Loft-style bathroom: design and photo of interiors

Loft-style bathroom

Loft-style bathroom - this is a bathroom located in the attic. It is worth noting that the word "attic" is not quite a suitable definition for this style, since it implies a wider range of concepts.

The fact is that this style was born in the USA, in the industrial center of this country, where the land has become very expensive.

As a result, around the middle of the twentieth century, the owners of industrial enterprises began to hastily move them out of town. After such transfers, there were such premises as:

  • workshops;
  • administrative buildings of factories and plants;
  • Bathroom

    • utility rooms.
    • As they were considered habitable, the owners began renting them out. Naturally, the price of such premises was significantly lower than the price of residential buildings and apartments in them. As a result, the first apartments in this style were inhabited by people of free creative professions who needed large areas for equipping creative workshops and studios in them.

      Bathroom design

      At the same time, many of these "rebels" remained to live with them, so they soon needed a loft-style bathroom, inscribed in the design of such a workshop or studio.

      Loft in the bathroom

      Since the vacated industrial premises had walls without finishing, they housed open building structures, and also there were not exported machines and mechanisms, they became an excellent place for holding art exhibitions. As a result, they began to be appreciated by representatives of bohemia and quickly became fashionable.

      Accents of nautical tones in the loft bathroom

      Naturally, the same bathroom loft did not speak about the special wealth of the owner of the room where it was located, but it emphasized his refined taste and gave him a true esthete. At the same time, such a room was very inexpensive, so both novice creative personalities and representatives of the impoverished aristocracy could purchase it.

      As a result, the loft style has spread throughout the world, and now it is very popular in many industrial areas of the world capitals and in large cities.

      Loft style bathroom photo

      On a note! Since this style of interior design arose on the basis of "waste" industrial buildings, some flaws in their architecture and layout are forgivable, for example, it is quite acceptable when brick ledges are visible or there are walls plastered with different plasters.

      The plank floor is quite appropriate. The loft style perfectly combines various old decorative elements, such as pipes and ventilation ducts, as well as new accessories - mirrors and electrical household appliances and electronics.

      Loft style bathroom furniture

      Bathroom loft

      The loft-style room has a very original appearance for the reason that it imitates the spirit of the abandoned industrial premises, which are adapted for living. As a result, the loft-style bathroom has such a design as if its owner had neither the time nor the money to finish. To recreate the spirit of the former premises of a factory or workshop, modern designers erect brick walls in such rooms or decorate existing partitions "like brick" using modern artificial materials.

      Bathroom loft

      Another hallmark of this style is practically "zero" wall decoration. The ideal option would be when the walls just remain brick. The rougher such a wall looks, the better. In the same case, when the bathroom is small, you can paint the brick with white water-based paint. The fact is that this tone gives the room the visual effect of a large space.

      Dark gray loft bathroom tiles

      On a note! In addition to brick, wood is very widely used in the design of the bathroom, made in the described style.

      It is intended to dilute the cold design of the room and bring a touch of natural warmth to the strict, laconic atmosphere.

      Wood, preferably valuable species, can be used to decorate the floor, countertops, as well as parts of the walls.

      Loft style

      Also, along with brick and wood in the loft style, concrete and ceramic tiles are used. Concrete in this case allows you to give walls and partitions in the bathroom almost any shape. This is evidenced by photos of loft-style bathrooms - they are posted on the Internet on sites dedicated to interior design. At the same time, concrete surfaces are usually left unfinished, although, if necessary, they can be painted in different colors, depending on what kind of appearance you are going to give the design of the room.

      Practical bathroom design

      As for ceramic tiles, they are very widely used, since, perfectly protecting the walls and floor from the negative effects of moisture, the tile allows you to perfectly fit the bathroom into the loft-style standards. If we talk about the varieties of tiles, then starting the renovation of a loft-style room, you should pay attention to the so-called hog tile, called in Europe "metro". The fact is that it allows you to get smooth surfaces, while maintaining the spirit of minimalism and simplicity in the room.

      Loft-style bathroom: small area

      Loft-style bathtub design assumes a large area. After all, initially such rooms were made in rooms that were left from the industrial facilities previously located in them. As a result, such apartments are characterized by a large area and fairly high ceilings. They also often have a non-standard layout due to the fact that they were previously an integral part of the production halls of factories and plants.

      Small bathroom area

      If your bathroom is small, then to decorate it in the described style, you will need to apply special techniques in order to withstand all its requirements. So, for example, to visually make the room seem large, you should not place large plumbing fixtures in it. Usually a small loft-style bathroom, a photo of which can be found on the website, is equipped with a shower cabin instead of a bathroom.

      Bathroom design in loft style photo

      Such a move allows you to significantly save space in the room, while all its functions will be preserved and the ease of use will not suffer. Experienced interior designers advise in this case to purchase those shower cabins that have walls made of transparent or frosted glass. The loft style is characterized by the presence of a large amount of light, and glass allows you to achieve this effect even when the area of ​​the entire room is small.

      Contrast solution of walls in a loft bathroom

      In addition to installing a shower cabin instead of a bathroom, in the described interior style, you can use such a move as the use of built-in furniture. First of all, it can be various lockers for storing bathroom accessories. You can also, in principle, abandon all furniture, replacing it with shelves, as well as towel racks.

      Bathroom decor elements

      On a note! If the bathroom has openings or niches, they can also be used to decorate a loft-style room.

      For example, plumbing fittings are ideally placed in them, which allows you to free up precious square meters for the same shower stall. It is worth noting that the design of the room, namely its photo, must be done in advance. The fact is that the photographic image allows you to most competently fit even the smallest bath room into the loft style standards, without making any serious mistakes.

      Steel in the bathroom

      Loft-style bathroom wall decoration

      Since in the described style of bathroom design the main element of the interior is brick walls, their decoration in any case will be aimed either at their design in accordance with the standards of the loft style, or creating an imitation of brickwork in the room.

      Loft-style bathroom wall decoration

      A bathroom with a photo of such a wall decoration will help you understand in advance which design techniques will need to be applied in one case or another.

      So, for example, natural brickwork can be simply painted with water-repellent paint or covered with water-resistant varnish.

      Loft style bathroom picture

      As for the imitation of brickwork, it can be done in several ways.

      Loft style in the bathroom

      So, at present, such masonry is imitated using:

      • tiles;
      • putties;
      • Loft style bathroom design picture

        • special wallpaper.
        • If you intend to use tiles to imitate brick, know that this will be considered the easiest option for decorating a loft-style bathroom. Moreover, in most cases, it will be quite enough to purchase artificially aged tiles in a hardware store and then plant it on the same concrete wall with special glue. The seams here are sealed with a putty, which, among other things, serves to protect the seam from the effects of harmful microorganisms that live in a humid environment.

          Beautiful bathroom

          The second option for imitating brickwork using tiles is making it yourself. To do this, use a form made of construction silicone. Gypsum or alabaster is poured into it. If the owner of the apartment wants to imitate white brick, it will be preferable for him to take alabaster for pouring into the mold, but if he needs the effect of a rough and untreated surface, alabaster should be replaced with plaster.

          Small loft-style bathtub

          The putty also allows you to simulate brickwork. To do this, it is necessary to apply markings "like a brick" to the surface of the wall. Next, a construction tape of the same thickness is glued in order to create separate "bricks". After that, putty is applied with a layer of up to two centimeters, and the tape is torn off wet. After the mortar dries, the imitation of brickwork will be one hundred percent.

          Bathroom with white bricks

          If we talk about the simplest way of decorating walls in this style, then we can call it gluing ordinary wallpaper. To do this, you just need to choose the wallpaper of the required type and stick them on the wall. It is necessary to choose the right waterproof glue, as well as carefully monitor the joints, because if the drawing moves out even a couple of millimeters, the entire effect of imitation will be lost.


          Loft style bathroom tiles

          In addition to brickwork or brick-like wall decoration, a loft-style bathroom can be decorated with tiles. It should be noted that bathroom tiles in any case should be waterproof and not be afraid of exposure to pathogens on its surface. In addition, it is preferable to choose those varieties that have the effect of aging, as this corresponds to the image of an industrial premises.

          Bathroom decoration

          If we talk about color solutions, then they can be very diverse. So, in this design style, a combination of three basic colors is allowed: white, brown and black. In the event that you have chosen them correctly, it will be quite possible to make a floor covering for a bath of almost any type and design. The same goes for the walls.

          Loft style in the bathroom photo

          It should be noted that modern industry produces a whole range of ceramic tiles designed for installation in the bathroom. At the same time, for bathrooms made in the loft style, it will be preferable to use those types of it that imitate all the same brick or wood. Tiles that are too modern or too colorful and bright are not suitable for this interior design option.

          Loft style bathroom interior

          The use of mosaic tiles is allowed, but this must be done very carefully so as not to spoil the existing image of the room. In this case, the mosaic would be best placed somewhere in the corner, or allocate a separate place for it in such a way as to create the effect of a production mosaic. At the same time, it is best to choose tiles with drawings of a production format, for example, with the image of machines and mechanisms. You can also use it to carry out the slogans of Soviet times on the wall.

          Bathroom photo

          As for the floor, in a loft-style bathroom, it is worth putting tiles in restrained tones on it. It should simulate floors in production halls. To do this, it is best to take products of modest colors. It is desirable that such a tile is in harmony in appearance and color with the decoration of the walls of the room. In this case, the bathroom will receive a complete image.

          Small bathroom in loft style

          Loft-style bathroom renovation

          If you decide to make repairs in the bathroom in this style, you should choose a photo of its future interior in advance, because decorating the room in such a way that you can comfortably use all the achievements of civilization in the field of plumbing and at the same time maintain the entourage of the factory workshop, not everyone can do it amateur designer.

          Loft-style bathroom renovation

          So, for example, usually when repairing a room that the owner inherited from a plant or factory, in this case, pipes, beams, various fittings are not dismantled, on which, by the way, the presence of traces of artificial corrosion is permissible. In addition, you should also not dismantle the protruding corners and walls, as well as other unusual architectural elements of the room.

          Loft style in the interior

          But what should be demolished during repairs is partitions and internal walls. The fact is that the bathroom, the design of which is made in the loft style, does not tolerate any partitions inside. If zoning of the room is necessary, then it will require different wall finishes. So, for example, the place of the room where there will be accessories for washing and hanging clothes can be done with waterproof plaster under the "brick". The immediate area for taking a shower and performing other hygienic procedures is finished with tiles.

          Unique bathroom design

          Otherwise, the procedure for repairing a bathroom will be no different from repairing any bathroom, taking into account the features inherent in the loft style.

          Unique bathroom design

          Loft-style bathroom furniture must be purchased with an emphasis on its exclusivity and mobility. In this case, it is worth giving preference to original things, rarities. So, for example, chairs or benches made of wood will perfectly fit into this interior.