Empire style room: photo examples and correct design

Empire style interior

A room in the Empire style, despite the fact that this style of interior design appeared during the time of Napoleon I's rule, it is quite popular in the modern world. This circumstance is connected with the fact that this style symbolizes the royal power and unshakable power of the emperor. Naturally, such symbols are in demand among people holding a high social position at all times. Empire style creates a sense of luxury while adhering to the principles of simplicity, making it a rival to the classic style.

The Empire style interior was created to emphasize the status of the owner

Empire style basics

Since this style of interior design originated during the imperial campaigns of France in Africa and Europe, it combines decorative elements and architectural features taken from different peoples. Moreover, it is based on neoclassicism with its massive monumentality. An empire-style room necessarily involves elements such as sphinxes, columns, relief panels and ornaments. Without fail, a room designed in this way must be spacious and have high ceilings and window openings.

Stucco molding in the interior

Embossed stucco molding in the interior is an attribute of neoclassicism - the foundations of the Empire style

High windows and ceilings in the Empire style interior

The Empire style is characterized by high windows and ceilings in the interior

Mixing Empire-style French colonies accessories

Empire style in the interior is a reflection of the greatness and conquests of the French empire

As for the distinctive features of the Empire style, they are as follows:

  • the obligatory combination of all design elements with monumentality bordering on regal majesty;
  • presence on a mandatory basis in the interior of the room of solemn splendor, which is expressed in the observance of the principles of symmetry and balance;
  • the use of ancient Greek, ancient Roman and Egyptian techniques in the decoration of space and elements of decoration of premises;
  • mandatory use in the design of military and coat of arms symbols in the form of imperial eagles or monograms;
  • the use of rich shades of color in the design of the ceiling, walls and floor;
  • placing in the room only massive furniture with exquisite decor and made of precious wood.
  • Monumentality and splendor of the Empire style interior

    Monumentality and splendor of the Empire style interior

    Coat of arms in the interior

    Coat of arms in the interior

    Furniture made of fine wood with carvings and stucco molding

    The Empire style is characterized by furniture made of fine wood with carvings and stucco molding

    Intense colors in the Empire style interior

    In the interior decoration in the Empire style, saturated colors and shades are used

    When decorating rooms in this style, it must be remembered that the Empire style does little to create an atmosphere of home comfort in the room, therefore, in this way it makes sense to design a living room or hall where people do not live permanently. In this case, it becomes possible to achieve the main effect - to indicate the status of the owner of the house with the help of luxury and an abundance of expensive things.

    Imperial style in the interior

    Empire style is considered an imperial style of interior

    Empire style living room

    The Empire style is usually used in the design of living rooms and halls

    Experienced interior designers advise not to mix the Empire style with the classics, from which this style differs in the original decor. So, for example, stucco molding, gilding, frescoes, typical of the classical style, are placed here with military severity and order. This is the manifestation of the principle of symmetry, which is relevant for the Empire style. As a result, the effect is created not only of wealth and luxury, but also of power, as well as solidity, characteristic of imperial buildings and structures.

    Symmetry in the Empire style interior

    In the interior in the Empire style there is always symmetry and solidity in the decor

    Advice! As for the relationship with other styles of interior design, the Empire style categorically does not get along with all modern styles, so it is better not to use it when the house is already furnished in a modern way.

    If there is no other possibility, it is best to combine it with the classics or neoclassics. The best option would be to design a separate room in a similar way, for example, a study or living room.

    Empire style in the interior of the office

    Empire style is great for office interior decoration

    Empire style dining room

    The Empire style is perfect for decorating large and separate dining rooms

    Empire style design

    If you liked a room in the Empire style, you will need to find a photo of it in advance so that you can choose the correct and appropriate design for the room, taking into account its architectural features. At the same time, if you are not in a position to purchase expensive finishing materials, antiques or perform some decorative elements characteristic of the Empire style, for financial reasons, you can easily do this within the framework of a variety of this style called the minimalist Empire style. At the same time, you can save quite seriously, while maintaining the necessary effect inherent in this option for room design.

    Minimalist empire style

    Minimalist Empire style interior

    If you combine all the elements correctly, then in a room decorated in an imperial style, you can achieve the effect of power and power inherent in any of Napoleon's palaces. The simplest technique in this case will be wall decoration in the form of a relief. For this purpose, semi-columns and false frames made of drywall are usually used. At the same time, plafonds made of stucco molding and thick woolen carpets will be an excellent addition for them. As for the lighting fixtures, in this case, they are bronze multi-track lamps, which are equipped with glass pendants and chandeliers made of crystal.

    Relief on the ceiling and false columns in the Empire style

    For economical design in the Empire style, a relief on the ceiling and false columns are used

    Empire lighting

    For lighting, multi-track chandeliers and lamps are used, located symmetrically

    As for the color of the walls, they are usually decorated with wallpaper in bright colors with gloss. It is advisable to leave the ceiling white or paint it ivory. The floor in the Empire style is considered an element no less important than the ceiling. In this case, the best way to decorate it is to lay parquet, which should be artistic and not consist of one species of wood, but of several types of wood. Its color should match the color of the furniture.

    Advice! Instead of parquet, it will be possible to use a floor covering, which is made of natural stone or its imitation.

    Empire-style wall decoration

    Empire-style walls can be decorated with bright colored wallpaper and imitate stucco molding with curly skirting boards

    Parquet in the interior in the Empire style

    In the interior in the Empire style, noble flooring is used, for example, parquet, with which you can imitate a carpet

    Empire style porcelain stoneware on the floor

    Glossy porcelain stoneware can be placed on the Empire-style floor, which will emphasize the solemnity of the interior

    Experienced interior designers advise homeowners wishing to decorate a room in the Empire style not to blindly copy certain interiors. The fact is that this style originated a long time ago in imperial France, and it is clear that for quite natural reasons a person in standard conditions, even with good incomes, cannot completely copy such an interior. In this case, it will be best to stick to the main line, expressing the luxury and power inherent in the owner of the room.

    Advice! Its decoration can be made of modern materials, and some decorative elements can be replaced with less expensive ones.

    Plasterboard fireplace in the Empire style interior

    You can imitate a real fireplace in an Empire-style interior with a drywall construction

    Selection of furniture elements in the Empire style

    When decorating the space of a room in the Empire style, it is always worth remembering that the furniture here is designed to create an official atmosphere in the room, so if you dream of comfort, you should choose a different version of the interior design. If a majestic and monumental atmosphere is more important to you, choose only massive furniture for installation in the room, the decorative design of which includes arches and columns. Moreover, such elements can be made both completely and in the form of a thread.

    Empire style living room furniture

    The furniture for the living room in the Empire style is massive and decorated with carvings that can be painted in gold

    Empire-style pieces of furniture are usually in shades such as wenge or mahogany and ebony. At the same time, this design style welcomes the presence of round tables and narrow sideboards in the room. Leisure furniture should be wide and squat. This applies to sofas and armchairs.

    Empire style round table

    Empire style round table

    Empire style sideboard

    Empire-style sideboards are usually narrow and decorated with stucco

    As for the bed, in an imperial-style room, the bed should be richly decorated, large in size and a canopy supported on wooden columns. She usually has a bedside table with carved legs. Indoors, it is permissible to install a mirror in a massive carved frame with gilding.

    Mirror in the interior in the Empire style in the bedroom

    In the interior of the Empire style bedroom, a mirror on the wall will be appropriate

    Empire style bed

    A massive carved bed in the Empire style is draped with a dense canopy

    If we talk about the decorative elements of the described furniture, then the main role in it is played by bronze overlays. At the same time, they should not hide the texture of the tree and other finishing elements. As for the carving on such furniture, usually these are various military symbols and signs: laurel wreaths, coats of arms, crossed swords, helmets. Some examples can be decorated with paintings in gilded frames and mirrors.

    Bronze Empire-style onlays

    Empire-style furniture can be decorated with bronze onlays in military or imperial themes

    An empire-style room has an indescribable atmosphere created by various accessories and decor elements. They do not carry any practical load, but they allow you to convey the "imperial" spirit of the room. For example, such elements include military-themed items made of bronze or other metals. These include shields, swords, sabers, torches, spears. At the same time, it is desirable that the weapon be European, since the eastern weapon will bring notes of the interior of the Arab East into the Empire style.

    But oriental carpets will be very appropriate here as a symbol of goods exported from the colonies. These products should only be handmade and made from natural materials. The same goal will be pursued by various objects, brought or made in the Egyptian style. These can be figurines of sphinxes or pyramids. You can hang animal skins on the walls.

    Oriental carpet in the Empire style interior

    Various carpets perfectly complement the Empire style interiors

    In addition to skins, the walls in the room are usually decorated with paintings in gilded frames and mirrors. Mirrors can be located between windows, on doors and cabinets, above a fireplace. A bronze grandfather or wall clock would be appropriate.

    Paintings and mirrors on the walls in the Empire style

    The walls in the Empire style interior are complemented by paintings in a gilded frame and mirrors

    A crystal chandelier is hung from the ceiling of an imperial-style room. It should not be modern in form, and it is decorated with crystal and glass pendants, bronze candelabra are actively used. This allows not only to provide a sufficient amount of light in the room, but also to give it a solemn and monumental look.

    Chandeliers in the interior in the Empire style

    There is a lot of artificial light in the interior in the Empire style, so massive gilded chandeliers will be an undoubted attribute

    On tables, shelves and shelves, it is worth placing statuettes and painted vases made in antique style; small chests and boxes will be very appropriate here. Can be arranged in cabinets and on shelves sets of china. Candy dishes and fruit baskets made of silver are perfect for them. In any case, whether this style will be successful within the framework of a modern apartment or a country house depends entirely on how correctly you select certain elements of its interior, made in the Empire style. If you can withstand all the requirements of this style, you will have your own little imperial palace.