From this article you will learn the general principles of rural style in the interior, and how to decorate a room in Russian, French and English rustic style.

Rustic room

A room in a rustic style, despite the rapid development in the twenty-first century of science and industry, which created a number of original finishing materials for decorating living quarters in a modern style of interior design, still remains very popular among owners of apartments and houses. This circumstance is connected both with the natural desire of people for home comfort and natural naturalness, and with the fact that the rustic design style allows you to arrange a room with minimal financial costs. As a result, the homeowner gets a rural landscape in a standard city apartment or house that combines maximum comfort with rustic simplicity and minimalism.

Rustic style room creates a cozy and rustic atmosphere

What is typical for a rustic style?

Modern interior designers claim that there are several options for decorating a room in a rural style. This is due to the fact that each country has its own concept of it. At the same time, the following types of it are most common: country - American and English, Provence, as well as the style of a traditional Russian hut.

Country style room decoration

Country style room decoration

Provence style living room interior

The rustic interior of the Provence style living room has a lot of floral elements and natural materials

Living room interior in Russian style

The interior of the living room in the Russian style is the log walls without finishing and the presence of a stove

At the same time, it is worth noting the fact that the design of a room in a rustic style and their photos have common features that are repeated in all substyles. These features currently include:

  1. Simple and somewhat rough finishing of the floor and walls, as well as the ceiling.
  2. The use of exclusively natural materials for interior decoration, such as stone, wood, natural fabrics. As for artificial materials, such as plastic and synthetics, their use in this style of interior design is strictly prohibited.
  3. The use of forged metal elements, as well as products made of brass and copper.
  4. Rustic living room with natural materials

    The rustic living room is characterized by the use of natural materials

    Rustic chandelier with rustic wrought iron

    The wood is perfectly complemented by forged and iron elements

    At the same time, all decor elements should have the spirit of antiquity here, that is, create the impression that the room or room has been used for a long time. In connection with this requirement, their colors should not be bright, although light colors are welcome. It is imperative to take paints only in natural colors, in addition, bright spots should not be allowed. The color of the room and its furnishings must be uniform and correspond to the color gamut that is accepted in the countryside of the country chosen as a sample.

    This style is characterized by the use of furniture made of solid wood. It should not have unnecessary decorative design, and its outline should be as simple as possible. It would be best to put in a room decorated in a rustic style, handmade furniture.

    Log furniture in the living room

    Furniture from a log goes well with a rustic interior

    Accessories in a rustic interior in the living room

    Log compositions and brass accessories in a rustic interior

    Complementing the rustic style with accessories

    A variety of homemade accessories perfectly complement the rustic interior

    As for decorative elements and accessories, it would be very appropriate to use various handicrafts, such as boxes, earthenware, plates. All such accessories must be homemade. Such crafts will be successfully combined with textile products - napkins, carpets, rugs and curtains. They are characterized by coloring in a cage, floral ornament and small polka dots.

    Checkered textiles in a rustic English interior

    Well in harmony with the English country style textiles in a cage and a flower

    country-style rugs and rugs in the living room

    Country style will be complemented by a variety of warm carpets in the living room

    Features of English and American country

    Since there are several variations of the rustic style in the world, in order to decorate an apartment according to its requirements, you will first have to decide what kind of design option will be implemented in a particular room. The fact is that the styles of country or Provence are seriously different from the interior design of a traditional country house typical for Russia.

    Advice! Therefore, before deciding which room in the rustic style will be decorated with you, you should choose a photo of such an interior in advance.

    If we take foreign rustic styles for consideration, then among them, two styles will be in the first place in popularity - country and Provence. Country style originated on the islands of Foggy Albion, and today there are English and American versions of it. At the same time, English country is the most strict of the known design styles, it does not tolerate luxury and pretentiousness.

    English country style interior

    The English country style interior looks provincial, but restrained and elegant

    It is characterized by dark tones with shades of red, dark green and brown. The furniture used in the design is massive, made with natural wood. In the room, in addition to cabinets, a solid sofa with leather upholstery is usually installed. In addition, textiles with tartan (Scottish plaid) colors and floral ornaments are widely used in the interior. The walls here are usually simply painted without the use of any finishing materials.

    Country style leather sofa

    Country style leather sofa will perfectly fit into the country interior

    English country tartan

    An indispensable attribute of the interior in the English style tartan - Scottish cage

    Traditional English country style in the interior

    Porcelain, floral textiles, homemade blankets and antiques can complement the living room in the English country style

    Various accessories, such as porcelain, brass lamps, antiques, round off the design of the country-style room. As for the American country, it is characterized by the use of rough stone used for decorating fireplaces and walls in combination with natural wood. In addition, another feature of the American "village" is the use of such an element of interior design as beams on the ceiling, which do not perform any other functions than decorative.

    American country beams on the ceiling

    In American country style, beams can often be seen on the ceiling

    Colors in American country are much lighter and more calm. Walls are usually hung with rough wood panels or painted with a plain light paint. As for textiles, in America it is being replaced by animal skins used as carpets and bedspreads, as well as traditional Indian fabrics.

    Animal skins in the interior of American country

    Animal skins are used as capes or carpets in the American country style

    Indian country style accessories

    Native American accessories are traditional for America, therefore they are often used in American country interiors

    When decorating a room, the choice between the English and American versions occurs exclusively at the request of the owner of the room and depending on what kind of interior he wants to create in the room. If he wants to reproduce the spirit of the English hinterland, then the classic country version is suitable for him, but if he is more democratic, he will need to adopt the American version.

    Modern apartment interior in country style

    Country-style interior will look stylish even in modern apartments

    Provence - rustic style from France

    In addition to England, the rustic style is widespread in France, and there it is better known as Provence (by the name of one of the provinces of the country). Unlike country style, it is more feminine and graceful. It is characterized by the use of light colors with pastel shades such as mint, lavender and sand. It is customary to decorate the walls of the room with wallpaper in a small flower and decorative plaster. The floors are finished with light-colored parquet with a pronounced wood texture.

    Living room in Provence style

    Provence-style interior combines soft pastel shades, an abundance of floral prints, and cute accessories

    As for the furniture, in the French countryside it is more elegant than in England, which should also be borne in mind when decorating a room in the Provence style. In any case, it must be old or artificially aged. Accessories and decorative elements here have the flavor of Southern France, so it will be necessary to demonstrate pottery, porcelain, as well as fabrics with floral designs typical for the French countryside.

    Living room in Provence style in the apartment

    The walls in the living room in Provence style can be decorated with decorative plates

    Provence painted wooden walls

    Provence accepts light shades, so painted wooden walls will look good in the interior

    Provence does not tolerate dark colors, as well as the use of artificial modern materials. Therefore, there is no place for plastic or synthetics. If such elements are necessary, they will need to be disguised as natural materials. In addition, in such a room, it would be undesirable to flaunt modern consumer electronics. So, the same TV should be hidden in a closet or a niche closed by a curtain.

    Shelf and accessories in decoupage style

    Lovely accessories and furniture can be restored and decorated in the decoupage style. They are perfect for Provence style interiors

    Accessories with cockerels

    The rooster is a symbol of France, so things with a rooster pattern will perfectly fit into the interior of the French province

    Room in Russian rustic style

    A rustic-style room is a privilege not only in England, America or France. The fact is that in Russia, since ancient times, its own version of the described style has developed. Its difference is its widespread use in the decoration and decoration of elements made of natural wood, which is typical for a traditional Russian log hut.

    Interior in Russian style

    The interior in the Russian style repeats the style of the Russian hut

    Its useful to note! Professional interior designers compare Russian country style with American country style.

    But instead of a fireplace in Russia, a stove is used, decorated with tiles or whitewashed. If a room in this style is decorated in a city apartment, such a stove can be imitated using ceramic tiles and bricks.

    Stove in Russian style

    The stove in the Russian style is the basis of the living room, according to tradition it is whitened or decorated with tiles

    Whitewashed oven in Russian style

    Whitewashed oven in Russian style

    In addition, the Russian style is original in that lace napkins and various tablecloths are widely used in the design of premises. As for the walls of the room "like a village", they are decorated with wood panels or imitation of a log. In the most unassuming version, it can be a simple whitewashing of the walls.

    Furniture in Russian style

    Furniture in Russian style, reliable and wooden

    Naturally, in such an interior and furniture should be atmospheric. It is best if it creates the effect of massiveness and roughness, while it should be made exclusively from solid wood, and not from chipboard or fiberboard. Its color should not be bright. The best option would be when it is aged or when the owner of the premises installs real old furniture brought from the village.

    Chest in the Russian interior

    An old chest can be used instead of a coffee table

    Lace tablecloths in Russian style

    The Russian style is also characterized by the decoration of surfaces with lace napkins and tablecloths

    Samovar and Zhostovo painting in Russian style

    Samovar and Zhostovo painting in Russian style

    In a room made in the traditional Russian style, there must be such accessories as a samovar, Zhostovo painted trays, Russian clay toys. You can also place things brought from the village there, for example, charcoal irons. In any case, this interior option should create the impression of simplicity and comfort in order to escape from the usual city bustle under your window. Therefore, there is no need to overload such a room with any modern household appliances and electronics.