is, first of all, a vacation and new impressions.

A nautical-style nursery will keep this wonderful feeling of happiness.

Stylish subtleties

The sea is associated with different things for everyone. Someone thinks of the sea expanses of pirates, travelers and discoverers, and someone immediately remembers a beach holiday.

Therefore, the marine style in the interior of the nursery is conventionally divided into three types:

  1. Nautical. Nautical style emerged from functional and practical sailing ships that conquered oceans and transported cargo. Then this interior style was implemented in the decor of cruise ships and yachts. It is characterized by the presence of natural mahogany, bright marine colors of white, blue, red, as well as accessories in the form of navigation devices.
  2. House on the coast. Sea`s Cottage style has become very popular in France due to romance and lightness. Such an interior is distinguished by whitewashed weathered wood, light translucent fabrics, wicker furniture, ornaments from coral and shells.
  3. If the first direction is more suitable for boys, then the second allows you to arrange a romantic room for a girl in a marine style.

    Children's room design

    Nuance: when creating a project for a children's room in the style of sea travel or summer vacations, you cannot mix subspecies, so as not to get bad taste and awkward mixing.

    Children's room project

    You can implement the style even in a tiny room, using color techniques, appropriate furniture, but you must try not to overload the nursery with accessories.

    Nursery in a marine style

    Color spectrum

    The design of the nursery in a marine style is picky about the color scheme, which immediately sets the mood.

    Design of a nursery in a marine style

    When choosing a color range for a boy's room, it is worth focusing on shades that create associations with the navy:

    • dark blue, almost black;
    • gray steel;
    • The color scheme of the children's room

      • White;
      • red, including carmine, pomegranate, scarlet;
      • Children's in the marine theme

        • yellow and green as bright spots.
        • The strip and the cage in this range fit well into the interior.

          Brown marine style furniture for children

          In a room intended for a girl, pastel colors look harmonious:

          • white, shades of ivory, cream, chalk and unbleached;
          • turquoise;
          • How to decorate a nautical-style nursery

            • cobalt;
            • pale yellow;
            • Children's room interior

              • coral;
              • as an accent blue, ripe yellow.
              • Do not get carried away with blue or light blue, which simply fill the space without introducing originality.

                Idea for a nursery

                But the impeccable selection of colors will immediately determine the style direction in the room.

                Children's room style

                Many photos: a nursery in a marine style for boys

                In order for a nautical-style nursery for a boy to become a real captain's cabin or a cabin, a treasure island or a fast yacht, you need to think about how to cover the walls, the floor, how to decorate the ceiling and what furniture to choose.

                The photo gallery presents the best interiors that can become a model or suggest an unusual creative solution.


                Wall coverings

                The walls in the nursery can be:

                • paste over with wallpaper;
                • paint with hypoallergenic water-based paint;
                • Interior option for a nursery in a marine style

                  • combine different materials or textures.
                  • Considering that the child is growing rapidly, and reworking the wall covering takes a lot of time and is not cheap, it is preferable to paint them or glue the wallpaper in calm neutral tones of white, sand, blue.

                    Photo of a nursery in a marine style

                    The use of companion wallpaper looks interesting:

                    • in the play area - striped or patterned;
                    • by the bed - plain.
                    • On a note! The wallpaper most often depicts sailboats, steering wheels, maps, a wind rose.

                      You should not get carried away by the inhabitants of the underwater depths, this creates the feeling that the child is in the depths, at the bottom, moreover, the abundance of bright pictures tires the eyes and irritates.

                      Having painted the walls, one of them can be turned into a stylized map by drawing it yourself, or you can use a photo wallpaper with a sea view for decoration.

                      Big room

                      The combined design of the walls gives coziness and looks interesting:

                      • half covered with unvarnished wooden panels;
                      • painted on top or pasted over with neutral wallpaper.
                      • Floor

                        In the marine room for a boy, the floors are both practical and decorative.

                        Therefore, for decoration and comfort they use:

                        • parquet board;
                        • laminate;
                        • Floor in the room

                          • cork;
                          • linoleum.
                          • Light wooden floor of birch, poplar, pine or linoleum imitating planks create the atmosphere of a sailing ship.

                            Dark wood looks gloomy, so it is not used in the children's room.

                            Compact children's room

                            Natural parquet or textured laminate is covered with clear varnish for safety.

                            Cozy children's room in a marine style

                            Ceiling and lighting

                            The ceiling is made out with the following materials:

                            • plaster;
                            • suspended structures made of plasterboard;
                              • PVC film;
                              • wood.
                              • Children's room in a marine style for a boy allows you to decorate the ceiling in an original way, enhancing the given style.

                                1. Plastered ceiling is painted white or dark blue. Antique lamps, equipped with fan blades and clad in copper, look great on such a ceiling.
                                2. Using plastic plasterboard on the ceiling, you can build complex multi-level compositions that create associations with a porthole or an open deck. However, do not get carried away with built-in ceiling lights, the marine theme requires eye-catching stylish lamps, chandeliers or sconces. But it is interesting to combine drywall with a stretch ceiling so a starry or azure sky, clouds appear on the ceiling.
                                3. PVC film ceilings quickly remove any defects in the ceiling from the eyes, without requiring careful alignment. Stretch ceiling can be:
                                  • white;
                                  • with pictures;
                                  • Children's room decoration

                                    • colored.
                                      1. The ceiling is sheathed with planks, creating the illusion of a cabin on an old ship. An equally advantageous option is to attach beams to the ceiling. Ropes threaded through beams and dangling vintage fishing lanterns support the nautical theme.
                                      2. Lighting zones the space, in the nursery in a marine style, lamps are used on the topic:

                                        • in the form of sea inhabitants;
                                        • imitating antique, copper;
                                        • Nursery in a marine style photo

                                          • neutral white shades are also suitable.
                                          • Furniture

                                            In the interior of the nursery, the marine style is supported by correctly selected furniture made of natural wood, no chipboard, glass, plastic.

                                            Furniture for a children's room in a marine style

                                            In such a room, a minimum of furniture is required:

                                            • bed;
                                            • cupboard;
                                            • Interior design of a nursery in a marine style

                                              • table and chair;
                                              • possibly a shelving unit and a drawer unit.
                                              • On a note! All furniture items are practical, for example, there should be additional drawers in the bed.

                                                Designers suggest using ready-made bed-ship, table-steering wheel, but playing pirates or travelers for a boy can get bored, and the furniture will remain.

                                                Therefore, it is more advisable to use furniture that is suitable in style, but of a classic look.

                                                Furniture for a nursery in a marine style


                                                The amount of decor correlates with the size of the room: the smaller the room, the less decorative elements are used. A little, but in the right style and color, this is the principle of choosing accessories.

                                                Marine style in the children's room

                                                On a note! In the design of the room, photos with a view of the sea and old sailing ships, geographical maps are suitable for a boy, a globe is definitely required.

                                                Helps Create Atmosphere:

                                                • sports complex with ropes and rope ladder;
                                                • a hammock stretched along the wall;
                                                • Interior of a children's room for boys of different ages

                                                  • signal flags;
                                                  • ship models;
                                                  • Children's option in a marine style

                                                    • antique pendulum clock;
                                                    • bell;
                                                    • Decorating a nursery in the style of a ship's cabin

                                                      • wooden chest.
                                                      • Children's room for a girl in a marine style

                                                        The design of a children's room for a girl in the spirit of a beach house has its own nuances.

                                                        1. Ceiling. The texture is not of paramount importance, the ceiling can be simply painted, stretched or made of drywall, but it must be light.
                                                        2. Lighting. The style of the beach house requires the use of lighting fixtures that are simple in shape, possibly imitating old ones.
                                                        3. Floor. Covers:
                                                          • parquet;
                                                          • Children's room for girls

                                                            • laminate;
                                                            • floorboard.
                                                            • In contrast to the boyish room, the color scheme is dominated by light, the floor looks like it has been whitened by time.

                                                              1. Walls. Should preferably be in color:
                                                                • warm white;
                                                                • turquoise;
                                                                • Children's room for a girl in a marine style

                                                                  • sand;
                                                                  • coral;
                                                                  • Photo of a nursery for a girl

                                                                    • vertical striped.
                                                                    • A good option is a combination of different textures on the walls near the bed and in the play or work area.

                                                                      A good option for a girl's room

                                                                      In general, the walls should make a light, light impression, as if the house is saturated with warmth.

                                                                      1. Furniture. A nautical-style nursery requires certain furnishings. In such a room, plastic, glass, chrome elements are inappropriate. Furniture should be:
                                                                        • wooden, looks good artificially aged or slightly worn;
                                                                        • wicker rattan, bamboo.
                                                                        • No heavy pretentious products, only light simple shapes. Furniture color white, light yellow, ocher.

                                                                          Harmoniously fit into the style of rack and pinion products with forged elements. Upholstered furniture (sofa, chairs) with striped upholstery looks great.

                                                                          1. Accessories. A children's room in a marine style for a girl will be incomplete, if you do not complete the image with the necessary decor, they will become:
                                                                            • a mirror in a frame made of coral or pearls;
                                                                            • soft poufs;
                                                                            • Beautiful room for a girl

                                                                              • vases with shells;
                                                                              • tulle canopy over the bed;
                                                                              • wicker baskets or chests.
                                                                              • With the help of decor, bright colors are added to the interior, but in this case it is important not to overdo it and observe the color scheme.

                                                                                Such a room, photos are presented in the gallery, will become the girl's favorite place to stay and will not bore the child for many years.

                                                                                Textiles and carpet in a nautical style for the nursery

                                                                                Various textiles (carpets, curtains, bedspreads) laconically complement the interior, harmonizing it.

                                                                                Textures and materials

                                                                                In a marine nursery, a carpet is required to match the room and match the entire decor, so coverings in blue, turquoise, blue, ultramarine, green or coral are perfect.

                                                                                Such a carpet is often depicted:

                                                                                • fish and other marine life;
                                                                                • starfish, shells, algae;
                                                                                • Set of nautical pillowcases

                                                                                  • ships;
                                                                                  • ship elements anchors, steering wheels;
                                                                                  • Interior pillows in a marine style

                                                                                    • mermaids and pirates cartoon characters.
                                                                                    • A versatile carpet with a wave or stripe pattern. Floor coverings with wide stripes look nice, while a baby blanket is best decorated with narrow stripes. Artificially aged carpets are very beautiful. Sisal mats are also suitable in style, but they are stiff and chafe children’s knees when playing.

                                                                                      Carpet in a nautical style in the interior

                                                                                      Carpet shape matters too:

                                                                                      1. Manufacturers offer different shapes of carpets: round, oval, square, rectangular. Ideal combination when the silhouette of the carpet repeats the design of the ceiling.
                                                                                      2. The textured carpet in the form of an anchor, a fish, a life buoy, a ship, an island looks interesting.
                                                                                      3. Nuance: the carpet should fit the size of the room, that is, it should not bend against the wall or tuck. In the nursery, you need to regularly lift the carpet for cleaning, and give the carpet to dry cleaning.

                                                                                        Carpet naval aviation

                                                                                        The marine design of the nursery will be incomplete without curtains:

                                                                                        • natural fabrics are used, preferably dense unbleached linen or canvas;
                                                                                        • the curtains easily go down to the floor, if necessary, they are supported by hooks with shells, stars or small rope ropes;
                                                                                        • Window decoration in the nursery

                                                                                          • wooden horizontal blinds are suitable for protection from light.
                                                                                          • Window decoration should not prevent light from freely entering the room, filling it with lightness and spaciousness.

                                                                                            The bedspread also supports the theme set by the design, so:

                                                                                            • necessarily matches in color;
                                                                                            • natural fabric, dense;
                                                                                            • Bed in a bookcase niche

                                                                                              • on the bedspread, the same patterns are used that are already in the room, but if the room is stylistically neutral, then it is the bedspread that can attract attention with the marine theme.
                                                                                              • You can lay out funny bright pillows in the shape of fish, stars, anchors on the children's bed.