Space style room: description and interior ideas

Space style room

The functionality and technogenic nature of all objects, as well as some futuristic appearance in their appearance, are the basic principles of creating a space interior. Living room, bedroom, nursery, office, any space-style room will become unique and fully demonstrate the original taste and unusual hobbies of its owners.

Space interior perfectly complements such style directions as hi-tech, minimalism, modern, techno. How diverse the space is, so differently it is possible to implement such an interior in an apartment or a separate room.

Universe style room design: main features

The right choice of colors is of great importance, allowing you to instantly create the right mood.

Universe style room design

The following colors are suitable for a space interior:

  • black;
  • silver-steel;
  • Children's room design

    • full range of blue from azure to deep blue;
    • White;
    • Space-style nursery interior

      • purple;
      • orange, red, yellow, green as complementary shades.
      • Depending on how exactly the space interior is seen, shades are chosen.

        Ceiling starry sky photo

        Bright neon colors will fit perfectly. However, color overload should be avoided: 1-2 primary colors and 2-3 additional colors will be enough.

        Outer space in the design room

        As the space is multifaceted, so varied is its embodiment in design: from a ship from Star Wars to the conquest of Mars and an interstellar expedition. When decorating a room, you can implement the idea in detail at all stages from finishing work to the selection of furniture, or you can get by with meager strokes in the form of unusual accessories.

        Star wars in the room

        How to decorate the ceiling

        The ceiling can be decorated in different ways, based on the budget and the overall design task:

        1. The easiest way is to use luminous stickers, with their help the interior is quickly transformed.
        2. Painting with textured or luminous paints will help to recreate a real starry sky or an entire galaxy cluster.
        3. A space-style room can be decorated in the form of a spaceship, then the ceiling is decorated with silver or white beams, imitating metal struts and cladding.
        4. Complex design solutions helps to implement the installation of a plasterboard ceiling. Anything is built from it:
          • multi-level ceiling, with deliberately man-made built-in lamps;
          • semicircular ceiling, smoothly flowing into a futuristic interior;
          • Ceiling decoration

            • porthole.
              1. PVC foil. The color of the stretch ceiling is chosen depending on the design of the room, drawings can be made on the ceiling, as well as fiber-optic threads can be embedded to create the illusion of a real night sky covered with a scattering of stars. The combination of PVC film and drywall creates unlimited space for imagination.
              2. Plastered and covered with white paint will be the perfect screen for a starry sky projector.
              3. A comfortable home for life

                Space floor

                It is simple to make a floor in a space style, its main characteristic is practicality. After all, everything on the ship is utilitarian, without luxury and unnecessary frills.

                Space floor

                Therefore, linoleum, parquet, laminate are used for the floor. Plain colored flooring should be either dark (gray, brown) or almost white, metallic silver.


                The universe on the walls

                Wall coverings embody the main semantic load of the design, therefore, their decor is especially important:

                1. The easiest way to wallpaper. The following types of wallpaper are suitable for the implementation of the idea:
                  • plain, subsequently decorated with stickers;
                  • for painting;
                  • The universe on the walls

                    • fluorescent;
                    • with space drawings for the nursery, funny pictures with aliens or rockets are suitable, for the living room imitating galaxy clusters, the galaxy, wonderful views of the Earth in the bedroom.
                      1. Drywall. Equipped with LED or fluorescent lighting, the structures embody the most daring ideas:
                        • a porthole with a view of an alien planet;
                        • simulated lander dome;
                        • Lilac bedroom in cosmo style

                          • the interior of the starship;
                          • ship control panel.
                          • Unusual fantastic solutions will decorate the interior if they are executed accurately and efficiently.

                            Tip: using plasterboard structures, you can visually increase the room space.

                            1. An interesting result is the use of textured materials such as plaster or liquid wallpaper. They make it easy to simulate unusual surfaces.
                            2. Light and space

                              A space-style room will not make the desired impression if the lighting system is not thought out.

                              Light in the room

                              The following will fit perfectly into such an interior:

                              • high-tech or minimalist chandeliers;
                              • lamps of complex or deliberately simple geometric shapes;
                                • lighting fixtures made of chrome-plated metal, frosted or transparent glass;
                                • LED devices that allow you to adjust the brightness of the lighting;
                                • Spotlights;
                                • special table lamps and sconces that imitate the surface of the moon or a planetarium;
                                • Stretch ceiling starry sky with illumination

                                  • hanging from the ceiling lamp-balls of different sizes, which depict the planets.
                                  • On the windows you can hang roller blinds with a map of the starry sky, horizontal metal blinds.

                                    Space furniture

                                    A space-style room is not cluttered with furniture, but all items should be laconic, multifunctional and practical.

                                    Space furniture in the bedroom

                                    In order for the furniture to match the space interior, it must be:

                                    • unusual shapes, streamlined and, on the contrary, clear geometric will do;
                                    • restrained, muted color;
                                      • made of modern materials metal, preferably chrome-plated, durable glass, plastic;
                                      • on sofas, upholstery made of leather or leatherette of light colors looks good;
                                      • Starry sky on the ceiling

                                        • equipped with additional functions, for example, a built-in table near the armchair, drawers near the sofa.
                                        • Such furniture will emphasize the utilitarian character of the space interior.

                                          Advice. In the living room on the floor, you can put puffs of an unusual shape.

                                          In the bedroom, the design basis is a bed of an interesting shape (round or ellipse).

                                          Ecumenical accessories

                                          Any room is unthinkable without accessories that add individual character to the design of the room, give it a unique flavor. Tending towards minimalism, space-style premises require a little additional decor.

                                          Space style bedspread

                                          But on the other hand, it should be bright and unusual, eye-catching shape or color.

                                          Space theme in modern interiors

                                          Almost any room can be quickly converted into a Baikonur or alien abode by using:

                                          • lamps of an unusual shape, imitating the Moon, the Sun or working in the planetarium mode;
                                          • lava lamps;
                                          • Pillow space

                                            • paintings depicting landscapes of alien planets or a view from space;
                                            • photographs taken by astronauts from orbit;
                                            • Space magic in the interior

                                              • star stickers;
                                              • a star map on the whole wall;
                                              • Lava lamp

                                                • clock-planetarium or clock in the form of the moon;
                                                • a blanket with a space pattern;
                                                • pillows that depict constellations, the moon or nebulae, or glow in the dark.
                                                • On a note! Themed curtains and a carpet will decorate the room, and then a space-style room, a photo of the best options is offered in the gallery, will become the most beloved place on earth for its owners.

                                                  Space style room for a boy

                                                  Each child has its own space. Some have it inhabited by pirates, some have good aliens, the third dreams of opening a new star. Based on the desires and aspirations of the baby, the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bdesigning his room and the necessary finishing materials are determined. The main task is to make the child cozy and comfortable.

                                                  Cosmo style room for a boy

                                                  Most often, the walls, floor and ceiling in the nursery are trimmed with neutral materials in soothing colors of white, gray, blue. Metallic color looks good, immediately evoking cosmic associations.

                                                  Space style room for a boy

                                                  Important! Furniture in the nursery should be ergonomic, comfortable and safe.

                                                  You can purchase a special bed, made in the form of a rocket or a spaceship cabin, where you need to climb a ladder.

                                                  Children's comfort zone

                                                  Or you can limit yourself to the decor of the bed with metal handrails or stickers.

                                                  Rocket shaped bed

                                                  Particular attention is paid to the design of the baby's desktop. If you make LED lighting around the perimeter, then the table will turn into a control panel. Modular storage systems or a wardrobe decorated in a general style are suitable for storing things.

                                                  Apartment in urban style

                                                  Toys fit easily into boxes designed as rockets or moon rovers. Bean bags are laid out on the floor to play with friends. A successful novelty of designers - ball chairs that are suspended from the ceiling. Sitting in them, it's easy to feel off the ground.

                                                  Thematic room decoration

                                                  Bed linen, which depicts a spacesuit or a star cluster, the same blanket and pillows will complete the picture. It is appropriate to put a carpet on the floor, on which, depending on the general theme of the room's decoration, are depicted:

                                                  • planets and the solar system;
                                                  • rockets;
                                                  • Photo of the nursery in cosmostyle

                                                    • funny aliens;
                                                    • galactic spirals.
                                                    • In the room of a matured child, a strict steel-colored carpet looks good.

                                                      Futuristic interior design photo

                                                      A few accessories and a space room for the boy is ready:

                                                      • a cluster of multi-colored lamps on the wall;
                                                      • rocket lamps;
                                                      • star map;
                                                      • Telescope

                                                        • telescope;
                                                        • note board designed in the form of a porthole;
                                                        • Projector

                                                          • thematic stencils or drawings;
                                                          • projector.
                                                          • Rack ceiling: aluminum, photo, suspended, installation, albes

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