Feng Shui cuisine: design rules and photos

Kitchen design rules

Feng Shui cuisine is not only the personification of the impeccable taste of the apartment owners, but also the path to material wealth, peace of mind, prosperity and family well-being. For a reason, the kitchen is considered a special place in the house, because it is in it that the whole family gathers at one table.

It is by the design of this room that the Chinese conclude about the well-being of the owners of the house, therefore it is not strange that in the Taoist practice of Feng Shui a special place is reserved for the arrangement of the kitchen. We invite you to study the basic rules and subtleties of creating an interior according to Taoist practice in order to bring harmony and positive energy to the house.

Feng Shui cuisine: design rules

Experienced masters assure that feng shui is a fairly effective way to improve the quality of life. Naturally, if you want to achieve the desired result with the help of Taoist philosophy, then when arranging a room, you should be guided by some principles.

To avoid common mistakes, we recommend that you study the basic rules for creating a design and decorating a room.

  1. Get rid of old and unnecessary things. Leave only what you really use, and move the rest to the closet or throw away. A lot of unnecessary items not only gives the interior a cluttered look, but also prevents the accumulation and free movement of positive Chi.
  2. Feng shui kitchen photo

    1. Maintain order and cleanliness. Try to wash dishes immediately after meals, regularly wipe tables and work surfaces, remove greasy deposits from stoves and dishes, and regularly mop the floor. By cleanliness, the Taoist Feng Shui masters mean not only the absence of garbage in the kitchen. They argue that in this room it is absolutely forbidden to quarrel, argue and fuss. It is also contraindicated to store broken things or spoiled food here. Experts believe that clutter can attract setbacks, as well as negatively affect the material well-being of family members.
    2. Eco-style kitchen design

      1. Remove all foreign objects from the kitchen. Try to move a variety of souvenirs, paintings and photos to another room so that in addition to the kitchen utensils needed for cooking and eating, there are no others in the room. Also, experts recommend that you always close the shelves and choose furniture with rounded corners when decorating a room. Keep in mind that junk and sharp corners impede the flow of Chi.
      2. Feng Shui color kitchen

        1. If you are not cooking, then the countertop should be clean. After use, it is advisable to put the food processor, coffee grinder and other equipment in one of the kitchen cabinets.
        2. Feng Shui paintings for the kitchen

          1. Store items that are similar in function or use together. For example, set aside a separate corner or special box for spices, and place cutlery in an organizer for forks and spoons.
          2. Bright eco-style kitchen

            1. Check regularly that the items used are in good condition. It is very important to pay attention to every detail. Change light bulbs in time, monitor the state of kitchen appliances and stoves, do not forget to sharpen knives. The clock in the kitchen, equipped with Feng Shui, must be promptly wiped with a damp cloth, and do not forget to change the batteries. Even such seemingly insignificant little things can affect your material wealth and success.
            2. Modern feng shui cuisine

              1. Do not overload the countertop with kitchen utensils and decor items. It is intended solely for cooking, so it is not advisable to store anything on it. Keep your countertop clean and tidy at all times.
              2. Beige kitchen

                1. Pay special attention to the kitchen oven. The stove is the strongest symbol of wealth in the family, so it should be treated with special trepidation and respect. If you want to bring more positive energy into your home, follow the advice of the experts and start using all the burners, not just a couple of the largest. According to Feng Shui, the more burners work, the better.
                2. How to design a kitchen using Feng Shui

                  1. Every kitchen should have elements such as Fire, Water, Earth and Metal. As a rule, there is no Earth energy in this room. You can add this element by placing a miniature plant, photo wallpaper or a tablecloth depicting plants or fruits in the room. When the above elements are in harmony, you will notice their positive effect on your mood and well-being. The kitchen design presented in the photo demonstrates the perfect combination of all interior items.
                  2. Bright feng shui cuisine

                    1. Feng Shui kitchen decoration is the way to a beautiful figure and a healthy body. People struggling with overweight are not recommended to use photos, paintings and other decorative elements in kitchen design that even remotely remind of food. Instead, decorate the interior with images of beautiful landscapes or bright bouquets. Dishes should be stored in closed cabinets, and vases with sweets, fruits and cookies should be removed altogether. Replace them with flowerpots. Place a few magazines or books on the table so that the dining table is not associated exclusively with food and eating.
                    2. Now that you have studied the basic rules for arranging a Feng Shui kitchen, we suggest that you consider a few photos of interesting designs.


                      Feng Shui cuisine location

                      The location of the kitchen plays a very important role, therefore, when choosing an apartment or starting the construction of a private house, this issue should be given special attention. If you make a mistake with the choice, then in the future you will have to resort to many tricks so that the interior is harmonious and meets the established rules. There are often cases when, due to the unfavorable arrangement of rooms, the owners have to radically change the layout of the apartment.

                      Important! Fire is dominant in the kitchen, so it is best to place it in the south or southwest.

                      If in your house it is located in the northwest, correction or even a complete redevelopment may be necessary.

                      Harmoniously decorated kitchen

                      The kitchen located in the west should not only be decorated according to Feng Shui, but also be equipped with special decorative elements. Experts note that this room is characterized by a special energy, so it certainly needs to be separated from the rest of the rooms.

                      An excellent solution would be to equip the kitchen in the back of the house. Among modern designers, studio apartments widespread in the West are gaining more and more popularity, where the kitchen is located in the central part of the house.

                      Bright feng shui cuisine

                      Such a layout provides for the combination of the dining room with the living room and even the hallway, which in turn is unacceptable according to the generally accepted rules of Feng Shui. Followers of this doctrine argue that such an arrangement can lead to frequent family conflicts and quarrels. If you nevertheless purchased a studio apartment, then zoning of the space will help to neutralize the negative impact of the layout.

                      Feng Shui cuisine kitchen design rules

                      For these purposes, you can use decorative partitions, cotton curtains, screens, as well as various design solutions for individual functional areas. So that the smells of food do not bother you during your rest, take care of good ventilation and install a powerful hood.

                      Food is considered a symbol of material well-being, which most people try not only to preserve, but also to increase. That is why experts do not recommend equipping the kitchen near the front door. Indeed, in this case, you seem to leave your wealth on the doorstep, from where it can easily slip away.

                      Kitchen arrangement

                      It is believed that guests who come to the house, where the kitchen is in the front of the house, intend to leave it immediately after a hearty meal. Another reason why such an arrangement is considered unacceptable is the flow of various energies coming from the external environment through the front door. The kitchen becomes defenseless and vulnerable, which can negatively affect the inhabitants of the apartment. Agree, when entering an apartment, we often leave on the doorstep the tiredness that has accumulated during the day, and irritation, and various negative thoughts.

                      Feng Shui kitchen color photo

                      Also, the door can be associated with unexpected guests, beggars and obsessive neighbors. The kitchen is a special place in the house, so it is highly undesirable to let negative energy near it. In addition, when the kitchen is located in the immediate vicinity of the front door, the owners may develop ailments associated with the digestive system. The fear of losing the accumulated funds greatly affects the overall energy of the house. It can cause regular overeating, which in turn has a negative effect on the figure, health and performance of a person.

                      Discreet feng shui kitchen finishes

                      Of course, redevelopment requires a lot of costs, so if you can't do it, protect the kitchen with a strong door, extravagant beaded curtains, or put an exotic plant at the entrance that will take all the attention.

                      Optimal kitchen color

                      The bathroom is an undesirable neighbor for the kitchen, since Water has a very strong energy, which simply will not allow wealth to linger in your home for a long time. Perhaps the reason that money is constantly flowing out of the house, like water, lies precisely in the wrong layout.

                      Perhaps the only room that can make a harmonious company in the kitchen is the dining room. If the layout of your apartment is incorrect from the Feng Shui point of view, for example, the kitchen is oriented to the north - do not be discouraged. You can correct the influence of unfavorable factors with the help of special crystals and wind chime.

                      Useful tips for kitchen planning

                      Flowers for the kitchen according to Feng Shui

                      Many people like to decorate their homes with beautiful flowers. This is not strange, because flowering plants delight family members with their excellent appearance and give a spring mood. So, how to choose flowers for the kitchen according to the rules of Feng Shui? Depending on the energy released, plants with male (Yang) and female (Yin) energies are distinguished. The former include flowers such as dracaena, lemon or asparagus, and the latter include violet, petunia and cyclamen.

                      Chic Provence style kitchen

                      On a note! To achieve harmony, the dwelling is decorated with both representatives of the flora with male energy, and with female.

                      But here, too, there are some nuances. The fact is that Yan plants are categorically not recommended to be placed in the kitchen. They are better for decorating those rooms in which a masculine presence should be felt, for example, in the bedroom.

                      In exceptional cases, such flowers can be placed in a dining room with south-facing windows. Flowers with Yin energy, on the other hand, will perfectly fit into the interior. Moreover, kitchens located in the north or northeast must be decorated with flowers without fail.

                      Provence beige kitchen

                      This will help attract happiness and prosperity to the family. In the following photos you can see the kitchen decorated in Feng Shui, complemented by various flowers and floral arrangements.

                      Feng Shui aquarium in the kitchen

                      Many people like to observe exotic fish while cooking and want to place an aquarium in the kitchen. But in this matter, it is also necessary to take into account some recommendations and warnings. Followers of Taoist practice do not recommend putting an aquarium in the kitchen for women who are in the position. It is believed to be able to weaken the health of the baby. As noted earlier, the element of Fire reigns in the kitchen, therefore, by adding a water talisman to the room, you can disrupt the previously created positive energy. The kitchen equipped according to the rules of Feng Shui is shown in the photo.

                      Aquarium in the kitchen

                      On a note! If you want to add some decorative elements to the room, then hang a beautiful clock in the kitchen.

                      They will contribute to the early implementation of the tasks and goals.

                      Feng Shui cuisine style

                      The application of Taoist practice in interior design will bring harmony and well-being to your home. The main thing is to adhere to the basic rules and recommendations of specialists. We invite you to view photos of beautiful Feng Shui kitchen designs in order to choose some interesting ideas for yourself.