Room in the English style: ideas for decoration

English style room

England is the birthplace of design, so much of the history of the design of the external environment refers us to the images of "Foggy Albion". This room in the English style is a wonderful example of creating an interior that revives the atmosphere of "good old England".

The history of the formation of the English style

This style has a long history. In general terms, it was formed back in the 16th century, and its originality and vivid national expression are associated with the fact that insular England did not experience such an influence of the ancient heritage as the continental countries.

Bedroom design in English

A typical English house combines elements of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, with unchanged oak paneling in the interior and a fireplace in the living room.

The history of the formation of the English style

The classic English style implies the embodiment of such national character traits of the British as:

  • conservatism;
  • knowing of limits;
  • Bedrooms in the English style photo

    • thrift;
    • rationalism;
    • Bedroom interior in English style

      • respect for traditions;
      • restraint.
      • In the formation of the English style in interiors, it is customary to distinguish between several periods and the styles corresponding to them:

        • Tudor style (15th - early 17th centuries.), laconic furnishings with heavy furniture;
        • the style of Queen Anne (early 18th century), the emergence of elegant furniture, fashion for China;
        • Bedroom

          • Thomas Chippendale style (mid-18th century) - a revolution in furniture art. This ingenious cabinetmaker not only made furniture of amazing beauty, but also invented many new types of it;
          • the style of Happlewhite and Sheraton (second half of the 18th - early 19th centuries), neoclassicism in applied art, simplicity and clarity of forms;
          • English style

            • the style of George V (first third of the 19th century), English Empire;
            • Victorian style (XIX century), the triumph of pragmatism and eclecticism, stylistic diversity and "fear of emptiness" - oversaturation of premises with all kinds of trinkets;
            • Bedroom in the English style photo

              • modern (early XX century), whimsical and whimsical forms and lines, decorative richness of floral ornaments, elegance and sophistication of the interior.
              • All these trends formed the "English style", although the Victorian style is considered to be the classic version.

                Characteristics of the English style

                English home arrangement

                In a classic English house, the rooms are small, but numerous: everyone has a place for solitude.

                English home arrangement

                The premises must include:

                • living room;
                • canteen;
                • English style in the interior

                  • kitchen;
                  • an office for the owner;
                  • Cozy room

                    • hallway;
                    • bedrooms for each family member;
                    • Features of the bedroom in the English style

                      • guest bedrooms;
                      • bathroom.
                      • The British have always cared about the convenience and improvement of the home: it was they who, at the peak of the industrial revolution, installed plumbing with cold and hot water in their homes, invented the toilet and many other innovations that made everyday life more comfortable.

                        Pillows in the children's room in the English style

                        An English-style room, a photo of which is not so difficult to find, this is confirmed - a triumph of comfort and practicality.

                        Meanwhile, each room, depending on its purpose, has a number of features, expressed in the interior as well.


                        Living room

                        According to the concept of the English style, this is the main room, it demonstrates the well-being of the owners of the house, their capabilities and aesthetic preferences. The living room is not only a place of communication, it is a kind of "vanity fair", a secular "current". Here brides and grooms were chosen, saw off on their last journey. By the way, this room was intended primarily for family recreation, and then for receiving guests.

                        Photos of interiors in the English style

                        Mandatory elements of the room decoration are a fireplace and a soft sofa.

                        In the days of Victoria, the Chesterfield sofa with numerous pillows became fashionable, very comfortable and cozy. There is a tea table, banquettes and recliners next to the sofa.

                        Modern English style in interior design

                        On a stone (often marble) fireplace shelf are dear trinkets. The hearth is decorated with tiles. Until now, in many old English houses, the fireplace is the only source of heat.

                        Amazing living room design in the English style

                        The living room walls are covered with numerous paintings and decorative plates. Also, it traditionally has a lot of all kinds of slides and tables.


                        There is often a study next to the living room - an additional living room for the owner of the house. Bookcases are placed around the perimeter of the room.

                        Cabinet in English style

                        Walls not occupied by them can be upholstered in leather and trimmed with wood. Typical English-style office furnishings:

                        • two-bollard table;
                        • leather chairs for rest and work;
                        • Photo of the interior of the office of the house in the English style

                          • small sofa.
                          • Interestingly, in England it is not customary to communicate with visitors at the desk.

                            This is seen as bad form. Chairs or sofas are intended for conversations.

                            Cabinet design in English style

                            Dining room and kitchen

                            The main decoration of the dining room is a large dining table. It is necessarily made of wood, and in England it is not customary to cover it with a tablecloth. The older the table, the better. From the point of view of the British, a respectable age gives furniture a special charm.

                            Dining room

                            The dining room and kitchen are not combined in English houses, but they can be connected by a doorway. In the kitchen you can see:

                            • cast iron stove;
                            • ceramic sink;
                            • English style kitchen

                              • massive wooden furniture;
                              • large cutting table in the center;
                              • Kitchen decoration in the English style

                                • cupboard.
                                • Bedroom

                                  The bedrooms in the English house are small, but they have huge beds and spacious wardrobes, a kind of "pantry" for all kinds of things.

                                  Large beige bedroom in a modern style

                                  The bed in such a bedroom is a complex and multi-layered structure. She may be:

                                  • wooden with a canopy;
                                  • forged, with armor mesh and knobs.
                                  • The decoration of the bed is very lush: it is often created with gorgeous linen sheets, satin duvets, luxurious plush bedspreads.

                                    Large classic bedroom in white

                                    An electric heating pad often warms the cozy bed.

                                    Beautiful bedroom in English style


                                    Bathroom for the British is a symbol of civilization and progress. It is impossible to imagine an English house without a spacious bathroom. In large houses, the bathroom is often combined with the bedroom.


                                    The bathroom in the English style is exactly the bathroom: the main place in it is occupied by a cast-iron font on lion paws, with a high headboard, a brass or copper tap.

                                    Bathroom interior in English style

                                    On a note! An English bathroom is very similar to a living room.

                                    In its decoration, not only ceramic tiles and metal, but also textiles and wood are widely used.

                                    Bathroom design

                                    Interestingly, one of the hallmarks of the "English style" is still a washbasin with two taps and a large thicket in which water is mixed: the British still ignore the mixer.

                                    Bathroom in apartment design

                                    Room in the English style for a teenager

                                    The English style is great for decorating a teenage room. With its help, you can create a cozy interior that at the same time emphasizes the personality of a teenager.

                                    Room in the English style for a teenager

                                    Important! Much attention is paid to furniture and accessories.

                                    Furniture items should be wooden, deliberately shabby. The bed or sofa can be covered with checkered rugs, warm bedspreads.

                                    Teenager's room

                                    It is good to use symbols of Great Britain as decoration:

                                    • National flag;
                                    • teddy bears;
                                    • We decorate a nursery in the English style

                                      • red phones;
                                      • blue boxes;
                                      • In english style

                                        • prints featuring Big Ben, Tower Bridge and other recognizable symbols of London.
                                        • The colors of the room for teenagers may include the following colors:

                                          • beige;
                                          • pink,
                                          • Beautiful and comfortable room decoration

                                            • Red;
                                            • Brown;
                                            • An example of a nursery interior

                                              • brick;
                                              • burgundy;
                                              • Teen room

                                                • blue;
                                                • green.
                                                • Interior items, decor and accessories

                                                  When decorating rooms in the English style, the following materials are mainly used:

                                                  • wood;
                                                  • textile;
                                                  • Interior items

                                                    • stone;
                                                    • ceramics;
                                                    • Style in the interior

                                                      • skin.
                                                      • On a note! Floors are often covered with oriental, deep pile, rug.

                                                        Previously, the walls were traditionally upholstered with wood paneling and textiles.

                                                        English living room in red tones

                                                        Now it can be vinyl and other wallpaper with stripes or with exotic ornaments.

                                                        Room accessories

                                                        Of the textiles, popular are those made in the patchwork technique, which is a symbol of thrift and skill of English housewives.

                                                        Patterns and drawings in the bedroom

                                                        Furniture made in English style, wooden, solid and deliberately aged. The gloss of novelty was considered bad form in Britain.

                                                        Among other items of interior and decor, it should be mentioned:

                                                        • beloved from the Victorian era all kinds of trinkets;
                                                        • paintings;
                                                        • Light in the interior of the living room

                                                          • candlesticks;
                                                          • high grandfather clock;
                                                          • Upholstered furniture in the English style

                                                            • decorative pillows;
                                                            • fixtures.
                                                            • Interiors in the English style are coziness and comfort, the charm of antiquity and loyalty to traditions. They are equally good for both sedate gentlemen and ladies, and the younger generation.


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