Flowers in the bedroom according to Feng Shui: rules and photos of interiors

Flowers in the bedroom according to Feng Shui photo

The bedroom is the room in which any person spends the most of their time. It is there that the arrangement, decor and planning should be done so correctly and concisely so as not only not to interfere with sleep and rest, but also to promote high-quality relaxation.

Flowers in the bedroom according to Feng Shui should be arranged according to the special laws of this teaching, thanks to which you can harmoniously plan the space and nourish it with positive energy.

Bad influence

There is a widespread belief that indoor plants located in the bedroom negatively affect sleep.

Feng Shui indoor plants

This is due to the peculiarity of flowers to emit carbon dioxide at night, which contributes to the consumption of oxygen in the room.

As a result, the human body not only does not rest during sleep, but also experiences harmful oxygen starvation.


However, there are certain tricks that allow you to furnish your sleeping room with different colors without compromising your health.

  1. If the owners of the bedroom cannot imagine their life without indoor plants, Feng Shui recommends acquiring only those species that release oxygen at night. This will promote healthy sleep and quality rest. However, this does not mean at all that there is no limit on the number of pots. Spiritual practice recommends using no more than 3-4 copies.
  2. You can use certain plants that will allow you to achieve the necessary or desired goals. For example, if a couple who owns this bedroom often have family discord, it is necessary to independently designate the sector of love and understanding in the room in order to place 2 bamboo on their perimeter. An important point - both shoots of the plant must be young and located in the same pot. This kind of flowers in the bedroom in Feng Shui will help mend relationships and restore harmony. To achieve an enhanced effect of this method, you can purchase two already intertwined bamboos
  3. If the bedroom belongs to a single person, delicate flowers must be placed on the sectors of love and relationships, which are responsible for mutual sympathy and feelings.
  4. The main and main plants in this room should be champions in air purification, such as tradescantia, chlorophytum or spathiphyllum.

    Feng Shui in the interior

    Such natural air purifiers can even cope with tobacco smoke and at the same time do not emit harmful carbon dioxide at night, which eats up oxygen.

    Arrangement of colors

    Feng Shui orchid in the bedroom

    Orchid is a gorgeous flower, it has long been considered a symbol of tenderness. If such a beautiful plant was located in the bedroom, it was believed that there were no quarrels and discord between the spouses.

    Feng Shui orchid in the bedroom

    However, Feng Shui does not recommend placing a flower in a break room due to its negative effect on the inhabitants.


    This effect is expressed in insomnia and constant headache, the cause of which will be very difficult to recognize.

    It is believed that the orchid is able to stimulate a person to be creative, helps to establish mental activity, which makes this flower more suitable for an office than for a room in which the body must rest.

    Feng Shui orchid

    On a note! If there is a great desire to place an orchid near the bedroom, you can find an exit in the form of a balcony or a winter garden, provided that you live in a private house.

    Despite its beauty, this plant has a negative impact on health and is completely unsuitable for recreation rooms.


    Feng Shui peonies in the bedroom

    Another flowers in the Feng Shui bedroom that require special attention are peonies.


    Important! The location of this plant is viewed from the opposite side relative to the orchid, since such a flower, on the contrary, has a very positive effect on the situation.

    The peony symbolizes prosperity and wealth, honor and love, as well as the complete harmony of its owners.

    Feng Shui peonies in the bedroom

    If there are difficulties with the arrangement of peonies around the recreation area in a live form, it is possible to use them in the form of paintings that can be placed directly above the sleeping bed.

    Symbol of love and wealth

    The bedroom window can be safely decorated with one or two pots of peonies, which will harmoniously dilute other plants.

    The peony is rightfully considered a strong love talisman that can and should be placed in the chosen love sector of the bedroom. The wonderful aroma of plants will be a great addition, kindle passion and ardor of feelings.

    Peony flower

    If the bedroom belongs to a girl, then these bright flowers can also be placed there, which will emphasize her sexuality and youth. In addition, peonies correctly installed according to the rules of Feng Shui will allow you to quickly meet love and warm up a real fire of feelings.

    Red peonies

    Various plants for the restroom

    Even if the relationship between the inhabitants of the bedroom is perfect, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of placing various flowers in the bedroom in Feng Shui.


    Of course, it is worth using only those plants that do not harm health and at the same time contribute to quality rest.

    It is important to consider the following selection guidelines:

    1. Chlorophytum is indispensable in any room, especially in the bedroom, since large plants of this class can clean a room within a radius of three square meters around them.
    2. Geranium is great for relieving stress. In addition, this plant allows you to repel insects and parasites due to the special aroma emitted.
    3. Hamedorea - benzene absorber. It is advisable to place this flower on the window for those whose bedroom windows face directly onto the motorway. The plant will cleanse the air from exhaust gases and prevent it from entering the apartment or house.
    4. Lemon in the form of an ornamental tree can kill bacteria, repel mosquitoes and midges, and also eliminate infections. Plus, don't overlook the plant's fresh citrus scent.
    5. Ficus will saturate the air in the bedroom with oxygen and humidify it. Recommended for those premises in which a dry climate prevails. If you correctly place the ficuses in the bedroom in Feng Shui, there will be no need to purchase a humidifier.
    6. Sansevieria, despite its small size, emits a huge amount of oxygen. In addition, this plant is able to enhance human immunity during sleep. Feng Shui experts recommend using this plant in the bedroom without fail.
    7. Aloe or agave is capable of releasing a huge amount of oxygen, and this process prevails in the plant at night.
    8. For those who suffer from chronic ailments of the respiratory tract, it is recommended to install rosemary in the bedroom. Phytoncides in the composition of the plant alleviate the condition of patients with asthma and bronchitis.
    9. Aspagarus is also suitable for the bedroom, as it is able to remove hard metals from the air. It should be placed on the window sills facing the road.
    10. Arrange flowers in the bedroom according to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, observing special rules.


      In addition, it is important to take into account the benefits of a particular plant for the human body at night, and then the green spaces will bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also benefit.