Renaissance bedroom: photo examples and proper design

Renaissance bedroom

Among all historical styles, the Renaissance style is the most generous and harmonious. It combines antique clarity and endless human ingenuity, normativity and flight of fantasy.

The Renaissance bedroom is the coziest embodiment of this magnificent style that requires special skill and aesthetic sensitivity.

Renaissance characteristics

The Renaissance era (Renaissance) is a bright, like a flash, historical era that left humanity with the legacy of genius creators.

Renaissance notes in the interior

The Renaissance was an aesthetic and humanitarian revolution that turned the idea of ​​the structure of the world and the place of man in it, creating non-religious canons of beauty.

Bedroom style for a small room

For almost three centuries of the Renaissance, such tremendous changes took place that the thousand-year and seemingly unshakable way of life was undermined, but, of course, art and culture were transformed in the first place.

Creating a Renaissance style in the bedroom

We can say that the art of interior design was born precisely during the Renaissance. Comfort and convenience have never been at the forefront of the architectural planning of secular buildings.

There was even a special type of city palace - a palazzo, in which the functional purpose of the premises was not inferior to their decoration, and behind the majestic facade was hidden a cozy courtyard with a fountain and other decorations.

Bedroom decoration

In general, the Renaissance is characterized by:

  • appeal to the heritage of antiquity with its "golden section", plasticity and the cult of corporeality;
  • anthropocentrism, the revival of the principle “man is the measure of all things”;
  • Modern bedroom design

    • humanism - a new system of values ​​that recognizes a person's right to freedom, happiness and well-being;
    • hedonism - the desire for pleasure;
    • Renaissance style in the interior

      • development of arts and sciences;
      • pantheistic views that identified the universe and God;
      • Renaissance long curtains

        • the discovery of perspective in painting;
        • change of the geocentric model of the structure of the world to the heliocentric one.
        • Renaissance gray curtains for a golden bedroom

          Renaissance style in the interior

          Worldview changes were reflected in the interior decoration of the space of the premises.

          Renaissance style in the interior

          Renaissance interiors are characterized by:

          • implementation of the principle of proportionality and perspective;
          • harmony of shapes and lines;
          • Renaissance furniture

            • symmetry;
            • self-worth and independence of every detail, which all come together into a single whole;
            • the presence of arches;
            • the use of natural materials: precious woods, natural stone (primarily marble), ivory;
            • authentic furniture - real architectural works in miniature: they have columns, pilasters, numerous decorations. The furniture was decorated with gilding, carving, mosaics, ornaments; upholstered in expensive fabrics or embossed leather;
            • the range of colors of a wide variety of tones, more often bright, saturated colors (however, now the most popular shades of white and pastel colors);
            • rich decor with columns, pilasters, cords and brushes; murals on walls and ceilings;
            • Renaissance bedroom photo

              • floral ornament;
              • wall decorations in the form of convex images of cupids, mythological creatures, various animals, garlands;
              • Renaissance style in the interior of a bedroom photo

                • creating a bright, joyful atmosphere.
                • During the Renaissance, magnificent, richly decorated cassone chests appeared; stools and benches were replaced by luxurious carved chairs with high backs and lush inlay. Sofa cushions have become ubiquitous, giving the interior additional comfort and coziness.

                  Renaissance style

                  Paintings in gilded frames play an important role in the interior of the Renaissance style. Watches, musical instruments were and remain favorite accessories. The lighting was created by candles in luxurious candelabra. Among the textiles, mention should be made of brocade and silk in bright colors and with large patterns. Corduroy, jacquard and damask were also used.

                  Spacious Renaissance style bedroom

                  On a note! The Renaissance style has national variations.

                  Particularly interesting is the Spanish Renaissance style.

                  The Renaissance in the bedroom interior is incredible

                  It is a unique mix of Italian and French influences, Christian Gothic and Moorish style.

                  Renaissance bedroom decoration

                  It is characterized by:

                  • geometric ornament;
                  • using vibrant whites, reds, greens and blues.
                  • However, the main achievement of the Renaissance in the field of home improvement is the division of residential premises into zones.

                    Now the kitchen is separated from the dining room, the reception room - from the bedroom and study.

                    Historical interior design styles

                    The concept of a private, private space, hidden from prying eyes, appears. All this is associated with the emergence of individualism, not characteristic of all previous eras.


                    Renaissance bedroom interior

                    During the Renaissance, a bed in noble houses is a monumental structure with columns, sculptures, a canopy made of luxurious fabrics. She was richly decorated with carvings, stood on a dais.

                    Renaissance bedroom interior photo

                    A modern Renaissance bedroom, a photo of which can often be found in magazines about the life of stars, although it remains the same pretentious, it is still more cozy and intimate.

                    Incredible bedroom design

                    Finishing and color scheme

                    The stone floor common in Renaissance interiors is not suitable for the bedroom: it is cold and too rough for her. For the flooring of a Renaissance sleeping room, the best option is ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles. To make the floor comfortable, you can use the "warm floor" technology or lay elegant carpets. A wooden floor made of precious woods is also possible.

                    Renaissance in the interior photo

                    Renaissance bedroom should be bright, with high ceilings. A good visual solution, giving height to the ceiling, will be arches and vault-like multi-level structures.

                    In the middle, you can place an artistic composition or an intricate ornament.

                    Renaissance bedroom picture

                    The walls in the bedroom can be plastered, faced with marble and other natural stone, richly decorated with carved wood panels, decorated with frescoes or art panels.

                    Interior styles in pictures

                    Important! The color scheme of the room can be very different.

                    However, the most important thing is that there should be no color contrast in the interior. Shades of decor and decoration items should be in harmony with each other, make up a single whole. It creates a calm, serene environment.

                    Finishing and color scheme

                    Interior and decor items

                    A Renaissance bedroom should not be overcrowded with things: in this style, the rooms are spacious and free. Interest in antiquity inherent in the style can be emphasized by columns and arches, plots of wall painting.

                    Renaissance carved sideboard

                    Interestingly, the Renaissance did not seek to artificially increase the space, so there are very few mirrors in authentic interiors. They are installed only in the bathroom and in the bedroom if desired.

                    Early renaissance

                    Used as lighting: a stylized antique chandelier, wall sconces, candelabra lamps, candlesticks with real candles.

                    Historic bedroom

                    On a note! The Renaissance bedroom is characterized by gilding, wood carvings and furniture decoration with rich ornaments.

                    Of course, the main accent of such a bedroom is a luxurious bed in the center of the room. She sets the tone for the rest of the furniture - dressing table, chest of drawers, wardrobe. Tip: the bedroom can be decorated with live plants, vases of flowers.


                    The Renaissance era is the first breakthrough in the history of mankind to comfort and coziness, and Renaissance interiors are a clear confirmation of this. They embody the harmonious unity of man and the world, their proportionality and beauty.