American-style room: ideas for decoration

American style in the interior

There are times when interior design well characterizes a certain way of life, or even the mentality of a particular people. An American-style room is a perfect confirmation of this.

Characteristics of the American style in interior design

American style is one of the most comfortable and functional interior styles. It expresses the pragmatism inherent in Americans, efficiency, the desire to subjugate space, to reject everything superfluous and redundant. The home should be comfortable, spacious, cozy and ergonomic. These are the basic home improvement requirements of the average American.

Important! The history of the formation of the American style can be used to reconstruct the history of the formation of the American nation.

It is no coincidence that the United States is called the "melting pot of peoples and races". Modern Americans are the result of three hundred years of mixing of immigrants from different parts of the world: Europeans, Africans, Asians, Indians. For a long time, the defining moral system of the country was the ethics of Protestantism, with its cult of simplicity, frugality and moderation.

Beautiful and comfortable room decoration

The American style is based on English: most of the first settlers were from England. However, other styles also had a great influence on the formation of the style: classicism, gothic, baroque, rustic and even art deco.

Apartment design

Due to its fundamental openness to various influences and readiness to change, this style is very flexible. Normativeness and rigor - not about him.

Bedroom interior design

So, the features of the American style:

  • eclecticism;
  • democracy;
  • American style

    • harmony;
    • versatility;
    • Bedroom design idea

      • simplicity;
      • openness to new trends.
      • Among modern trends, it should be noted such signs as:

        • open space planning;
        • organization of the entire interior around the center of the dwelling;
        • American style in the interior photo

          • an abundance of all kinds of technology;
          • replacement of natural materials with cheaper options;
          • functionality.
          • Important! An American-style room should be spacious, not create a feeling of clutter, and the arrangement of things in it should be subordinate to expediency.

            In general, the arrangement of an American home is characterized by the presence of a large number of niches and pseudo-partitions, which only visually separate one room from another.

            American style studio apartment design

            At the same time, the individualism inherent in Americans is expressed in the desire to create their own personal space.

            This can be done to a large extent with properly arranged furniture and other tweaks. And, of course, the bedroom, nursery, guest room, bathroom and toilet rooms are separated by reliable walls, very often soundproofed.


            American style room decoration

            American rooms are a triumph of practicality and rationalism, frugality and comfort. This manifests itself in everything: interior decoration, furniture arrangement, quality and quantity of interior items and decor.

            American style room decoration

            When finishing the ceiling, they use as decor:

            • ceiling beams painted in contrasting brown colors;
            • plain moldings that do not differ in color from the ceiling itself.
            • Most often, the ceiling is painted or whitewashed in calm white, cream or beige colors.

              American style bedroom project

              American-style flooring is made from:

              • parquet boards;
              • laminate;
              • American style photo

                • ceramic tiles:
                • artificial stone;
                • Cozy American style bedroom

                  • wooden board.
                  • Americans rarely use carpets and carpets. Instead, they prefer bare floors with underfloor heating. Only in the bedroom and in the sitting area of ​​the living room you can see a discreet carpet or carpet.

                    Decorating the rooms of American teenagers

                    The walls of American-style rooms are rarely decorated with stucco, frescoes and other splendor. Most often they are smooth and monochromatic, coated on a plastered surface with light oil paint. Also, the walls can be covered with wallpaper in a small geometric or floral pattern. It is better to refuse bright and large prints.

                    American-style walls

                    The most popular decorative elements on the walls are wooden (and often unpainted) panels. Cheaper panels made from MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard - can also be used.

                    Room decoration in American style photo

                    Color solution

                    The color scheme in rooms decorated in American style is most often made in light colors. Tip: you can combine several colors in one room. For example, dark brown with red and white, sand with white and blue, red with white and blue.

                    Color solution

                    The most harmonious combination is the combination of white and brown colors, their shades:

                    • dairy;
                    • cream;
                    • American character in the interior of the room

                      • beige;
                      • sand;
                      • Beautiful and comfortable room decoration photo

                        • chocolate;
                        • nut;
                        • American style interior beautiful photo

                          • coffee;
                          • chestnut;
                          • Varied and creative interior ideas

                            • Ivory.
                            • Interior items, decor and accessories

                              An American-style room should be decorated simply, without unnecessary decorative load and an abundance of accessories.

                              Modern american style

                              Neat and comfortable furniture is installed in the central area, and not along the walls of the room. The center of a large combined room is zoned by massive soft sofas and several armchairs.

                              All other furniture is placed around them. It is desirable that the pieces of furniture within the room or living area are from the same collection.

                              Acceptable accessories include:

                              • posters;
                              • various photos;
                              • American colonial style

                                • figurines;
                                • fireplace;
                                • sofa cushions;
                                • vases with fresh flowers;
                                • American style photo design

                                  • ikebana;
                                  • books.
                                  • The creation of an interior in a classic American style is impossible without the use of textiles. This style is not characterized by lush lambrequins and ruffles on the windows. Curtains should be made of plain or mixed fabric, for example a small geometric pattern. It is also possible to use Japanese and Roman curtains, blinds.

                                    American home interior design photo

                                    In general, textiles are cozy and homey. Furniture is upholstered with it, furniture covers, tablecloths, napkins are made from it. For this, mainly natural fabrics are used:

                                    • linen;
                                    • chintz;
                                    • American style apartment

                                      • cotton;
                                      • velours.
                                      • The leading role in the lighting of American rooms is played not at all by chandeliers, which it is desirable to exclude from the interior altogether, but by floor lamps, sconces, table lamps with lampshades and lamps. Mostly used spot lighting around the perimeter of the room or living area. The light should be soft and diffused. If you cannot do without a chandelier (in the living room or dining room), then it should be large and multi-track.

                                        Decor features

                                        American teen's room

                                        Having your own room is the dream of all teenagers. It is impossible to imagine the average American teenager deprived of his personal space - a symbol of his personality and self-expression. According to the well-established unwritten rules, you can enter the room of a young American only with his permission or by first knocking.

                                        American teen's room

                                        Decorating an American-style room for teens is no easy task. It is necessary to take into account the interests and preferences of its owner, but at the same time maintain the necessary balance between the desires of the teenager and the design features and style possibilities.

                                        Room for a teenager

                                        The room of a modern teenager has a number of features. This is his bedroom, dressing room and playroom. In order to isolate various functional areas, you can use their contrasting color design, emphasize this with appropriate accessories. It is necessary to do everything so that the child is as comfortable as possible in the room, so that he feels it truly his own.

                                        American teen room photo

                                        On a note! American style teen room provides all the opportunities to express the personality of the teenager, taking into account his interests and hobbies.

                                        It is also characterized by local lighting and large furniture located at a considerable distance.

                                        American teenager room interior

                                        American style rooms are very comfortable and comfortable. With all the simplicity and simplicity of the interior, they are nevertheless able to satisfy all the needs of a modern person, regardless of his age and social status.