French style kitchen: description and interior ideas

Stylish kitchen design

Today, thanks to a large amount of information, opportunities, finishing materials, people have become more interested in interior design, decoration of premises in certain styles. French stands out from all the others for its special subtlety, beauty, soulfulness, elegance. A kitchen decorated in French will definitely become the center of an apartment or house, will be the pride of its owners, demonstrating their impeccable taste and attitude to beauty. A French-style kitchen will definitely resemble interior trends such as baroque or empire, shabby chic or country. However, Rococo and Baroque in it will be devoid of pomp and extravagance.

Style features

Learning French is easy enough. There is probably no mistress in the world who would be indifferent to him or did not dream of such a kitchen for herself. Some designers say that this style can be realized on any square meters.

Kitchen decoration in French style

However, in a small kitchenette, this style from France will not open up and "sound" as it does in a spacious room. Although, probably, there may be exceptions. The main features of the style are:

  • pastel, light colors with a predominance of white;
  • furniture with smooth lines, curves and curls;
  • the presence of gilding in the decoration;
  • only natural materials in furniture, textiles, decoration;
  • lack of contrasts, sharp color, texture transitions.
  • On a note! The preferred color for this style is white.

    But color mixes are also not prohibited, leading to the appearance in the interior of cream, caramel, beige, yellowish, creamy shades with mother-of-pearl.

    Stylish kitchen interior in white tones

    French-style furniture is made only of natural wood, possibly in combination with metal, forging. It can be antique or imitated "antique" with a touch of shabby chic. But it must invariably be decorated with gilded, carved elements, various curls.

    The cult of everything natural here refers not only to furniture, but also to textiles, finishing materials, among which there may be stone, ceramics, metal, wood. If it is not possible to use exclusively natural materials, you can resort to imitations, but extremely high quality and environmentally friendly.

    stylish design of the kitchen interior

    The French are subtle connoisseurs of beauty, traditionally jealous of their history. Therefore, in their kitchens you can often find antique furniture, which has become one of the main features of this style.

    The French cuisine has an extraordinary charm, "airiness", filled with sweet home warmth and, at the same time, delicate, expensive sophistication, reminiscent in places of palace interiors. Hence, in the French style, certain directions began to be distinguished. And each has its own very recognizable features and details.

    French style kitchen interior

    Style directions

    French-style kitchen design can be done in one of three directions. And although their division is considered arbitrary, it is enough to look at the photo of each of them to understand how they differ from each other. So, French cuisine can have features:

    • provence;
    • palace hall;
    • cozy cafe, bistro.
    • Kitchen decoration in brown tones

      French Provence, or country, is more suitable for summer cottages, country houses, cottages. However, if you want to feel like you are outside the city in the middle of a metropolis, Provence is perfect. For those who wish to have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, as if in the palace of French kings, you should choose accommodation with a royal spacious kitchen.

      kitchen decoration in beige colors

      Its interior should have columns, stucco molding, balusters, other architectural delights, as well as a large number of various expensive decor.

      country style kitchen interior

      A bistro or café is ideal for small kitchens that can nevertheless be easily divided into zones. Everything here should be arranged according to the laws of simple home comfort, convenience, functionality. However, such an interior is not devoid of a certain character and interesting, memorable features. In general, the French style feels good on any squares. But, choosing it, you should start from the area of ​​the room. Indeed, on 9 squares it will be very difficult to recreate the palace splendor, and at a few tens of meters it will hardly be possible to feel the intimacy and coziness of a bistro or cafe.

      cuisine in the style of a French cafe

      French cafe style kitchen

      If you want a kitchen space filled with incredible romance, coziness, charm, you should dwell on the option of styling like a French cafe. As a result, there should be a room divided into 3 zones: a work room, where cooking will take place, a bar - for easy communication, a dining room - where the whole family will gather.

      Cafe-style kitchen

      The interior should be created using the following elements:

      • light wallpaper with texture;
      • paintings with streets of French cities in interesting, carved frames, monochrome photographs;
      • panels or frescoes with travel themes;
      • furniture with wrought iron elements;
      • interesting, stylish buffets;
      • tablecloths, curtains contrasting with other accessories, textiles;
      • simple dishes;
      • lighting: diffused over the dining area and bright over the working area;
      • sconces in the form of candlesticks;
      • tiled floors.
      • On a note! In a kitchen-cafe, everything should be conducive to simple, relaxing communication in a comfortable, simple environment.

        French-style kitchen-cafe

        However, the room should have interesting accessories, indicating that this is not just a kitchen, but the "possession" of a person who loves to travel, for example. You can also choose one of the thematic stylizations. Perhaps the theme of old French cinema and fill the kitchen with black and white mysterious romance.

        French style kitchen interior: walls, floor, ceiling

        Consider surface finishes suitable for each direction. If you plan to create a palace kitchen, wall surfaces need to be finished with paint or plaster with a matte effect, mother of pearl. The apron in this case is laid out with tiles of cream, beige shades, which should not contrast with the rest of the finish. An excellent option for walls - painted fragments with pastoral or landscape subjects. The palace ceiling is necessarily emphasized by a border, stucco elements. Especially the area with the chandelier should be highlighted.

        French style kitchen floor

        For a Provence kitchen or a cafe, you can choose "rough" wallpaper with a large texture, plaster or wood panels, artificially "aged". The ceiling can be simply painted.

        To properly decorate the floor of the kitchen in the French style (palace hall), you can rely on various photos of our site, guided by the main principle: it should look extremely expensive and emphasize the status of the owner of the premises. You can choose from glossy ceramic tiles, parquet, bleached oak. In the area of ​​the dining table, you can lay an expensive woolen carpet to match the rest of the finish.

        Luxurious French style kitchen

        For a cafe, Provence, the floor should not be distinguished by solidity, high cost. Therefore, you can choose a wooden board of average cost, budget tiles, and replace the carpet with a stylish mat.

        Furniture, decorating items

        Furniture for the kitchen-palace is the element in which the style is revealed to the maximum. These should be expensive classic headsets with graceful noble curves, carvings, glass, gilded inserts and spectacular upholstery made of curtains, brocade or other fabric with shiny embroidery.

        Wooden furniture options are suitable for both Provence and cafes, but these should be simpler ensembles, without pomp and gilding. Headsets with elements of shabby chic, artificially aged, or really old and restored are also suitable for Provence.

        The kitchen, of course, cannot do without technology.

        French-style kitchen furniture

        Today it can be matched to almost any style, but for French (especially palace style), you should choose the option with wooden facades, overhead elements, bronze handles, with glass or porcelain inserts.

        Regardless of the choice of direction, French cuisine will not do without decor.

        On a note! For the palace version, you should choose porcelain vases, crystal chandeliers, paintings in expensive frames, figurines as if from the era of classicism.

        kitchen furniture in french style

        The cafe is characterized by floral textiles, black and white photographs, retro frescoes. If the Provence kitchen is finished, it should be filled with cute handmade gizmos, ceramics, baskets and pots, textiles with animal prints and a large number of flower bouquets.