Rustic bedroom: design ideas

Rustic bedroom

The country-style bedroom has been in fashion since the time when cities began to thrive in the world. It was then that the townspeople began to get bored with the monotonous layouts of interiors of premises made in buildings of glass and concrete. At the same time, not all city dwellers had the opportunity to purchase a country house or a summer cottage. As a result, such design solutions began to develop that made it possible to create a rustic interior in a bedroom in a city apartment.

A rustic bedroom is the creation of the atmosphere of a rural hinterland of any country

Its useful to note! Different countries of the world have their own concept of "rustic" style. So, for example, in England this style is called country, and he came to the city from the rural areas of the English hinterland. In other countries, this style has its own names. In addition, the rural style of interior design has no clearly delineated boundaries, so each country has its own characteristics.

So, for example, in Russia, the village style is understood as the reconstruction of the appearance of the premises of a traditional Russian house. The country style is usually associated with the city, since it came in Russia initially to city apartments and buildings, and from there it migrated to the provinces, where it still does not connect with the countryside.

Bedroom in Russian rustic style

In the bedroom in the Russian rustic style, you can find walls made of logs, wooden furniture, natural materials, carpets, and even a stove

Country style bedroom

Country style bedroom looks more modern

In any case, Russian and English rustic design is similar to the use of only natural materials in the decoration of premises, for example, stone and wood. At the same time, the Russian bedroom can be made a little even rude, but for the English one, in any case, it will be characterized by the presence of some sophistication. It is very fashionable to use handmade furniture here. Various products from textiles and other fabrics are also very popular.

Rustic style welcomes the spirit of antiquity, but not antiquity, so it is usually customary to display old things, for example, it can be old or aged boxes and chests. Naturally, not everyone can competently combine antiquity and modern achievements of technology, as well as the simplicity of the village style with the urban way of life, without falling into vulgarity. Therefore, if you liked a bedroom in a rustic style, you should find a photo of it in advance, in order to fit it as clearly as possible into the architecture of a particular room.

Rustic bedroom chest

An antique chest will help to complement the provincial interior

Old cabinet in rustic style

Old cabinet in rustic style

Features and designs for a rustic bedroom

The design will depend on which branch of this style you choose for yourself. But you should end up with a wooden-style bedroom. To date, such areas of this style are popular in interior design as:

  • Russian;
  • French;
  • English.
  • All these branches are characterized by the presence of simple outlines, rigor and minimalism, the use of furniture and handmade accessories. In this case, all decorative elements must be made semi-antique. Naturally, in this case, it is strictly forbidden to use such modern materials as metal and plastic when decorating a bedroom. If metal products are used, they must be forged or otherwise stylized for manual processing.

    Natural materials in a rustic bedroom

    The main thing for rustic bedrooms is the use of natural materials, as well as handcrafted products such as forging

    The interior of the bedroom in a rustic style begins with the choice of design from the photo. It is the photographs that will help you understand how to combine certain design elements to decorate a room, for example, as a French "village". Such an offshoot of the described style is called Provence and is characterized by rich pastel colors. In addition, it is very desirable that shades of blue are also present in the design of the bedroom. The fact is that they create a wonderful atmosphere of the seaside.

    Provence style bedroom

    Provence-style bedrooms are decorated in light pastel colors, there is a floral print and graceful wrought iron elements

    Rustic comfort in a bedroom in Provence style

    Rustic comfort in a Provence style bedroom is created by combining wooden elements and simple floral patterns

    Provence style bedroom in a wooden house

    Provence-style bedrooms in a wooden house are complemented by many cute accessories

    The Russian rustic style declares the absence of pretentiousness as the main requirement, since its basis is simplicity. It is with this that the choice of the main finishing material is connected - wood. So, for example, a wooden floor can create coziness in a bedroom, while used boards, previously restored, are perfect for finishing it.

    Simple wooden bedroom in Russian rustic style

    In a simple bedroom in a Russian rustic style, wood is the main material, and an antique chest of drawers and a bed will help to complement the interior

    Parquet is not used in Russian "village" bedrooms; in extreme cases, you can put a decorative stone under the "tree" on the floor. The ceiling is also made of wood, while the beams are usually left unplastered.

    Nuance! An integral part of the Russian rural bedroom is the presence of a chest, which can not only store certain things, but also be used as a bedside table.

    Bedroom in Russian style

    In the bedroom in the Russian style, the walls are left unplastered

    Fireplace in the bedroom in Russian style under the stove

    In the bedroom in the Russian style, you can arrange a fireplace under the Russian stove, whitewashing it

    As for the country style, it is originally from England, and therefore aristocratic. It is characterized by the use of furniture made from light woods. The center of the bedroom here is a fireplace, near which a small sofa or armchair is placed. Relaxing by the fireplace, you can indulge in philosophical reflections or meet with friends. If we talk about the traditional ornament for decorating an English country bedroom, then this is a cell.

    Bedroom with English country fireplace

    An integral attribute of an English country bedroom is a fireplace

    Checkered print in the bedroom in the English country style

    Often in the bedroom in the English country style, a checkered print is used in textiles

    Rustic bedroom interior

    After you have chosen a rustic-style bedroom design, the photo will need to be downloaded in advance from a specialized website in order to adhere to the sample later. At the same time, it will be just fine when the bedroom in a rustic style is done by hand. If we talk about the most recognizable details of this style, then it is characterized by the active use of a floral pattern, both in the design of the bedroom itself and in its design elements.

    Floral print on the wall in a rustic bedroom

    To highlight any area, you can use wallpaper with a floral pattern, and leave the rest of the walls wooden

    In addition, on the walls, you can apply such a technique as using striped wallpaper or fabric products. In some cases, this solution will allow you to make the ceiling higher or the room wider. Professional designers do not advise using more than two stripes when decorating walls, as this will look inharmonious.

    Painting wooden walls in a rustic style

    To revive the room, you can paint the walls in any color

    It is mandatory for finishing, regardless of the style branches, the floor, the main elements of the ceiling and walls, accessories must be made of wood. Windows should also be decorated with wooden frames, and the slopes and window sill should be chosen so that they reflect the spirit of the rustic style.

    Wooden frames in the bedroom in a rustic style

    For a bedroom in a rustic style, the window frames, despite the popularity of plastic structures, are best made wooden

    If the bedroom is decorated in the city, you can add natural shades of gentle tones to its design, for example, blue and purple. Moreover, they can be present in the color scheme of furniture. For example, if you decide to make the ceiling in a beige tone, then you can install dark furniture in the bedroom in combination with a light wardrobe or vice versa.

    The center of the room, decorated in any version of the rustic style, should be the bed. Unlike the classics or neoclassics, it should have a high headboard without unnecessary decorations. In addition, upholstery made of floral fabric is welcome.

    Location of the bed in the rustic bedroom

    The center of a rustic bedroom is most often a massive bed

    The more in the interior of the bedroom, made in a rustic style, there are various homemade accessories, the better. So, for example, in a Russian rural bedroom, you can hang a towel on the wall, put clay pots and plates on the shelves. If you use the country style, then you need to parade dishes in a country style in it, but instead of pots you can place earthenware plates.


    Towel - a homemade towel made of homespun canvas, with embroidery in the form of Slavic patterns - amulets

    Patchwork duvet in a rustic bedroom

    The rustic style can be complemented by a patchwork quilt made by the hostess

    Experienced interior designers advise to permanently exclude materials such as plastic and metal from the decoration of the bedroom in a rustic style. They are appropriate in modern or high-tech style. The maximum that can be allowed is forged metal products and items made of bronze or brass. They are used in all countries to decorate premises in the provinces.

    Rustic bedroom decoration

    Carved elements and branches perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom in a rustic style

    Wooden chandelier with forging

    Forged elements also go well with wood

    Rustic bedroom furniture

    Despite the fact that a rustic-style bedroom should be made as simple and strict as possible, it should also provide the maximum level of comfort for the owner of the room. So, for example, it must include the following elements in the furniture set:

    • sofa;
    • cupboard;
    • chair or stools;
    • chest of drawers or chest.
    • A bed of trunks and branches

      A massive bed made of trunks and branches looks interesting in a rustic bedroom

      Log furniture in a rustic bedroom

      Furniture from a log will fit well into the design of a rustic bedroom

      At the same time, this style does not welcome the installation of shelving or the use of modular furniture. The fact is that they are attributes of such design styles as hi-tech or modern. These are urban styles, and they are capable of killing all the rural spirit in a bedroom decorated in the style of a rustic interior with even one decorative element from their arsenal.

      So, for example, the sofa in the bedroom should have a design that will emphasize the natural setting in the room. In addition, it can be quite free-looking and not tied to some conventions. For example, it is quite possible to put a fairly modern sofa in a rural-style bedroom. With floral and pastoral upholstery, it fits perfectly into a rustic setting.

      Floral print of textiles in the interior

      Floral print of textiles can dilute the wood interior

      Another must-have for any bedroom is a wardrobe. Here he must be rough and massive. Its fittings must be made of wrought iron. Bronze and brass elements allowed. Shelves, drawers and other pieces of furniture must be sufficiently massive and durable. If it is necessary to emphasize the originality of the furniture in the bedroom, this can be done using a carved cabinet with small doors and handles.

      Chairs and stools in the described design style, if made of wood, will look great in a rural interior. In addition, you can install wicker chairs with soft cushions. The same can be put on a dressing table with a natural wood worktop.

      Wicker furniture in the bedroom

      Wicker furniture can complement the bedroom interior

      Separately, it is worth talking about old or aged furniture. Naturally, the first option would be preferable, but such furniture should be original and have a more or less decent appearance. Aged furniture can be made by hand. For this, special painting techniques are used, as well as abrasive materials. If done correctly, even the newest closet can look like it stood in your grandmother's bedroom for 20 years.

      Vintage accessories in the bedroom in a rustic style

      Complement the interior with vintage accessories inherited

      Antique rustic chalet furniture

      Antique rustic chalet furniture

      Some features and nuances

      In addition to the general requirements for decorating a bedroom in a rustic style, you must also take into account some of the nuances. They are able to give the described design style of interior decoration of premises a finished look. If you do not take them into account, you can get a room that does not have a complete image.

      So, for example, lighting in this style should be muted, not bright. Soft light must be present. Usually this effect is given by the flame of an ordinary slash. In connection with this circumstance, it makes sense to install sconces and lamps in the rustic bedroom that imitate the light of natural candles. The chandelier should be the same.

      by the way! Rustic bedroom decor also includes a mix of styles, but within reasonable limits. So, for example, it is quite possible to add some elements of the style of antiquity to it, in the case when you need to arrange a sleeping room in the spirit of a Greek village.

      If you want to embody the Provence style in the bedroom, you may well combine it with elements of the Art Nouveau style.

      It makes sense to remind about the zoning of space. In the described design style, it is also actively used. So, for example, you can install, if necessary, a partition in the bedroom from the wardrobes or make a small sill. Chests, chests of drawers, a sofa can also zone the space, highlighting, for example, a seating area or storage areas for bedding.

      Zoning the sleeping area with curtains

      You can separate the sleeping area with curtains

      Bedroom - a living room in a rustic style

      Bedroom - a living room in a rustic style

      Household appliances and electronics when placing a bedroom in the described style should not be displayed. The fact is that the village usually does not have many modern accessories and gadgets. In connection with this circumstance, it is worth considering the possibility of neatly moving the same TV into a closed cabinet or installing it on a shelf decorated in a rural style.

      Experienced interior design experts advise combining a rustic bedroom with other rooms in a similar vein. The fact is that a classic living room, due to its luxury and aristocracy, for obvious reasons, will cause dissonance. It is best to decide in advance which rooms will be adjacent to each other, and to design them in a harmonious style. In this way, you can achieve the appearance of the effect of completeness of the image of the entire apartment.